William Ballard of Bedford County, Virginia (1767-18??).

William Ballard, the son of Byrom Ballard of Bedford County, Virginia, was born 20, 7 [July] 1767, as recorded among the records of the South River Monthly Meeting in Bedford County, Virginia.

On 24, 4 [April] 1788, William Ballard of Bedford County married in a public meeting at South River Meeting House, Elizabeth Anthony of Bedford County, Virginia.1 The following witnesses were present: Mary Anthony, Molley Anthony, Mary Ballard, Anna Sea, Mary Johnson, Judith Ballard, Phebe Stanton, Penelope Johnson, Salley Johnson, Robert Hanna, Ashley Johnson, James Candler, Elizabeth Douglas, Betty Johnson, Jane Gipson, Hepzabih Holloway, Edward Lynch, Christopher Anthony, Jr., Christopher Anthony, Christopher Johnson, Achillis Douglas, William Johnson, William Ballard, John Lynch, William Stanton, John Candler, Mary Lynch, Matilda Lynch, Mary Timberlake, Rachel Ballard, Sarah Tate Anthony, Barclay Ballard, Moses Cadwalader, Jr., Charles Anthony, John Timberlake, William Clement, Robert Johnson, Timothy Johnson, Sarah H. Tate.2

On 3, 5 [May] 1800 William, his wife Elizabeth with children Anthony, Elenor, Mary, Asa, William, Hannah and Sarah, were granted certificate to Westfield Monthly Meeting, North Carolina from Goose Creek Monthly Meeting in Bedford County, Virginia.3On 23, 8 [August] 1800 at Westfield Monthly Meeting William and sons, Anthony, Asa and William were received on certificate from Goose Creek Monthly Meeting dated 8 May 1800.4

Their children were [birthdates of first four children are recorded in a Record Book of the South River Meeting House, Campbell and Bedford Counties, Virginia; William and Hannah appear in the records of Goose Creek Monthly Meeting, Bedford County, Virginia]:

Anthony, b. 22, 2 [February] 1789.

Eleanor, b. 5, 6 [June] 1790.

Mary, b. 23, 1 [January] 1792.

Asa, b. 19, 8 [August] 1793.

William, b. 26, 12 [December] 1794.

Hannah, b. 10, 11 [November] 1796.

Sarah, b. c. 1797.


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2 thoughts on “William Ballard of Bedford County, Virginia (1767-18??).

  1. I’m trying to figure out the parents of an Elizabeth Ballard who married Thomas Pierson (or Pearson or Person) in the Guilford NC area. One person on ancestry lists her parents as Mary Byrom and William Ballard, but provides no evidence, so that’s sketchy. This site popped up in my researching, so I was wondering if you’ve perhaps ever come across Elizabeth Pierson nee Ballard? She was born c. 1733 and died 19 December 1800. Thanks!

    • Sorry for the late reply, somehow I overlooked this.

      Unfortunately, no — I have not come across Elizabeth Pierson (Pearson?). Perhaps check the Quaker records.

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