James Thomas Ballard of Clark County, Missouri (1830-1868).

[the following and the descent that follows relies on several secondary sources and requires additional documentation; for now, treat it and the information contained herein as a placeholder]

James Thomas Ballard, the son of James Ballard of Oldham County, Kentucky and the grandson of Bland Williams Ballard of Shelby County, Kentucky, was born 30 September 1830 in Oldham County, Kentucky, and died 18 September 1868 in Clark County, Missouri.

He married 18 February 1854 Lotsey Jane Cross, who was born in 1834 in Kentucky and died 19 July 1878 in Clark County, Missouri.  James Thomas Ballard died intestate; his widow served as Administratrix.  Clark Co. Mo. Wills, Bonds & Letters, Vol. C-D, 1867-1888, p. 100.


Mary Elizabeth, born 2 March 1855 in Clark County, Missouri, and died 17 March 1923 in Clark County, Missouri.

Bland Williams, born 23 October 1856, died 1923.

Walter Pierce, born 14 February 1859, died 30 January 1944 in Vega, Oldham County, Texas.

Martha Jane, born 23 February 1859 in Clark County, Missouri, died 15 January 1924 in Wyaconda, Clark County, Missouri.

Sarah Ellen, born 6 May 1867 in Clark County, Missouri, died 27 December 1923 in Wyconda, Clark County, Missouri.


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