Henery Ballard of Southwell, Nottinghamshire (1563/4-1622/3).

Henery Ballard of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, the son of William Ballard, was baptized on 4 March 1563/4 at Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England (Baptismal Register of Southwell Minster).

Henery Ballard was admitted to Gray’s Inn in 1583. See “Register of Admissions to Gray’s Inn,” in Collectanea Genealogica, Vol. 3, p.36 (1887) in 1583.

John Bassett of Fledborough, esq. owed to Henry Ballard £2,200, at the Purification 35 Elizabeth I, secured on his Manor and lands.Chancery signature of James Husbandes.Paper; Latin.Document dated: 22 December 57 Elizabeth I [22 December 1594].  Family Archive, 1296-1948 Nottingham University Library.

In October 1595, he held property at Saxilby Manor, Saxilby, Lincolnshire, England.  Final concord, right hand indenture Henry Ballard, gent.: plaintiff.John Bassett, esq., Henry Bassett, gent., Clinton Bassett, gent., Edward Bassett, gent., Elizabeth Bassett, widow: deforceants.Manor of Saxelby, 5 messuages, 5 cottages, 140acres arable, 140 acres meadow, 380 acres pasture, 30 acres wood in Saxilby; for £440.Parchment; Latin.Document dated October Hilary 37 Elizabeth I.

In the will of his father William Ballard (probated 8 October 1605), he received all the residue of his goods and chattels. and was appointed sole executor. (Prerogative Court of Canterbury Wills: PROB11/106 f123).

Henery Ballard held property on 2 February 1611 as evidenced by Memorandum that Henry Ballard of Southwell, Nottinghamshire attended in North Porch of Southwell Minster, to collect half year’s rent of parsonage of Kylnesley in Houlderness [Kilnsea, in Holderness] from John Newton and William Byrde who did not appear to pay. Witnesses: William Ballard jnr., Peter Blyth and George Taylor. Parchment (Family Archive, 1296-1948 Nottingham University Library).

He provided the information recorded in the Herald’s Visitation of Nottingham and was granted the arms Sable, a griffin segreant ermine beaked and armed or, and a crest a demi-griffin ermine beaked or.

He was involved in litigation concerning the bill of complaint of Edmund Clay, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London and Dionise, his wife, one of the daughters of Anthony Burgis, deceased. John Page was seized in fee simple of premises in the town and county of Nottingham. He lawfully conveyed the same to Anthony Samon, Gent, one of his heirs, who conveyed the same to John Samon, the younger son of Anthony, who conveyed the same to Anthony Burgis, who shortly afterwards died, and the lands descended to Dionese and her sister Mary, now the wife of John Shore. Edmund Clay entered the premises and is rightfully owner of one half. The Shores sold their half to Richard and Robert Parker who, about two years ago, conveyed it to Clay. Their title is being challenged by Henry Ballard of Southwell, as descending to him from Edward Samons who is preventing the plaintiffs from seeing the deeds which would prove their title. They have asked him in a friendly manner to deliver them. Ask he be ordered to answer the charges.  Answers of Henry Ballard, 5 January 17 James I [1619/20]

About 33 years ago William Ballard, now deceased, the plaintiff’s father, by several deeds, purchased, at several times, various messuages and tenements in the Town of Nottingham and in the County of Nottingham from Edward Samon Esq. William died about 14 years ago and the land descended to the defendant as his son and heir. Denies he has ever had deeds etc. relating to the property of the plaintiffs sometimes in the hands of John Page or Anthony Burgess.

He left a will dated 4 November 1620 at Saxilby, Lincolnshire, which was probated in 1623.

In the name of God Amen the fow[rth] day of November in the yeare of our Lorde God 1620 And in the yeares of the Raiyne of our souvraigne Lorde James by the grace of God kinge defender of the faith etc.[?] (That is to say) of England France and Ireland the Eighteenth and of Scotland the fowr and fyftieth. I Henrie Ballard of Southwell in the county of Nottingham Gentleman beinge in good health and perfect memory (the Lorde be thanked) yet callinge to mind the frayltie of man and that nothinge is more certayne than death, but the time when most …, Doe therefore at this present whilst health doth permitt … make this my last will and Testament in … under my hand and Seale in manner and forme followinge

First I bequeath [my] soule to Almightie God my maker nothinge doubting but for infinite mercies sett fourth in the precious death and blood shed … of his dearly beloved sonne Jesus Christ our alone Saviour and Redeemer … will … my soule unto his glorie and place it in [the] Companie of the heavenly Angells and blessed Saincts. And concerninge[?] my bodie I commend it to the earth from whence it … and do believe that at the generall day of Judgment my bodie shall rise againe And that both bodie and soule shalbe received amongst … elect companie into heaven And in this faith I doe stedfasth hope that god for Christ his sonnes Sake will Strengthen me to … my life….

Item I will that all such debtes and duties as I owe of right or of conscyence to anie person or personns be well and truly contented and paid by my executors hereafter named Item my will and minde is that Elizabeth my wife shall have for dower or anie thinge else that the lawe of this land will allott her of my goods without suite or Controversie

Item I give and bequeath to my fowre yonger Children (That is to say) Phillipp Ballard, Elizabeth Ballard, Katherin Ballard and Ann Ballard all my landes Tenements and hereditaments sett lyinge and beinge in the Towne of Nottingham in the County of the Towne of Nottingham […] the fields[?] terrytories meadowes … of the said County of Nottingham in as large and ample manner as can be […] have and to hould all thabove[?] specified and intended premisses[?] […] sonne Phillipp Ballard Elizabeth Ballard Katherin [Ballard] and Ann Ballard and to theire heires and assignes so […]

Moreover[?] I doe give and bequeath to my fowre said yonge[r children] and for theire[?] better advancement and … in manner […] followinge

And first to my sonne Phillipp and assignes [I give] devise and bequeath one Anuitie or yearly rent or Summe of [Ten pounds] of lawfull English money issuinge and goinge fourth of my Manno[r] or Lordshippe of Saxlebye in the County of Lincoln and [Nottingham] And out of all my Messuages Landes Tenements and heredita[ments with] the appurtenances in Saxlebye aforesaid or reputed taken occupied [or enioyed] as parte parcell or member of my said Manno[r] or Lordshippe [To] have and to hold perceive and enioy the said Annuall rent or [summe of] Ten pounds unto my said son[n]e Phillipp and his assignes [for and] duringe the naturall life of my said Sonne Phillipp payable at or in the p[a]rish church of Saxlebye aforesaid within the [countie] of Lincoln at the feast of th[e] ann[un]tiacon of our blessed ladie [Saint] Marie the virgin and at the feast of Saint Michaell the [Arcgangell] by even and equall portions The first payment thereof to [begin at] the first of the said feasts dayes wh[ich] shall fortune to happen [next after] my death

And I further will that yf shall fortune the said [Annuall] rent or summe of Ten pounds or anie p[ar]te or parcell thereof to be [behinde] and unpaid at anie of the said feasts or daies whereat the same [ought to] be paid that then and from thenceforth it shalbe lawfull f[or and to] my Said[?] sonne Phillipp and his assignes into the Man[nor messuages] landes and premisses to enter and distreyne and the distresses th[en and there] found to leade drive chase and carry away and the same to d[etayne] and keepe untill he be of the same rent and arrerages thereof [fully] satisfied contented and paid.

Item I give devise and bequeath unto Elizabeth Ballard my eldest daughter and to her assignes [one A]nuytie or yearly rent or summe of Ten pounds of lawfull En[glish monie] … [under the same conditions as for Phillipp Ballard].

Item I give devise and bequeath unto Katherin Ballard my second daughter and to her assignes one anuytie or yearly rent or summe of Ten pounds of lawfull English money … [under the same conditions as for Phillipp Ballard].

[Item] I give devise and bequeath unto Anne Ballard my yongest daughter [and to her] assignes one Anuytie or yearly rent or summe of Ten pounds of lawfull English money … [under the same conditions as for Phillip Ballard].

Item I ordayne my wellbeloved Brother in law Thom[as] Townshend of Testerton in the county of Norfolk gent [and my] wellbeloved Brother in law Roger Townshend gent Execu[tors of] this my last will and Testament not doubtinge but that they [will be] indiferant judges betwixt my wife and my children. In w[itnesse] whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and put my seale … my last will and testament the day and yeare first above written [in the] presence of these witnesses whose names are hereunder subscribed … whom th… published the Same. John Bayes[,] Edmund […,] John Beeston[,] Edwarde Ballard[,] Thomas Ballard[,] Rob[…,] Rich: Blackbourn.

He was buried on 14 January 1622 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England.  An Inquisition Port Mortem was held on 21 November 1622 at Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England; He held the demesne as of fee of a manor of Saxleby called Bassites manor. Henry Ballard died the fourteenth day of January 1622.  Thomas Ballard was his son and next heir and was aged at the time of the death of the aforesaid Henry Ballard twenty one years and more (Inquisition Post Mortem, C142/767 no. 106).

Children of Henery Ballard and Elizabeth _____________ were [note: no effort to date has been made to trace these descendants]:

Henry, born c. 1597, died 1598.

Frances, baptized 14 January 1598, died 1603.

Thomas, born  8 July 1600.

Elizabeth, baptized 18 November 1601.

William, baptized 6 September 1603, died 1619.

Phillip, baptized 14 August 1604.

Catherin, baptized 31 December 1605.

Anne, baptized 17 November 1608.

Frauncis, baptized 8 August 1613, died before 1614.


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