John Ballard of Madison County, Virginia (c.1734-1823).

John Ballard, the son of Bland Ballard, Sr, was born c. 1734 in Spotsylvania county, Virginia.  He may have been the John Ballard who witnessed a conveyance from William Fields of Culpeper county to William Allason of Falmouth in King George county on 30 October 1765.1  He was of St. George Parish, Spotsylvania county, Virginia, where on 3 March 1755 he acquired 100 acres of land,2 but sold it with his wife Ann on 2 December 1755.3  He may have been the John Ballard who purchased a lot in the town of Falmouth in King George county on 6 March 1765.4  In any event, he removed to a portion of Culpeper County that became Madison county, Virginia in 1792, where he died between May 19 1823 and 24 July 1823.

He married before 2 December 1755 Mary Ann Proctor, the daughter of William Proctor and Ann Cox; she was born about 1734 in Spotsylvania county.5

John Ballard left a will dated 19 May 1823 recorded 24 July 1823.6  The will lists four of his five children: Proctor, deceased; James, deceased; Elizabeth Flint, and Miss Ann Ballard.  A fifth child was Sarah Ballard, who married William Rowe, Sr, who died in childbirth leaving an only child, Proctor Ballard Rowe.  The will also names his grandchildren Benjamin P. and Narcissa, children of Proctor B. Rowe.

In the name of God Amen I John Ballard of Madison County being weak in body but of sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following first it is my will and desire that all my just debts shall be paid out of my Estate.

Second I give and bequeath to Proctor B. Rowe’s two children Benjamin P. Rowe my negro boy Stephen, and his daughter Narcissa Rowe my boy Emmanuel, and my negro man George to be equally divided between them and also a second choice of one cow and calf to them and their heirs forever.

Third I give and bequeath to my daughter Ann Ballard the following negroes to her and her heirs forever, Lotty, Hannah Yancy and Harry and their increase and also one feather bed & furniture one chest and clow & calf first choice.

Fourth I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Flint my negro girl Philis and her increase for life, and a her death the said Philis and her increase if any to be equally divided between her three daughters.

Fifth Its my will and desire that my hereafter named Executor shall sell my tract of land on which I reside, on twelve months credit,  and my two negroes Jack and James on same credit and all my property not before named for purpose of paying all my just debts and balance if any to be equally divided in the following manner one third to my daughter Ann Ballard, and one third to Elizabeth Flint my daughter and other third to Proctor B. Rowe’s two children Benjamin B Rowe and his daughter Narcissa Rowe.

Sixth I give and bequeath to each of my grand children of my two sons Proctor Ballard and James Ballard dec’d one dollar each.

Seventh  I do hereby appoint my friend John Massey my Executor to this my last will and testament revoking all others made by me.  It is my will and desire that should my estate have to pay a debt which I am security for Proctor B. Rowe to John Fishback for about I suppose one hundred and sixteen dollars, that amount shall be taken out of their parts of my two grand children of said Proctor B. Rowe.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 19th day of May 1823.

John Ballard [Seal]

Signed, sealed and delivered in presence of William Bickers, Rhoddy [X] Turner

At a court held for Madison County the 24th day of July 1823, this last will and testament of John Ballard deceased was produced into court and proved by the oaths of William Bickers and Roddy Turner witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.  And at a court held for said County of Madison the 28th day of August 1823.  On the motion of John Massey Executor named in said will who made oath thereto according to law and entered into bond with security according to Law; Certificate of Probate thereof in due form is granted him.  Teste Belfield Cave, Clerk

Their children were:

PROCTOR, married Elizabeth Hammett.

James, who died before 19 May 1823.

Elizabeth, was living 19 May 1823, having married _____ Flint; perhaps she who in 1788 married William Flint in Culpeper county, Virginia.  One online genealogy of the descendants of Richard Flynt identifies William Flynt (1762-1815) who married Elizabeth Ballard (1765-1838), the son of Richard Flynt and Ann _____. (Ann’s name is in doubt; either Ann Perry, the daughter of John Perry and Susanna Stanford of Westmoreland County, Virginia, or Ann Fountain).  They had 12 children: Sandy (Alexander Flynt (1789-1867); Sanford P. Flynt (1789-1840); James Flynt (????-1815); John Pollard Flynt (1798-1859); Proctor B. Flynt (1799-1848); Lucinda Flynt (c.1800-1870); Ann Flynt (1803-1869); William Flynt (1804-1858); Nancy Permelia Flynt (c.1805-1869); Allen Flynt (1807-1880); Fountain W. Flynt (1809-1880); Elizabeth Ballard Flynt (1809-1879).

Ann, was living 19 May 1823, then unmarried.  Ann died unmarried, and left a will dated 30 December 1823, recorded 22 January 1824, naming her sister Elizabeth Flynt, her nephew, John Flynt, and her nephew Proctor B. Rowe.7

Sarah, married William Rowe, Sr, died c. 1783-85 in childbirth.  Their child: Proctor Ballard Rowe, who moved to Louisville, Kentucky in 1823 and died there in 1828.8


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