Charles Ballard, Sr of Somerset County, Maryland (1637-c.1685).

We cannot claim credit for this research on Charles Ballard of Somerset County, Maryland.  This work was compiled and published by F. Edward Wright, Delmarva Genealogies, Vol. I (Lewes, DE: Colonial Roots, 2008).  While our files contain copies of many of the records cited here, we have not yet checked the work, which appears to be of the highest scholarship.  In the coming weeks and months we will spend some time studying this family and will attempt to further illuminate this particular line.  

Charles Ballard is particularly interesting because of proven connections to a brother, Jarvis Ballard (sometimes spelled Gervase), a Merchant active in Boston, Massachusetts, and research by Paul Ballard documenting their descent from a Ballard family from Southwell, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England.  To date (as of April 2015), no descendant in the male line is participating in the Ballard DNA Project.

Charles Ballard, the son of Edward Ballard and Ellen Grant of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England, was baptized 15 February 1637 (Baptismal Register Southwell Minster).  He was Edward’s youngest son; in his will dated 20 September 1653, Edward devised to Charles £20 to be given him when he attains the age of 24 years (Public Record Office, PROB11/234 folio 178v, Probate Court, Prerogative Court of Canterbury).  He was again named in the will of his mother, Ellen, who wrote “I give and bequeath unto Charles Ballard my son Twenty pounds in full satisfaction of his childs part or portion being formerly given by his late father Edward Ballard my late husband …also binding him apprentice at my charge do give unto him five shillings in full satisfaction of his childs part or portion” (PROB11/268 folio 108r, Probate Court, Prerogative Court of Canterbury).  He was devised two shillings and six pence in the will of his brother, Thomas Ballard, Vintner and Habedasher and citizen of London (Public Record Office, PROB11/394 folio 28 v, Probate Court, Prerogative Court of Canterbury). For more on his ancestors, see English Ancestors of Charles Ballard of Somerset County, Maryland.

His connection to this family is confirmed by records preserved in Maryland Patent Book Vol. 18, p. 43, in which Jarvis Ballard assigns headrights to his brother Charles:

Know all men by these presents that I Jarvis Bollard merchant in New England Dwelling in Boston doth by these presents assigne over all my right and Title and Interest in these[?] persons named as followeth Andrew Evans, William Pepper and Robert Pinger to my Brother Charles Ballard in Manokin to him his heirs and assigns for ever for a consideration already received for one hundred and fifty acres of Land as Wittness my hand this 11th of January 1671.  Witnes Robert Lewen[,] Edward Davis Jarvis Ballard”

Charles Ballard married Sarah __________, the widow of John Elzey and the widow of Thomas Jordan.  Sarah married first John Elzey, married second Thomas Jordan, married third Charles Ballard, and married fourth Stephen Lufte.  Clayton Torrence, Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore, p. 435.

Charles Ballard of Somerset County, Gent., was transported into the Province by 1669, married Sarah, widow of Thomas Jordeyne prior to 1671.  Maryland Land Patents Vol. 12, p. 413; Vol. 14, p. 374.

On 13 June 1665 Charles Ballard demanded head rights for himself and for Wm. Johnson, Jos. Harrison, Diana Gidney, Robt. Die, Elizabeth Baker and Parnall Jones.  Clayton Torrence, Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore, p. 475.

Sweetwood was patented on 12 February 1663 by Sarah Jordan for 300 acres.  On 13 June 1665 Sarah Ballard now wife of Charles Ballard, relict of John Elzey and widow of Thomas Jordan repatented.  On 11 June 1672 Charles Ballard and wife Sarah Ballard sold to Cornelius Johnson 300 acres.  Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 381.

Hazzard was patented on 2 November 1664 by William Thomas for 400 acres.  The rent rolls, 1666-1723, show it was possessed by Capt. Charles Ballard, 400 acres.  In 1723/24 Charles Ballard willed to son Charles, plantation at Wicomico River.  The 1783 tax shows Charles Ballard owned 200 acres.  In 1790 Charles Ballard willed lands to sons Arnold Ballard and Chalres Ballard and Middle Island to son Benjamin Ballard.  In 1793 Benjamin Ballard willed to Levin Ballard, son of brother Arnold Ballard land between Charles Ballard and Arnold Ballard 60 or 70 acres. Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 207.

Thomas Flood, servant to Charles Ballard, died and was buried at Manokin September 1666.  Somerset Co. Md. Land Records, Liber IKL.

Charles Ballard’s Negro woman called Rebecca was adjudged by the Justices at a court held 14 August 1677 to be 14 years of age. Somerset Co. Md. Land Records, Liber IKL

Friends Assistance was patented on 29 June 1685 by Charles Ballard for 200 acres.  On 9 October 1756 Robert Ballard sold to William Hayward 200 acres with Nutters Purchase, Turkey Ridge. Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 168.

Arnold Elzey, Somerset County, age c.60, in a deposition taken at a Chancery Court trial on 12 February 1721/2, stated that before his mother, Sarah Ballard, would give consent that her daughter, Sarah Ballard, should be married to Randall Revell, Jr., Randall Revell (his father) should alienate and make over to the said Randall, his son, and Sarah Ballard, 500 acres of land which Revell’s father promised to do.  After Sarah’s death Randall Revell married a second wife.  Charles Ballard, age c.50, made a similar statement regarding his mother Sarah Ballard.  Maryland Chancery Court Records, Vol. CL, p. 590.

In 1725 Charles Ballard [son of this Charles] willed to his son Henry Ballard land on  Manokin River.  On 4 January 1757 Mary Ballard, widow of Henry Ballard sold to William Hayward for 5 shillings land as you go to Princess Anne Town and houses. Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 319

Charles Ballard and Sarah _____________ had issue:

Henry, born 4 May 1666.

Sarah, born 23 December 1668, married Randall Revell, Jr. in October 1682. Somerset Co. Md. Land Records, Liber IKL.  They had issue: 1. Randall Revell, born 1687, died young; 2. Ballard Revell, born 1689, died young; 3. Sarah Revell, married William Bozman.  After Sarah died, Randall married second Rachel Hall, and had issue.

CHARLES, born c. 1671.

Elizabeth, married first on 6 April 1687 John King (he died 1696).  Somerset Co. Md. Land Records, Liber IKL.  Married second Thomas Wilson (he died 1702); married third Peter Dent.  They had issue: 1. Elizabeth King, born 9 August 1688; 2. Sarah King, born 20 March 1689; 3. Capell King, born at Monacan 8 March 1694/5. Somerset Co. Md. Land Records, Liber IKL.  Elizabeth married second Thomas Wilson, who died 1702, son of Rev. Thomas Wilson, first pastor of Manokin Presbyterian Congregation and brother of Ephraim Wilson.  Thomas Wilson of Somerset County died leaving a will dated 20 April 1702, proved 9 March 1702.  To brother and Ephraim and his wife, personalty.  To wife Eliza: 1/3 of personalty and all real estate.  To children Margery and Eliza: residue of personal estate and real estate at the death of their mother; to be of age at 15 years.  Executors wife Eliza: and brother Ephraim.  Witnessed by Alex. Brown, Margaret Brown, Jno. Carryon, Peter Dent.  Maryland Will Book Vol. 11, p. 285.  The children of Elizabeth and Thomas were 1. Margaret (Margery) Wilson, born 1699, died 1742, married James Lindow; 2. Elizabeth Wilson.

JARVIS, b.c. 1681.


Unplaced (various):

George, son of Jarvis and Sarah Ballard, born 11 January 1797.  Records of Stepney Parish, Somerset Co. Md.

Mary Ballard, married Thomas Atkinson, son of James and Mary (Lambden) Atkinson.  Pauline Manning Batchelder, ed., A Somerset Sampler, 1700-1776 (Lower Delmarva Genealogical Society, 1994), p. 8.

William Ballard, son of Charles and Mathera (?) Ballard, born 3 November 1773.  Records of Stepney Parish, Somerset Co. Md.

William Ballard married Sarah Rigsby, widow of John Rigby.  John Rigsby died by 20 November 1756 when the inventory of his estate was filed by William Ballard and his wife Sarah.  Maryland Inventories Vol. 70, p. 283.  On 9 July 1760 the admin. account of his estate was submitted by Sarah Ballard, admx., and wife of William Ballard (her second marriage).  Distribution was made to the widow and to 3 children: Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary Rigsby.  Maryland Administration Accounts Vol. 46, p. 41;  Maryland Balances of Final Distributions, Vol. 3, p. 32.

William Ballard married Eleanor __________.  They were parents of Henrietta Ann Elzey, born 1 October 1796.  Records of Stepney Parish, Somerset Co. Md.


11 thoughts on “Charles Ballard, Sr of Somerset County, Maryland (1637-c.1685).

      • I’m not aware of any connection between the Ballards of South Carolina and the Ballards of Somerset County, Maryland. It’s interesting that Charles’ brother, Jarvis (the merchant who settled in Massachusetts) appears in the York County, Virginia records, which was noted by John Weisner in his notes that appear in his “A Source Book: English Origins” which is included among these pages. But in spite of his presence in Virginia, there is no evidence (that I’m aware of) that the Maryland family was related to the York and James City County, Virginia Ballards.

      • These are the Ballards of Camden, SC. I find it interesting that the name Thomas Ballard figures prominently in both families. That could be sign of family connection:

        Ballard. Lewis Ballard, who died 1817, age 55, patriot in Revolution, for 20 years resident of Camden; mercantile partner of C. J. Shannon in 1816. Thomas Ballard, planter, probably brother of Lewis, Justice of Peace 1791, Major Kershaw County Regiment 1794, surviving Revolutionary veteran in Kershaw County in 1841. John Ballard was living on White Oak Creek 1798.

      • Also, I see that William Henry Ballard traces to Haplogroup R-L21. I am L2a1. Could he (or his family) be connected in anyway to the Ballards of Camden, SC.

      • I think you’re comparing apples and oranges. Haplogroup R-L21 simply indicates descent from the Celtic peoples of Western Europe. L2a1 is used with mitochondrial DNA, and my understanding is this shows origin from Africa. A William Henry Ballard is related to the Camden Ballards via family from Albemarle County, Virginia. William’s connection is proven by yDNA, being related descendants of the line headed by (I believe) a Thomas Ballard who settled in Stafford County, Virginia. Two brothers in this line settled in Albemarle, Thomas and John; several of John’s sons removed to South Carolina after the American Revolution, while many of Thomas’ descendants either stayed in Virginia or removed to Kentucky. They also had a brother Bland Ballard whose descendants removed to Kentucky. William Henry Ballard is most likely descended from Bland.

  1. Stephen, have you changed the format? I have been contacted by a descendant of Walter Clopton Ballard, son of William Ballard d. 1774 in Halifax CO, NC. I was trying to tell her how to find your site. I’m looking for all the lineage charts that once came up easily.
    Betty Sparks

    • Hi Betty,

      Are you referring to the trees? I’ve been removing them because as I make changes, they become out of date. I haven’t bothered to re-create them; they came from a software program (Mac Family Tree) that I haven’t been using much. Since so many people use Ancestry, I’ve been working on putting trees there — my way of getting the work more exposure. Right now I’m slowing working through my Bland Ballard tree (Lineage Group I). Then I’ll re-export to Mac Family Tree and create the trees. I’m trying to be consistent across all platforms. The blog remains the main repository, of course, but the ease of attaching records in later generations in Ancestry is difficult to beat.


  2. So sorry to send so many inquiries today. Perhaps we could talk by phone. I’m writing a book that, in part, traces the story of the Ballard branch of my family. I read this link on your site about David Ballard who died in Kershaw, SC. I see several family names that are repeated through the generations that also appear in my family. I also see the name Samuel passed down from generation to generation in his family. Wondering if he might be connected with Samuel Ballard who walked the Trail of Tears.

    • Lisa, I think you should spend a little more time on the site to sort out the lines. Are you on Ancestry? After I post this I’m going to send you a link to a tree I have there called “Ballard Lineage Group I.” Now since it is based on yDNA only, I have chosen not to include descendants of females (please don’t take offense; its too much to manage as it is). I include wives of male Ballards, and the husbands of females, but not the children of female Ballards. I have a separate tree for my own line where I include everybody. There is data on Ancestry that hasn’t made it to the blog yet; for example, I have a couple of generations of the Camden Ballards that do not appear on the blog. I don’t borrow from other’s trees, I prefer to rely only on records. I have over 3,000 “hints” to work through, and its slow going. I’ll go in spurts, but admittedly its a bit tiresome, and I don’t want to make mistakes so I do a little at a time.

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