Elias Ballard of Chowan County, North Carolina (c.1690-1789).

Elias Ballard, a possible son of Joseph Ballard of Nansemond County, Virginia, was born c. 1690 and died after 7 April 1789 in Martin County, North Carolina.

We first see him in the land records when on 28 April 1711, Elias Ballard obtained a patent for 702 acres of new land in Upper Parish of Nansemond County, Virginia; 585 acres, beginning on northwest side of Beaver Dam, Southwest of Sumerton Creek; adjacent Hooke’s land; and William Speight’s line. 117 acres on south side of said creek, on line of John Lee.  Import of 14 persons: Jone Burk, Thomas Ross, Margt. Taylor, Eliza. Reed, Anne Reed, James Fleming, Francis Cambridge, Eliza. Red, Richard Roder, John Knowles, Saml. Woodward, William Williams, Eliza. Goodwin, Margaret Thompson.  C&P, Vol. III,  p. 115.

On 15 July 1717, Elias Ballard is mentioned in a patent to James Copeland for 60 acres of new land in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County (adjacent Elias Ballard and Henry Holland; on branch of Foster’s Branch. For 10 shillings. Patent Book No. 10, p. 334.  C&P, Vol. III, p. 194.  That same date Elias Ballard obtained his own patent for 47 acres in Upper Parish of Nansemond County for the import of John Walsh.  Patent Book No. 10, p. 335; C&P Vol. III, p. 194.

On 30 September 1717 Elias Ballard witnessed the will of Anthony Lewis.  The will names Anthony Lewis’ sons Thomas and Anthony (“my land on the Blackwater”), his wife Elizabeth.  Executors: his wife and two sons. Witnesses: Elias Ballard, William Butler, Mary Butler, John Butler.  The will is not recorded until 23 July 1739 in Isle of Wight County.  Isle of Wight Co. Va. Will Book 4, p. 236.

24 January 1717/8, Elias Ballard of Nansemond County, for 40 shillings, patented 400 acres of new land “near Sumerton” in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County, adjacent John Holland & John Bryant.  Patent Book No. 10, p. 359; C&P, Vol. III, p. 199.

10 September 1735.  Elias Ballard is mentioned in a patent taken, for 2 pounds, by Thomas Vaughan for 362 acres in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County, at a place called Hackney Marsh; this land is adjacent William Holland, James Holland, Thomas Haward [Howard], James Ely and Elias Ballard.  Patent Book No. 16, p. 263.  C&P, Vol. IV, p. 88.

On 2 June 1736, he is mentioned in a patent taken, for 10 shillings, by Oliver Worrell of Nansemond County, for 95 acres in the Upper Parish of Nansemond, “thro’ part of the Barbecue Pocosin;” adjacent his own, Elias Ballard & John Harris.  Patent Book No. 17, p. 53.

That first patent of 28 April 1711 (the Patent of 702 acres in Nansemond County, Virginia) was on 29 September 1743 in Chowan County, North Carolina.  Paul Pender, planter, to David Meade Jr (mercht) of upper parish Nansemond for L30. 450 acres at Somerton Creek. Begin mouth of Timber Pocoson Branch, north up branch to corner pine of south side of the Carolina Road adj. Solomon Pender, his to Bee Tree Branch, south up branch to Thos Sanders patent line to a bracnch out of Beaver Dam Swamp called Long Pocoson Branch, down main Beaver Dam Swamp to beginning. Part of patent of Elias Ballard 28 Apr 1711, sold to Paul Pender 4 Apr 1713….Wit: Francis Spight, Henry King, John Thompson.  E. Moseley C. Just.  Recorded 29 March 1744 Chowan Co. N.C. Deed Book A-1, p. 225.

16 November 1744. John Ballard of Craven County to Thomas Price of Edgecombe, for 16 pounds Virginia money, 150 acres all the land the sd. John bought of William Gause near the Rainbow Banks. Wit: William Taylor, Elias Ballard, John Hooks, Sr. Reg. Edge. Co. Feb. Ct. 1744 Robert Forster C.Ct.

25 June 1747.  Elias Ballard’s land was mentioned again in a 1747 patent to Luke Ralls (Rawls) for 200 acres in Nansemond County on the SE side of Back Swamp, adjoining John Bryan’s patent, William Ralls, John Yeats, and Elias Ballard.  Patent Book No. 26, p. 66.  C&P, Vol. V, p. 239.



John Hooks, a neighbor of Elias Ballard, was one of the witnesses to the 1729 will of Joseph Ballard of Chowan County which named among others, sons Elisher Ballard and Elias Ballard.  This demonstrates that their family farms were in close proximity to one another.

He married Ann _____________, who survived him.

The will of Elias Ballard, dated 7 April 1789, recorded Martin County, North Carolina Will Book 1, pp. 150-151.

In the name of God, Amen, the seventh day of April one thousand seven hundred and eighty- nine, I Elias Ballard of the state of North Carolina and of Martin Co. being sick and weak in body, but of a perfect mind and memory thanks be to God ___ for calling to mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men __ to die I do make and ordain this to be my last will and testament that is to say ___

first of all I give and remmand my soul into the hands of God that hath give it and my body I ___ to the earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors noting doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same by the mighty power’s of God and as touching such worldly estate wherewith it hath ___God to bless me in this life, I give ___ and dispose of the same in the following manner and form___

1. I give my son, Elias Ballard the plantation he now lives on two hundred and twenty four acres hereunto belonging beginning at Baggitts line running down the swamp thence ___ to Burnetts line to make the compliments of acres.

2. I give my son Jesse (?) Ballard the plantation where I formerly did live two hundred acres of land thereunto belonging to I lend my loving wife Ann Ballard enduring her life to be equally divided between my son Elias and Jesse Ballard.

3. I give unto my daughter Ann Ballard one hundred acres of land by the fork of Creek and Mill Swamp.

4. I give unto my daughter Elizabeth Ballard one hundred acres of land by the fork of Creek and Mill Swamp, my desire is that Elias have privilege to get timber in the creek.

5. Also my will and desire is that after my death all the remainder of my estate shall be divided between all my children after the death or widowhood of my wife Ann Ballard.

I also appoint Elias Ballard and Jesse Ballard my executors of this my last will and testament where I have hereunto set my hand and seal this day I first mentioned, signed, sealed, published ___.

Witnesses: Elias Ballard, Silas Ballard (word unk) James Ballard






Record Wish List

The records of the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh include the following that are noted here for future research.

Military Papers – Revolutionary War Army Accounts – Ballard, Elias

Call No. Volumes 40-66

Location 509 (Archive Stacks)

MARS Id: 13.30.2220 (Box)

Volume IX, p. 116, folio 1; Volume IX, p. 94, folio 1; Volume D, p. 142

Land Grant – Wayne County – File No. 15, Elias Ballard

Call No. S.108.1117

Location 0069-0073 (Archive Stacks)

MARS Id: (Folder)

416 Acres

Grant No. 12

Entered May 10, 1779, Issued October 25, 1782

Book No. 46

Location: “Beg. at a pine in or near David Worrells line.”


Land Grant – Martin County – File No. 04, Elias Ballard

Call No. S.108.826

Location: 779-783 (Archive Stacks)

MARS Id: (Folder)

330 acres

Entered December 28, 1786

Location: “Beg. in James Ballard line”


Land Grant – Martin County – File No. 398 – Elias Ballard

Call No. S.108.825

Location: R7-R11 (Archive Stacks)

MARS Id: (Folder)

270 acres

Grant No. 431, Entered February 10, 1787, Issued December 4, 1797.

Location: “Begin James Ballards line”


Will of Elias Ballard – Wayne County, 1788

Recorded WI-A/133 (“original will is in the North Carolina Archives in Raleigh”)

Filed and probated Wayne County


Will of Elias Ballard – Martin County, 1789

Recorded SB-1/150

Filed and probated Martin County, 1789


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