Shiflett of Albemarle County.

The Shiflett family that settled in Albemarle county is included here as an allied family, for they traveled the same route from Essex and Caroline (formed 1728 from Essex, King & Queen, and King William counties) into Orange and Albemarle counties as the Ballards that came from that part of Virginia.  They also share, with maddening frequency and without explanation, the frequent and repeated use of the name “Bland,” suggesting that they are most likely cousins sharing a common Bland ancestor.

The founder of the family is John Shiflett, who is believed to have been born c. 1700.  His wife’s name is unknown.  Their children were:

Thomas, born c. 1733, married Patience _____.  They had six children.

John, Jr, born c. 1735, died c. 1794, married c. 1760 Joice Powell, daughter of John and Ann Powell.  Their daughter Frances married Bland Ballard, son of the Thomas Ballard of Albemarle, who is known to have come from Caroline county in 1738.

Richard, born c. 1745, died c. 1827, married c. 1765 Mary _____.  His eldest son was Bland Shiflett, born c. 1765, died 1835.

William, born 1750.

Bland, born c. 1751, died 1840, married Vina Brock.  They had 10 children.  His eldest son Bland married Elizabeth Shiflett, the daughter of his brother William Shiflett.

Stephen, born 1720-1730, died 1776.

Ann, married Richard Morris.

Susannah, married _____ Morris.

Sarah, unmarried.

Source: Shiflett Family Genealogy website.

7 thoughts on “Shiflett of Albemarle County.

  1. am descendent of ann and richard morris. have found very little info on these two. anything anyone has would be appreciated.

    • I am a descendant of Vina and Bland, and have heard that rumor myself. In my family tree the Brock family line goes all the way back to the British Isles, so I had my DNA tested. I come from several Shifflette pairings and have no trace – not even 1% of native American blood to my name. Unfortunate for me, because I had to walk back a lot of legend stories about how we had native blood. My father did not take kindly to that. What is interesting, though. Italian. 13% Italian. We do know that many Italian stone masons were asked to come to the Appalachian mountain countries. Somewhere in all that Scottish – English mix some Italian also dropped in. I’m just not sure where.

      • When you go back 6 generations you will only have 1.5% Native American Blood. Try loading your file into

        Eurogenes K36
        MDLP World-22

  2. Eurogenes K36
    MDLP World-22

    6 Generations back would give you 1.5% – try gedmatch for free

    Eurogenes K36
    MDLP World-22

  3. Does anyone have any info on a Hezekiah Hiram Shifflett? Born either 1807 or 1830. Supposedly married to Sarah A. Had a son named Abraham

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