Allied Families.

The Allied Families listed below are those family groups that, for whatever reason, help tell the story of the Ballards.  They may have intermarried with them, settled the frontier with them, or owned them.   Allied families are particularly useful in charting the movement of family groups as they settled the frontier, for they often traveled and formed new communities together.

The Virginia families are those groups that had relationships with the Ballards of the Tidewater and the Piedmont.  In Virginia genealogy, studying allied families is essential for bridging gaps caused by the loss of records caused by war, accident, depredation and neglect.

The Kentucky families are slightly different; these are groups that had a relationship with Dowan Ballard, Sr (c.1825-1909) of Franklin county, Kentucky, and are primarily families that once owned him or his wife.  There is much more work to be done to fully tell his story.

The last section, unplaced Virginia families, includes information gathered on assorted Ballards whose stories could not, for whatever reason, be woven into the narrative.  There are still others that could be included, such as the Quaker lines, but those are not relevant to the search for Dowan’s ancestors.  We do have here brief notes on two confounding individuals whose place in this history has not been sorted out; namely, Thomas Ballard of Stafford county, whose memory is preserved in the papers of John Mercer, and is most notable for the preservation of a will fragment in which he leaves a bequest to someone in England, thereby giving a valuable clue as to his English origin; and William Ballard of Essex, who is believed by many researchers to be the ancestor of Bland Ballard of Spotsylvania county; the author is not convinced, and here states why.


3 thoughts on “Allied Families.

  1. I have Bland Ballard X2 in my Family , this is the Area I find lots of mistakes so I like to go to DAR, SAR,, 1. Col Thomas Ballard 1603-1689 married Ann Thomas 1633-1678, 2. their son Thomas Ballard 1655-1711 married Katherine Hubbard 1660-1705 ( my Line ) he had also married a Elizabeth Dymont and a Mary Dancy,,, Thomas and Katherine had William Ballard 1682-1754 who married Philadelphia Lee ( Lea ) they had several children one of which was Bland Ballard 1714-1792 married Mary Deering 1700-1753, also married Francis Shiftlet 1750-1809…. ( their son Bland Ballard 1735-1788…. NOW I come down thru Bland’s brother Phillip Ballard 1705-1778 who married Elizabeth Steppe 1752-1830 their son William also started the move to Ky, and Tenn. They had a son Samuel Ballard my 4th Great Grand Father was a Frontiersman married 5 different Cherokee ladies in the Indian Territories, successful businessman, and he started the Ballards spreading through out Oklahoma and surrounding states,, you will find his name on Trail of Tears monuments

    • You’re right that there are numerous mistakes, but I’d appreciate it if you could provide your evidence for the following:
      – that Thomas Ballard (1655-1711) also married Elizabeth Dymont and Mary Dancy
      – that Thomas’s son William did marry a Philadelphia, and that her name is Lee. I see this repeated frequently, but without evidence.
      About Bland Ballard — the Bland Ballard who married Francis Shiflett was in Albemarle; the Bland who died in 1792 lived in Spotsylvania and Madison counties. Are you sure they are the same person? Both appear independently on tax lists of the time. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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