William Ballard of Southwell, Nottinghamshire (1592-1657).

William Ballard, the son of William Ballard and Alice Martyn was baptized in 1592.  He was the son of the William who was devised property in his father’s will that was probated 8 October 1605.  He received “… some & several those my land tenements hereditaments set lying and being within the town, fields and territories of Nottingham in the county of the town of Nottingham amounting to the yearly value of 16 pounds or thereabouts be it more or less which land tenements and hereditaments I first purchased of Edward Samon esquire as by my deeds of my first purchase made of and from the said Edward it doth and may appear to have and to hold all the said land tenements and hereditaments with the appurtenances to the said William Ballard the son and his heirs forever and I will that with the profits and issues of the said lands and premises my said nephew be brought up in good learning.”

William Ballard was buried on 2 February 1657 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England.

His children were:

William, baptized 9 July 1626 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England, and  buried on 23 September 1626 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, , England.  Baptismal Register of Southwell Minster.

Thomas, baptized on 30 July 1627 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England. Baptismal Register of Southwell Minster.  Named as the son of William Ballard.

Elizabeth, baptized on 20 October 1628 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England.  Named as the daughter of William Ballard. Baptismal Register of Southwell Minster.

Francis, baptized on 2 December 1629 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England.  Baptismal Register of Southwell Minster.

William, baptized on 25 May 1631 at Southwell, Nottinghamshire, England.  Baptismal Register of Southwell Minster.




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