Lineage Group II: Participants

Below are the brief genealogies provided by each participant in Lineage Group II of the Ballard DNA Project.  If known, there are links to the appropriate page within this site.  To see the genealogies of all the participants, please visit the Ballard DNA Surname Project.


B-7: Ysearch ID: JNB8J
1. William R. Ballard b. 1812 Onslow Co NC d. 1893 Onslow/Jones Co NC
m. Mary E. Giles, dau of William R. Giles
2. William McKinney Ballard b. abt 1854 d. bef 1900
m. Melissa Jane North b. 13 Sep 1859 North Creek, Beaufort, NC d. abt 1931 in Williamsburg, VA
3. James Lloyd Ballard Sr. b. 6 Sep 1881 Onslow Co NC d. 10 Oct 1952 Norfolk, VA
m. Alice Lee Gardner b. 31 Dec 1886 Accomack Co VA d. 28 Jul 1910 Norfolk VA
4. James Lloyd Ballard Jr. b. 19 Sep 1903 Norfolk, VA d. Dec 1985 Norfolk, VA
m. Anna Mae Gornto b. 30 Jan 1907 d. 16 Feb 1989 Norfolk, VA


1. John Ballard b. abt. 1635 Bitton, Gloucestershire, England d. before 1704 Nansemond Co., Va.
m. Pasheba (Besheba) Elizabeth b. abt. 1640 in Nansemond Co., Va d. abt 1700 in Nansemond C o., Va.
m. Margaret

2. John Ballard b. abt. 1680 Nansemond Co Va. d. 12 MAR 1763 Wayne Co NC (Boundary, Chowen Co?)
Sarah Boyte (dau of Thomas Boyte) b. abt. 1730

3. Jacob Ballard Boyte b. 4 APR 1755 Dobbs/Wayne Co NC d. 1844 Bladen Co NC
Married abt 1779 Lydia Thompson b. abt. 1756 d. abt. 1845 Bladen Co NC

[See John Ballard of Dobbs County, North Carolina (c.17??-1763)]

4. Joseph Wesley Boyte b. abt. 1780 d. 10 June 1861
Married abt. 1811 Martha Patsy Rooks
Married abt. 1859 Leah Osborne

5. Malcolm McPherson Boyte b. 1837
Married Barbara Delaine Long

6. Henry Wesley Boyte b. 16 Nov 1857 d. 12 Mar 1932 Leesburg, FL
Married Nancy E. Coley

7. Thomas McPherson Boyte b. 17 Oct 1878 Monroe, VA d. 3 Sep 1928 Spray, NC
Married Maggie Nora Caviness b. 2 Jan 1880 Moore Co NC

8. Marvin Franklin Boyte b. 28 MAR 1908 Monroe Co NC d. 6 DEC 1997 Eden NC
Married Grace Leonard b. 23 APR 1907 d. 27 MAR 1999

9. Douglas Jean Boyte
Married Sandra Holland


1. James Ballard b. abt 1750 NC
m. Anne b. abt 1755 NC
2. John Y. Ballard b. abt 1782 Onslow Co NC d. 1860 Dallas Co AR NC (1860 Census, Dallas Co AR) John Yates Ballard m. Mary
3. Lot R. Ballard b. abt 1837 NC (1860 Census, Dallas Co AR) m. (birth date error?)
4. Lot R. Ballard Jr. b. abt 1850 AR (1880 Census, Dallas Co AR)(birth date error?)
m. Elizabeth b. abt 1850 AR
5. Thomas N. Ballard b. abt 1874 AR (1880 Dallas, 1900, 1910, 1920 1930 Grant Co AR)
m. Dora I b. abt 1884
6. Hurschel S. Ballard b. Aug 4, 1915 AR d. Mar 3, 2000 OK (1930 Grant Co AR)
m. [blank]


This Porter line may have made contact with the Ballard families of Nansemond. Ballard and Porter are neighbors in 1733, 185 acres in Nansemond Co. (John Ballard & John Porter Jr)

Andrew Porter, born abt 1730 unknown, died 1821 Prince Edward Co, VA, married Margaret Ewing, born about 1735 Cecil Co, MD, died before 1820 Prince Edward Co, VA. Margaret was the d/o Alexander Ewing and wife Rebecca. Alexander born 1678 in Ireland, died 1738 in Cecil Co, MD

Samuel M. Porter, born abt 1760 Prince Edward Co, VA, died 1831 Wythe Co, VA, married Ursula Sublett (Ferguson-surname of 1st husband-no children) 1790 in Caroline County, VA. She was born 1769 Goochland Co, VA, died 1823 Wythe Co, VA

Samuel E. Porter, born 1799 in Wythe Co, VA, died 1893 in Wythe Co, VA, married 2nd wife Nancy Winskill, born 1820 England, died 1906 Wythe Co, VA


Joseph Ballard b 1760 d Bef 1815 m Asenah (Seney) Wilder b Abt 1760 m Bef 1791 d 1847
Joseph Ballard b abt 1791 Onslow Co NC d 1831/1839, Jones Co NC m Susan Wilder Abt 1820 in NC
John Wilder Ballard b Apr 20, 1829 Onslow Co NC d Feb 21, 1898 Ocala Marion Co FL m Julia Jane Whaley April 19,1866
Lawrence Ballard Sr b Feb 11, 1869 Beaver Creek Twp Jones NC d March 10 1960 Tallahassee FL m Mary Ellen Hurst
Lawrence Ballard Jr b 14 May 1909 Cornell, Marion FL d March 28 1982 Tallahassee, Leon FL m Gladys Allene Edwards 1930
John Richard Ballard b Jan. 4, 1939 Tallahassee, Leon FL d Aug. 29, 1966 KIA Hau Nghia Province, South Vietnam


[See John Ballard of Dobbs County, North Carolina (c.17??-1763)]

1. George W. Boyett b. May 7, 1864 AR or GA d. May 12, 1909 Jefferson Co AR
Redfield, Jefferson Co. AR 1900 Census
Married Libbie Diarman/Durman/Durmon/Doriman b. 1878 d. aft 1915 bef 1920

2. John Doy Boyett AR > OK b. 1907 AR d. 1989 Oklahoma City Oklahoma Co OK
Thackerville Love Co OK
Married Hazel Roberson b. 8/21/1916 Leon Love Co OK d. 11/7/2012 Ardmore Carter Co OK

NOTE: Based on DNA matches this line will likely go back to Jacob Ballard Boyte b. 1755 or Joseph Ballard Boyte b. 1759, brothers born in Wayne Co NC to Sarah Boyte and John Ballard.

John Ballard Sr., b. ABT 1639 in England, Bitton, Gloucestershire, d. BEF 1704 in VA, Nansemond Co., / Isle of Wight
m. Elizabeth Besheba, b. ABT 1653 in VA, Nansemond Co., / Isle of Wight, d. ABT 1700 in VA, Nansemond Co., / Isle of Wight

Joseph Ballard Sr., b. 26 Jan 1666/67 in VA, Nansemond Co., of Isle of Wight, d. BEF 14 OCT 1729 in NC, Chowan Co.m Anne, b. BEF 21 JUL 1729 in NC, Chowan Co., d. AFT 21 JUL 1729 in NC, Chowan Co.

Elisha Ballard b Abt 1685 Nansemond Co, VA d Bef 1795 Isle of Wight Co, VA m. Ann Lawrence b Abt 1720 m 1757 d Abt 1795

Elisha Lawrence Ballard b 1758 d Bef 1798 m Sarah/Sally Wood b Abt 1758 d Bef Dec 04, 1798 Isle of Wight, VA

Joseph Wood Ballard Sr., b. 1788 d: Aft. 1818 lived in Southampton Co VA m. Margaret “Pegga” Lawrence b: Abt. 1790 d: Aft. 1818

William H. Ballard, b. 1803, d. 1833 m. Pricilla Bidgood, b. 1808

Luther Henry Rice Ballard, b. 1833, d. 1889 m. Betty Wells, b. 1834, d. 1887

John Wright Ballard b. 1872, d. 1919 m. Effie Toler Hathaway, b. 1880 (White Stone, VA Enon Hall)

John Wright Ballard Jr. b. Oct. 23, 1914 d. Dec. 29, 1968

John Wright Ballard III


[See John Ballard of Dobbs County, North Carolina (c.17??-1763)]

1. John B. Boyett born abt. 1793 N.C., d. sometime shortly before 05 March 1856 GA.
Married Unknown b. unknown, d. 1849 – 1850 GA.

2. Isaac Right Boyett b. abt. 1831, d. after 1860 GA.
Married Elizabeth Wall b. 1835 GA., d. between Dec.1863 and Feb. 1866 GA.

3.Austin Warren Boyett b. 02 June 1852 GA., d. 23 Oct. 1916 GA.
Married Mary (Mollie) Lowe b. May 1850 GA, d. Jan. 1921 GA.

4. Warren Kricket Boyett b. 02 Jan. 1875 GA, d.07 Jan. 1920 GA.
Married Beulah Bessie Mobley b. 01 Sept. 1875 GA., d. 16 Jan. 1919 GA.

5. John Delma Boyett b. 23 Aug. 1896 GA., d. 23 Jan. 1989 GA.
Married Louise Mae Stewart b. 04 May 1900 GA., d. 08 April 1971 GA.

6. Willie D. Boyett b. 31 Aug. 1918 Ga., d. 01 Sept. 1973 Fl.
Married Frances Cathryn Mims b. 07 June 1923 GA., d. 28 Jan. 1984 GA.

6.1 Otis T. Boyett, Sr. (brother of Willie D. Boyett) b.14 Nov. 1921 Ga., d. 06 Sept. 1993 Tx.
Married Dorothy Louise Sellers b. 17 Sept. 1925 Al., d. Sept. 1961 GA.

7. Otis T. Boyett, Jr. b. Private, d. Living.
Married Marjorie Jean Jasper

John B. Boyett served in the War of 1812.
In 1830 he is in Columbus County N.C. In 1820 there are two John Boyets listed in Columbus County. John B. Boyet and family removed to Georgia in 1831.
Additional Information:


1. Theophilus Ballard b abt 1804 d aft. 1880
m1 Anna Statia Forrest m2 Catharine m3 Sarah A.
2. John Thomas Ballard b Jan. 2 1830 Fort Deposit, AL d. Point Lookout MD Union Prision abt 1863
m. Margaret Tillery on Feb 10, 1850 (1850 census Lowndes Co AL)
3. John Richard Ballard b Aug.11 1853 Fort Deposit, AL d. Sept 6, 1919
m. Mary Annie Kold b june 26 1855 on Feb 26, 1873 d. Mar 6, 1935
He had 10 Children Joe, Moody Theophilus, Margret, John E, Frank, James, Early died at age 17, Lloyd died at 22 WW11, Annie Bell.
Moody T had 8 children 5 boys 3 girls
4. Moody Theophilus Ballard b. Mar 10 1887 d. 1954 Pensacola, FL (1880 Fort Deposit, Lowndes, Al)
5. Victor Ballard Sr. b. Apr 24, 1909 Seminary, MS d. May 17, 1986 Pensacola, FL
m. Bernice Louise Davidson b. Apr 26, 1911 d. Oct 27, 1997

Ft. Deposit, AL
A Ballard Family settled lands just north and northeast of the town limits, in the Gilmer Hills area, sometimes in the early 1800s as an old “Wanted” poster hanging in a Selma museum lists this area as the “Ballard Precinct”. Cahaba Land Records show that, in 1832, Alfred Ballard and James Ballard purchased land in S15, 16, 17 in T12 R15. One must remember that, especially in Lowndes County, the date of land sale record, in most cases, was years after the original date of homesteading.


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