James Ballard of Shelby County, Kentucky (1763-1849).

James Ballard, the son of Bland Ballard, Jr of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, was born 15 August 1763 in Spotsylvania county, Virginia.  His career as a soldier is summed up in the following letter dated 16 March 1931 from the Veteran’s Administration, Washington, D.C.:

From the papers in the Revolutionary War pension claim, R. 463, it appears that James Ballard went with his father, Bland Ballard, in May, 1780 , to the Falls of the Ohio, Kentucky.  He volunteered in June, 1780 and served as spy, hunter and ranger under Captain Jacob Piatt and General George R. Clark until the following spring; he then served as scout and spy in Captain George Owen’s Company and was with Colonel [John] Floyd when his forces retreated, and [was] in several skirmishes with the Indians.  In August, 1782, he marched with Captain Aquilla Whittaker to Shawnee Town on the Miami and to McKees Town on the Sciota River when these towns were destroyed and prisoners were taken, and served until December.  He continued to act as a scout and spy until the fall of 1783.  James Ballard served as spy, hunter and scout in all General George R. Clark’s Expeditions against the Indians: in 1786 under Captain Bland W. Ballard and Colonel John Hardin against the Wabash Indians; in 1788, eight months in Captain Aquilla Whitaker’s Company, and in 1793 under Generals Scott and Wayne, and served until all hostilities had been settled.1

Pension Application of James Ballard – R463

Transcribed and annotated by C. Leon Harris

Deposition of Majr Bland W. Ballard [pension application W20655] taken at the house of s’d. Ballard in Shelby County Kentucky on the 17 day of September 1832

The deponent being about 70 years of age and first duly sworn before Robert T. Robb a justice of the peace for Shelby County deposith and saith that he knew his brother James Ballard in 1780 at Louisville as a Militia soldier and rendered services there under the controle of Gen. George R Clark [George Rogers Clark] untill the fall 1782 then went under Capt Aquilla Whitaker against the Indians at Shawnee Town on the Miami under the comand of Gen George R Clark and in 1786 went against the Wabash Indians and frequently services rendered at intirvells as Scouting ranging and spying in 1788 he acted as a guard and Spie for about one month on Brasheers [sic: Brashears] Creek then Jefferson County Ky under the Command of Capt. Aquilla Whitake in 1789 he went under Capt Bland W. Ballard Comand by Col. John Hardin against the Wabash Indians also Capt Paine Comanded by Gen Charles Scott against the wabash Indians also he went in 1793 in Capt William Steels Company Commanded by Gen. Charles Scott and joined Waynes [Anthony Wayne’s] Campain. I believe James Ballard is about 66 years of age and further the deponent sath not. [signed 1 Mar 1838] Blan W Ballard

The Declaration of James Ballard of Shelby County Ky made on this [blank] day of Feby 1838 to receive the benefits of the provisions of the act of Congress passed the 2 [sic: 7 ] day of June 1832

He states that he is now in his 76 year of his age. That he rendered service in the war of the the Revolution as follows, that in the month of May 1780 Bland Ballard the father of said James landed at the falls of Ohio Ky. that in June following he volunteered as a militia soldier in Capt Jacob Piatts [possibly Jacob Pyeatt’s] company and was hunting securing and killing provisions for the army under the command of Captain Piatt untill Spring following. Captain Piatt was an officer under the command of Captain Piatt was an officer under the command of George R Clark that during the term aforesaid he was employed and engaged as an Indian Spy and ranger and hunting for the army – and was in numerous skirmishes and engagements with small parties of the Indians. That in the Spring 1781 he again joined the Company of Capt George Owen’s [George Owens’s] Company as a spy and ranger. that he continued to act as a Spy in said Owen Company all the summer and untill September of that year having to do continual service as a spy and having had numerous skirmishes with the Indians, that it was about this time that an engagement took place between the Indians an Col Floyd in which Col Floyd was defeated [John Floyd, at Long Run Creek, 14 Sep 1781] and that he was one among the defeated on that day and fled for safety. That at Floyds defeat he recollects Col Sam’l Wells [Samuel Wells] was in the engagement

That in August or Sept 1782 he volunteered as a soldier in Capt Whitakers Company for 3 months or upwards and marched under said Capt Whitaker and under Gen’l Clarke to Miami River to Shawnee Town from thence to McKees Towns on the Sciota River, having taken the Towns and destroyed them, and also took prisoners – and returned home to the Station, in the month of Dec following. That when he returned he continued to act as a Spy from that time untill the Spring following – giving the Commander in Chief all the information they could procure relative to the movement of the army of Indians and depredation of the settlements, and supplying the army with all the provisions they could kill & pack in. that the Army under the command of Genl Clarke had to be supplied with provisions almost entire by hunting which was done mostly by spys That he acted at some time under special directions of Genl Clarke as a spy and hunter and at others in a company reguarly raised for the purpose. That in the spring of 1783 he continued to render similar service, In a detached party under special directions of Genl Clark as a spy not having any special commander only to return and give such information as he had in procured to Genl Clark and securing the army provisions which was killed & packed in That he continued in service untill the fall of 1783 and that he was in all Clarkes expeditions West after 1782 Towit at Wabash River under Col John Hardin 1786. that in 1788 he acted as a spy on Brasheares Creek for 8 months. that he was in all the campaigns from 1788 untill 1793 under Genl Scott Harmer & Wayn’s untill all the difficulties were fully settled with the Indians in 1794 or therabouts.

That in the service aforesaid he knew in 1781 or thereabouts Genl Clarke Col George Slaughter Col [Joseph] Crockett Capt [Benjamin] Roberts Capt Rogers Capt Mark Thomas Capt George Capt Benj Field [sic: Benjamin Fields] Lt Sanders Col Todd Col Floyd Col Wells Major Harlan and nearly all the inferior officers of the Regiment under the command of Genl Clarke & [John] Montgomery, which were on state establishment and numerous others of the militia of the State of Va. That he never has received any pension for the aforesaid services and hereby relinquishes all others but the present.

[signed] James Ballard

Louisville March 26 1838

Wm H Todd – Dr. Sir I omitted in the business I intrusted to you, to state that my father, mother, two brothers and a sister were killed in my Fathers house and the house burned, all my Fathers papers as well as my own were then destroyed by fire. For reference in relation to this matter you may correspond with the Hon Jon Pope & Henry Clay members of Congress from Kentucky. I am not intimately acquainted with Mr. Graves but I would also refer you to him

This letter is written from Louisville I will soon return to Shelbyville, where I will expect frequent letters from you. Yours with respect James Ballard

P.S. Refer also to Col. R. M. Johnston

NOTE: Ballard’s claim was not allowed in spite of the fact that the pension act of 1832 provided for Indian Spies in service during the Revolutionary War (up to 15 Apr 1783) in an embodied corps such as George Rogers Clark’s Illinois Regiment. 

James Ballard represented Shelby county in the Kentucky Legislature in 1813 and 1814.  On 25 December 1788, he married Mrs. Amy Leman, the widow of Samuel Leman.2  They had seven children.  Amy Leman died 7 June 1803.  James married, second on 17 August 1803,3 Susanna Cox, who was born 27 September 1785, died 21 July 1858, the daughter of Benjamin Cox and Sarah Piety.  He died 26 March 1849 on his farm near Shelbyville, Kentucky, and was buried as a colonel.

James Ballard left a will dated  15 March 1849, recorded in Shelby County, Kentucky, April Term 1849.

In the name of God I James Ballard being of sound and disposing mind and memory but frail in body do make and publish this my last will and testament herby revoking all others heretofore made by me.

Item 1st. It is my will that all my just debts be paid.

2nd. I give to the children of my deceased son Willis L. Ballard nothing having heretofore given to their father in money and property a considerable sum

3rd. I have already given to my deceased daughter Nancy Rennolds and her husband Thomas Rennolds as much as I ought to give them and having Redeemed the paper lands of the said Thomas Rennolds for a large amount, and holding his notes for money advances. I now hereby release to the said Thomas Rennolds his heirs and executors all claim or claims of any kind and description which I may have against him and I have destroyed all evidence of the same which were in my possession or under my control. I give to my grandson James Rennolds one hundred Dollars to be discharged in property. I give to the daughter of Caroline Boswell one hundred dollars to be paid in property. I further give to Sarah An Greathouse a negro boy Isaac.

4th. I give to my son James Ballard in addition to what I have already given him a negro boy named William. I further give him three hundred dollars which may be discharged in property justly valued.

5th. I give to my son John Ballard in addition to what I have already given him a negro boy Lewis. I further give him three hundred dollars which may be discharged in property justly valued.

6th. I have heretofore given to my deceased daughter Ann [Amy] Talbott and her husband, Preston Talbott, as much as I ought to give them, the said Preston Talbott stands justly indebted to me in the sum of six hundred and five dollars, with interest and costs of suit for money paid Robert Owen as his said Talbott’s surety a small part of which about seventy dollars I received from the late Daniel Learch who was my co-surety. I give and hereby assign the whole of the above claim to my grandson, James Talbott and ask my Exors to deliver to said James Talbott whatever evidence there may be found among my papers of said claim.

7th. I give to the children of my deceased daughter Elizabeth Gregory nothing, having heretofore made as large advancements to her father and mother as I can afford them.

8th. I give to the children of my deceased son Benjamin C. Ballard two tracts of land one containing fifty and the other forty acres. Both of the tracts referred to are situated in the furthermost fork of White River in the county of Greene and state of Indiana to be equally divided between them. I further give them Fifty Dollars each which may be discharged in property justly valued.

9th. I addition to what I have heretofore given to my daughter Paulina Collings I now give her three hundred Dollars which may be discharged in property justly valued.

10th. My beloved companion and wife Susannah Ballard by willing to relinquish whatever the law would allow her of both my real and personal estate. I therefore give her in lieu thereof my carriage and horses and the further sum of one hundred Dollars to be paid to her annually so long as she may live in money. I aslo give to ther the use and hire of the negroes George and Mary so long as she may live.

11th. In addition to what I have already given to my two sons A. J. Ballard and B. Ballard I now give them the one half of the two negroes George and Mary and their increase subject to the life interest in the same given to my wife. The other half to go to James and John Ballard, subject to the life interest of my wife as aforesaid. I further give to my son A.J. Ballard a negro boy John and to B. Ballard a negro boy Jason. I further give to them three hundred dollars each to be paid in property.

12th. I give to my two sons Thomas J. Ballard and William H. Ballard the tract of land on which I now live being in the county of Shelby and State of Kentucky, all my farming utensils household and kitchen furniture all my houses, hogs, sheep and cattle and all bonds notes and rents, all money due me also the following negroes. Nelly, Solomon, Winna, Clara, Phillup, Peter, Bob, Sam, Nelson and Ann and their increase. The above gives and bequests to my two sons Thomas and W. H. Ballard are made upon the express condition that they the said T. J. W.H. Ballard shall pay all the legacies and bequests herein made to my children and grand children in one, two, three, four and five years in equal installments and the further condition that they shall pay the life annuity to my beloved wife.

Lastly I appoint my two sons Thomas J. & W.H. Ballard Executors of this my last will and testament. In witness whereof I hereto subscribe my name and affix my seal this twenty-fifth day of January one thousand hight hundred and forty-eight.

James Ballard

Witnesses: William Waters, P. Davis

I James Ballard being desirous of making some change in my will do make this codicil thereto. In addition to what I have given in my said will to Paulina Collings, I give her the further sum of Three hundred Dollars to be paid in property in the same time as the other legacies as directed to be paid by my said Will, and I give to Thomas J. Ballard and William H. Ballard all my property rights of property I rights of all kinds which are not disposed of by this my last will & codicil. I also give to clear creek church fifty Dollars to be paid to the treasurer of said church in ten annual amounts of five Dollars each.

In witness whereof I hereto subscribe my name and affix my seal the fifteenth day of March eighteen hundred and forty nine.

James Ballard

Witnesses: William Waters, P. Davis

Shelby County
April Term 1849.

A writing purporting to be the last will and testament of James Ballard, dec’d with the codicil thereunder written was produced to the court and proven by the oaths of Presley Davis and William Waters, subscribing witneses thereto and ordered to be recorded, and thereupon Thos. J. Ballard and William H. Ballard the Exors. Named in said will came into court and took upon themselves the burden of the execution thereof and having taken the oath required by law and entering into bond with Presley Daivs and William Waters their securities in the penalty of $5,000, conditioned as the law directs. Probate of said will is ??? them on said estate in due form of law.

James L. Whitaker, Clk
Shelby County Court

Shelby Co. Ky. Will Book ____ pp. 34-36.

The estate inventory dated 11 April 1849, recorded April Term 1849 included the following slaves:

Nelly W.

Shelby Co. Ky. Will Book _____ p. 74.

James Ballard’s wife Susannah (Cox) Ballard left a will dated 29 December 1852.  The original will is in the collection of The Filson Historical Society, Louisville, Kentucky (Andrew J. Ballard Papers, Folder 22):

I, Susannah Ballard, widow of James Ballard deceased do make this my last will and testament.

First.  I expect to make my home at the house of my son William H. Ballard and as I have the privilege of inviting my children relations and friends to visit me there, I desire that at the time of my death my said son Wm. H. Ballard shall not be charged with any part of the one hundred dollars per anum to which I am entitled under the will of my deceased husband, nor shall he be charged for the use of my two servants Mary & George. It being my wish that at the time of my death the accounts between him & me shall be considered as balanced.

Second.  I desire the whole of my estate embracing furniture, beds, bedding etc. the fifty dollars per year that will be due me from the estate of my deceased son Thos. J. Ballard or whatever part thereof may be unpaid also all my interest in the estate of my said son Thos. J. Ballard as well as any and every other piece or parcel of property I may won at the time of my death to be converted into money by my Executor and the net proceeds to be divided equally among all my children, share and share alike.  Should any of my children be then dead (and some now are) I desire the descendants of such dead child to receive the share which ancestor would be entitled to if living.

Third.  I desire that my negro woman Clary shall be disposed as follows.  I direct my Executor to select some one of my children or grand children that he may think will take the best care of her, and I give the said negro to such child or grandchild on condition of said negro being well provided for during her life.  If no one of my children or grandchildren should be willing to take her in those terms, I authorize my Exr. to take so much of my estate as may be necessary for that purpose and buy for my said negro a good home during her life.  Said negro nursed most of my children during their infancy.  She is not afflicted with disease.

Fourth.  I direct that there shall be no appraisement of my estate & no public sale thereof, but my Exr. may dispose of all or any part thereof privately.

Fifth.  The two negroes Mary & George I hold for life only under the will of my husband as to any children said Mary now has or may have if they belong to me they will go as my other estate.

Sixth.  I appoint A. J. Ballard my son sole Executor of this my will.  Will full power & authority to sell any and all my estate real or personal publicly or privately as he may deem best and the same to convey and the proceeds arising therefrom to distribute as before directed.  In making distribution to any legatee or grandchild, I authorize him to pay over the proper share to any such grandchild although the same may be within the age of twenty one years — or he may pay the same to any Guardian, Father, husband, brother, or step father or step-mother for the use of such infant and the receipt of such person or that of the infant no matter of what age shall be a full acquittance and discharge therefor to my said Executor.

In testimony whereof I hereto subscribe my name & affix my seal this 29 December 1852.

Susanna Ballard {Seal}

Signed, sealed acknowledged delivered in the presence of us who subscribe our names in the presence of each other & of the testator this 31 day of January 1853.  William Waters, James W. Reynolds.

Many of the dates of birth, marriage and death appearing below are from James Ballard’s family bible, which was given to R.C. Ballard Thruston by Mrs. Jerome Robinson (the former Nell Ballard) of Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, who was the granddaughter of William Harrison Ballard (listed below) who was born 29 October 1812.

The children of James Ballard and Amy Leman were:

Bland, born 15 October 1789, served as a private in the company of his uncle, Major Bland W. Ballard, in the war of 1812 and died of swamp fever 8 December 1812, a few days before the Battle of the River Raisin.

Elizabeth, born 23 January 1792, died 28 August 28 1793.

Willis L., born 7 August 1794, removed 19 January 1819 to Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, died 9 September 1834.  Married October 1820 Melitta Whitaker, daughter of Aquilla Whitaker and Mary Kerkendall; she was born in Kentucky and died 1862 in Shelby county, Texas.4   Their children: 1. Aquilla W. (Born 1822, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; left issue); 2. James Warren (born 1823, married Lizzie _____); 3. Jesse Whittaker (born 1827, died 1852); 4. Ann Evaline (born 1830, died 1859); 5. Hugh Maxwell (born 1831, died 1856); Carroll Thomas Rayliff (born 1834, died 1873; left issue).

Nancy, born 23 October 1796, married 7 December 1815 Thomas Rennolds,5 died 24 August 1824.

James, born 14 May 1799, married (1) 18 December 1828 Elizabeth Fry;6 and married (2) 31 March 1836 Ellen Fry, the daughter of Henry Fry.7  Issue (1): 1. James (born 1837); 2. Malinda (born 1841); 3. George (born 1844); 4. Bland B. (Born 1848); 5. Willis (born 1849).  Issue (2):6. Isabella C. (Born 1830, married 10 February 1848 William W. Hall8); 7. Columbus (born 1829); 8. Mary (born 1833); 9. Elizabeth (born 1834).

John, born 8 August 1801.

Amy, born 14 May 1803, married 27 December 1821 Preston Talbott,9 died 28 February 1828.  Issue: James Talbott.

The children of James Ballard and Susannah Cox were:

Elizabeth, born 16 June 1804; married 9 May 1822 Robert Gregory, son of Asa Gregory,10 died 9 August 1839.

Benjamin C., born 1 January 1806 in Shelby county, Kentucky, died 4 September 1844 in Greene county, Indiana.  Married 12 March 1829 Ellen Fry.11  Benjamin married (2) 22 December 1840 Catherine Stalcup Jones, who was born 1816 in Tennessee.12  Issue (1): 1. James F. (Born 15 December 1829, died 29 November 1880); 2. Susan R., born 5 July 1831, married 7 December 1848 William Stalcup); 3. Sarah Catherine (born 1 July 1833, died 6 September 1864); 4. Thomas Elijah (born 1 March 1835, died after 1850); 5. Benjamin H., born 22 December 1836, died after 1870).  Issue (2): 6. JOHN JONES (Born 2 December 1841, died 31 December 1909); 7.  Eleanor “Ellen” (born 1844, died after 1865; married 30 November 1865 David H. Wiley).13

Paulina, born 19 June 1807, married (1) Benjamin Simpson; married (2) _____ Collings, of Owensboro, Daviess county, Kentucky; died 4 October 1881.

Thomas J., born January 1809; died 10 November 1852, unmarried.

Sarah Piety, born 12 May 1810; died 10 October 1834.

William Harrison, born 29 October 1812 in Shelby county, Kentucky, died 5 April 1891; married 18 May 1837 (1) Sarah Jane Waters,14 who died 23 May 1838.  He married (2) Mary Jane McQuiddy.15  Issue (2): 1. William (born 1849, died after 1870); 2. Barnett W. (Born 1851, died after 1880); 3. Frankin (born 1853, died after 1880); 4. Robert (born 1855, died after 1870); 5. Mary J. (Born 1856, died after 1880); 6. Andrew J. (Born 1860, died after 1870); 7. Thomas J. (Born 1863, died after 1880).16

ANDREW JACKSON, married Frances Ann Thruston.

Barnett, born 26 November 1816, died 27 April 1834.

BLAND, married Sarah Shelby McDowell.

Josephus, born 23 October 1823, died 19 February 1824.

Ballard Bible

Ballard Bible sent to Mr. R. C. Ballard Thruston (on Feb 26, 1931) by Mrs. Jerome Robinson (nee: Nell Ballard), Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, granddaughter of William H. Ballard of Shelbyville, born 1812.

Source: Shelby County KyGenWebProject


James Ballard & Amy Lemen were married December the 25th, 1788.
James Ballard and Susanna Cox were married August the 16th, 1803.
Nathaniel King & Lucy Lemen were married April the 24th, 1800.
Virgil Coleman and Lydia Lemen were married in the month of May, 1808.
Thomas Rennolds & Nancy Ballard were married December the 7th 1815.
Willis L. Ballard & Melitta Whitaker were married in the month of October 1820.
Preston Talbott and Amy Ballard were married December the 27th, 1821.
Robert Gregory and Elizabeth Ballard were married May the 9th 1822.
Benjamin C. Simpson and Paulina W. Ballard were married March the 29th, 1827.
John Ballard and Mahala Ann Head were married November the 22nd 1827.
James Ballard, Jr. and Elizabeth Fry were married December the 18th 1828.
Benjamin Ballard and Ellen Fry were married March the 12th 1829.
William H. Ballard and Sarah Jane Waters were married May the 18th 1837.
James Ballard, Jr. and Ellen Fry were married March the ? 1836.
Archibald Collings and Paulina W. Simpson were married December the ? 1841.
Benjamin Ballard & Catharine Jones were married December 1840.


James Ballard was born August the 15th 1763.
Susanna Ballard was born September the 27th, 1785.
Bland Ballard was born October 15th, 1789.
Elizabeth Ballard was born January 23rd, 1792.
Willis L. Ballard was born August 7th, 1794.
Nancy Ballard was born October 23d, 1796.
James Ballard was born May 12, 1799.
John Ballard was born August 8th 1801.
Amy Ballard was born May 14th 1803.
Elizabeth Ballard was born June 5th 1804.
Benjamin Ballard was born January 1st 1806.
Paulina Ballard was born June 19th 1807.
Thomas J. Ballard was born January 10th 1809.
Sarah P. Ballard was born May 12, 1810.
William H. Ballard was born October 29th 1812.
Andrew J. Ballard was born September 22nd 1815.
Barnett Williams Ballard was born Novr 26th, 1816.
Bland Ballard was born September 4th 1819.
Josephus Ballard was born October 19th 1823.
Lucy Lemen was born February 16th 1783.
John Lemen was born January 24th 1785.
Lydia Lemen was born May 21st 1787.
Laura Lumpkin died last August 1877, she was 20 months old.


Elizabeth Ballard died August 28th 1793.
Amy Ballard, wife of James Ballard Sr., died June 7th 1803.
Bland Ballard died December 8th 1812.
Josephus Ballard died February 19th 1824.
Nancy Rennolds died August 27th 1824.
Amy Talbott died February 28th 1828.
Barnett W. Ballard died April 27th 1834.
Elizabeth, wife of James Ballard Jr., died July 30th 1834.
Willis L. Ballard died September 9th 1834.
Sarah P. Ballard died October 10th 1834.
Mary Rennolds died March 14th 1836.
Robert Gregory died October 1st 1837.
Sarah Jane, wife of William H. Ballard, died May 23d, 1838.


1. Ballard Files, 1B.  Kentucky Genealogies, p. 57.  John Frederick Dorman notes that his Revolutionary War Pension application was rejected because he did not render service covered by the pension laws.  John Frederick Dorman, Virginia Revolutionary Pension Applications, Vol. Four (Washington, DC, 1960) p. 42.

2. On 6 March 1792, James Ballard is appointed Guardian to Lucy Leman, John Leman, and Lydia Leman, infant orphans of Samuel Leman, dec’d, entering bond of 200 pounds with Martin Daniel as his surety.  Jefferson Co. Ky. Minute Book 3, p. 79; Cook I, p. 432.

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  1. Looking for relatives of Charles Lehman Ballard from Bartstown Kentucky. His brothers were James Proctor Ballard, Gus Ballard, his sister was Beulah Ballard, and I think he has another sister named Agnes, maybe a nun. I have pictures of his family taken in Kentucky in 1953. If someone would get in touch with me, I would be glad to send them to you. I am the daughter of Lehman Ballard, and Lehman’s wife’s name was Ada— Gus’s wife’s name was Ada too. If you know of a person to contact, please let me know. Thank you. Marguerite (Margo) (Ballard) Holler.

    • I’m afraid I am not in contact with any of these people, and don’t know anyone who might – wish I could help!

  2. This is very helpful. I’m a descendant of Willis’ son Aquilla W. (1822-1880). A very interesting news story about Willis’ son Jesse is attached.

    • The New York Times story is behind a paywall, but I found it via Newspapers.com — reported in Baltimore, Charleston and several other places. Quite a story! I’ve come across a few other notorious stories like that involving Ballards — I suppose all families have them. Thank you for sharing!

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