Henry Ballard of Somerset County, Maryland (c.1700-1755).

Henry Ballard, born c. 1700, son of Charles Ballard, married Mary _______.

Henry Ballard, age c.30, made a deposition on 7 August 1730.  SOJR 1730-33:8.

Henry Ballard, Somerset County, died leaving a will dated 11 July 1755, proved 29 July 1755.  For as much as I have used and industrious and paternal care and have been at a large expense in educating my son Charles Ballard, and instructed unprofitable business which with his own care will afford him a comfortable living, I do therefore give him 1 shilling in full.   To daughter Priscilla Mitchell, wife of Stephen Mitchell, shaves.  To wife Mary, 1/3 of estate.  To son Robert Ballard, 2/3 of real estate, Robert to pay a bond debt from myself and son Levin, to Samuel Richie.  Personal estate to be divided between wife Mary and sons Robert, Levin and Thomas, and daughters Eleanor and Ann Ballard.  Wife Mary and son Robert, executors.  Witnessed by Robert Jenkins Henry, Thos. Dinwood, Mary Dinwood. Maryland Will Book Vol. 29, p. 509.

The inventory of the estate of Col. Henry Ballard was filed on 8 October 1755 by Mary Ballard and Robert Ballard.  Signed as next of kin: Priscilla Mitchell, Levin Ballard.  Maryland Inventories Vol. 62, p. 260.  A second inventory was filed on 22 March 1757.  Next of kin: Priscilla Mitchell, Charles Ballard.  Maryland Inventories Vol. 64, p. 225.

The admin. account was submitted on 15 November 1758.  Distribution was made equally to Levin Ballard, Thomas Ballard paid to Levin Ballard, accountants (each) Eleanor (age 14), Ann Ballard (age 12).

Distribution of the estate was made on 19 November 1758 by Mary Ballard and Robert Ballard to (minors, equally): Eleanor Ballard, Anne Ballard.

Henry was father of:

Charles.  Dr Charles Ballard, Somerset County, died by 8 April 1758 when the inventory of his estate was filed by Jacobis Pitts, admin./executor.  Signed as next of kin: Levin Ballard, Robert Ballard.  Maryland Inventories Vol. 66, p. 243.

Priscilla, married Stephen Mitchell.


Levin, born c. 1740., married Elizabeth _____________, moved to Calvert County.  On 10 March 1768 Levin Ballard of Somerset County, aged c.28, made a deposition before the Chancery Court.  Maryland Chancery Court Records, Vol. 12, p. 183.  On 11 August 1772 Chase Dorman sold 54 acres to Levin Ballard.  On 21 January 1778 Levin Ballard of Calvert County and his wife Elizabeth sold to Samuel Wilkins (Elizabeth Ballard was entitled by dower to lands conveyed by Levin Woolford and John McGrath to Samuel Wilkins.  Henry Ballard, dec’d, father of Levin, was willed by Charles Ballard 17 acres of marsh on Monie Creek).  Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 132.  On 28 February 1775 David Raglin and wife Elizabeth sold 100 acres of Come By Chance to Levin Ballard.  ON 14 June 1776 Levin Ballard and wife Elizabeth sold 100 acres to Jacob Morris (part in Somerset County and part in Wicomico County).  Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Wicomico County, Maryland 1666-1810, p. 79.


Eleanor, born c. 1744.

Ann, born c. 1746.


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