The Flournoy Family.

Excerpted below are relevant sections of a genealogy of the Flournoy family that pertain to the Northern Kentucky branches that was published serially in The Magazine of Virginia History and Biography.  We include this here to help tell the story of Flora, the mother of Dowan Ballard Sr of Franklin County, Kentucky (c. 1825-1909) who, according to a family tradition carried down by Dowan’s descendants, is the son of a Bland Ballard, and is most likely (because of circumstantial evidence) Bland Williams Ballard of Shelby County, Kentucky (1759-1853).   DNA testing of Dowan’s descendants proves a connection to the Flournoy family, with Flora being the link.

Flournoy Rivers, “The Flournoy Family,” The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 2, No. 1 (Jul. 1894) pp. 81-90


Laurent Flournoy left Champagne on the occasion of the massacre at Vassy in I562. He went to Geneva at the time of massacre of Saint Bartholomew in 1572. He married Gabrielle Mellin, of Lyons. He was the father of:

Jean Flournoy. born in 1574; married Frances Mussard. Father of:

Jacques, born in 1608; married Judith Pucrary. Father of:

Jacques, born in 1657; married Julia Eyraud. Father of:

Jean Jacques (John James), born November 17th, 1686; married in Virginia, June 23d, 1720, to Elizabeth, daughter of James Williams; born in England, in the Principality of Wales-Lawyer-and of Elizabeth Buckner, his wife, of Virginia; born December 25th, 1695; married formerly to Orlando Jones, without children.*

Their children (John James and Elizabeth) are:
(1) ” Elizabeth Julia, born Dec’r 5, 1721; married Thomas Spencer, of Virginia.
(2) ” Gideon, born in Virginia Mch. 19th, 1723; married in Geneva in 1748, Jane Frances Sabowrin.
(3) “Samuel, born Oct. 4th, 1724; married April 9th, 1748, Elizabeth Harris. [Then follow Samuel’s children. Omitted for the present.-F. R.]
(4) “John, born in Virginia Dec’r 9th, 1726; married in Geneva, Sept. 2d, 1755, Camilla Ballexserd.
(5) “David. born Sept. 3d, 1728; died Oct. 18th, 1757, without having been married. He was Captain and Judge in Virginia. [First sheriff of Prince Edward cotunty -F. R ]
(6) ” Rachel, born Sept. 25th. 1730; died Aug. 28th, 1741. Every one called her ‘Beautiful Rachel,’ and it was said she was the most beautiful girl in the country.
(7) ” Mathew, born June 2ISt, 1732. [Lived in Prince Edward county.  Early emigrated to N. E. Kentucky; was killed by Indians, and left a very numerous progeny. His name is spelled Mathews by his descendants.-F. R.]
(8) Mary, born Feb’y 23d, 1735; married William Booker. [Lived in Prince Edward county.-F. R.]
(9) “One daughter, born November 25, 1736, after seven months; died at the end of six weeks, without baptism-the fault of the minister.”
(10) ” Thomas, born Nov. 20th, 1738.” [Ancestor of the Prince Edward and Brunswick County Flournoys-F. R.]

“These ten children were all nourished by their mother, who during eighteen years did not discontinue to bear children or to nourish them.”


Jean Jacques Flournoy, their father, died March 23d, 1740, of a malignant fever, which prevailed in the country.” ”
His wife died one or two days later, and they were buried at the same time, according to her desire expressed after the death of her husband. She wishing that his interment might be postponed as she had a premonition that she would soon follow him, although she was at the time entirely well.”

“This was written to me Nov. 7th, 1740, by William Gay, one of the Executors of my brother’s will.”

[The Flournoy in Geneva, who began the Genealogy in 1732, was evidently a brother of John James.-F. R.]

Search has been made for the will books of Henrico county, covering the year of Jean Jacques Flournoy’s death, but neither the original will nor the probated copy of it could be found. The will book from 1737 to 1745 are lost.
The following entry, however, appears from the Order Book of that period, page 102, April Court, 1740.
“William Gay and John Nash present the last will and testament of John James Flournoy, deceased, upon oath, and prove the same by the oath of John Price and John Hancock, two of the witnesses thereto, which was ordered to be recorded, and certificate is granted the said Executors for obtaining a probate thereon in due form.” At the May Court, 1740, the will of ” Mary ffloronoy dec’d,” was probated by William Gay and Jas. Nash, Executors. See page I07, same book.

“Henrico County Court, July 7, I740, an Inventory of the Estate of John James Floronoy and Mary Floronoy, deceased, is presented by John Nash and William Gay and ordered to be recorded.” Page 13, same book.

* FLOURNOY VS. MARTIN. At a court held at Goochland Court House the third Tuesday in July, 18th, 1732, in an ‘action of debt between John James Flournoy and Elizabeth, his wife, ex’x, &c., of Orlando Jones, dec’d, pl’t’fs, and Francis Martin, deftt.” judgment was confessed by the defendant for “seven hundred and thirty pounds of sweet-scented tobacco in cash convenient, and eighty-eight pounds of tobacco, and fifteen shillings, curr’t money. Whereupon it is considered by the court that the pl’t’s do recover against the deft the said sums, together with the Costs of this Suit and a Lawyer’s ffee. – F.R.

Flournoy Rivers, “The Flournoy Family,” The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 2, No. 2 (Oct. 1894) pp. 190-203.

MATHEWS (the name appears as Mathew, Mathias, Matthews and Mathews) FLOURNOY: Was the 5th son and 7th child of the Huguenot Immigrant Jean Jacques. He was born June 21st, 1732. See July Mag- azine, page 84. By deeds now of record at Farmville, Va., he conveyed his lands in Prince Edward county on May 10th, 1757, Feby. 12th, 1760, and May 20th, 1765. He removed to Kentucky – the exact date of his emigration not being known – and while returning to Kentucky from Virginia was killed by Indians. The locality of his death is stated as Cumberland Gap, Ky., by the Kentucky tradition, and Crab Orchard by the Virginia tradition. From the locality of the two places, Cumberland Gap being en route, the Kentucky tradition is probably correct. He left many descendants. It would seem he made many trips to and fro before he met his death at the hands of the aborigines.

The tradition obtaining in the Northeast Kentucky branch of the family concerning the death of their propositus, Mathews, is furnished by John Flournoy Henry, Esq., 2d Vice. President of the Louisville Trust Co., Louisville, Ky., his great grandson, as follows:

Matthews Flournoy, returning from Virginia, was killed by the Indians near Cumberland Gap. He was with Whitney, a celebrated Indian fighter, and others. Being attacked they sought the protection of the forest trees. Soon Whitney called to Matthews Flournoy ‘why do you remain behind one tree? Change from one to another or they will kill you.’ Flournoy replied, ‘I cannot move, they have shot me through the knee.’ Just then Whitney saw a stalwart Indian with his arrow drawn upon Flournoy. He raised his rifle, hoping to kill the Indian before he had slain his friend, but the Indian was too quick. His arrow pierced the heart of Flournoy almost at the same instant that Whitney’s rifle ball entered the vitals of the Indian. Whitney and his companions were driven from the forest, but returned to carry off the body of their companion, Flournoy, and found it so eaten by wolves that they buried it on the spot where he was killed.


He married, according to Mr. Henry’s narrative, about 1755, in Virginia, the widow of Charles Smith, formerly Miss Elizabeth Pryor, daughter of William Pryor. Their children were as follows: (1) Robert Flournoy; (2) Samuel Flournoy; (3) David J. Flournoy; (4) John J. Flournoy; (5) Francis Flournoy; (6) Mathews, Jr., Flournoy; (7) Patsey (who married Wells in Virginia); (8) Thomas; (g) Elizabeth Julia, who married Gen. William Henry, of Scott county, Kentucky, Oct. 12th, 1786, and died in 1813, aged 45 years, 6 months and 12 days.

Of these children, the two sons Robert (1) and Thomas (8), went to Georgia and founded families.

The information is that Robert never went to Kentucky, but ran away from his father in Virginia and went to Georgia, possibly about the close of the Revolution, 1780, perhaps. Was a land surveyor. The county or place at which he settled has not been given. Thomas went first to Kentucky and was then induced by his elder brother, Robert, to go to Georgia; was aided by Robert in his legal studies, and became prominent at Augusta, Georgia.

In a general way it may be stated that the descendants of Mathews, Sen’r. (born 1732), settled in Northeast Kentucky, in ” the Blue Grass,” as follows: David Flournoy lived in Woodford county, Kentucky, in 1785. Matthews Flournoy (junior), was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives for Fayette county in 1826 (1821 ?), and of the Kentucky State Senate, 182I-‘5. J. J. Flournoy was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives for Pendleton county in 1800. David Flournoy, of Scott county, was a member of the Kentucky State Senate, 1800-1804; Representative, 1799. John Flournoy was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives from Scott county, 1796. M. Flournoy was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives from Shelby county, 1805 (1801 ?). John J. Flournoy was a member of the Kentucky House of Representatives from Boone county, 1814-15. (Collin’s History of Kentucky); but volume and page not cited by my informant. (Was not this same Mathews Flournoy a candidate in 183- for the Governorship of Kentucky as a Democrat? F. R.)

Flournoy Rivers, “The Flournoy Family,” The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 3, No. 1 (Jul. 1895), pp. 67-79.


The removal of Mathews Flournoy (Sen’r), son of Jean Jacques, from Virginia; his settlement in Kentucky, his age, his death, are all given in the October Number, 1894, pages 201-‘3. His emigration to Kentucky, most probably, took place between I76o and 1765. Briery Church stands in southern part of Prince Edward county, not very distant from the Charlotte county line. He first lived in Prince Edward; then on Ward’s Fork Creek (now so marked also) in the northern part of Charlotte county, whence he removed to Kentucky. He was a true pioneer, and conducted out many parties of emigrants-killed on his thirteenth trip-traditions of locality say at Crab Orchard, Cumberland Gap, and between the Holston and Clinch Rivers in Upper East Tennessee. These two last localities are probably the same and the correct place. He settled in Scott county, Kentucky, near where old North Elkhorn Church afterwards stood, and where the old Flournoy Fort was built-the pioneer’s stockade. E. N. Offutt, Sr., now owns the lands. His house, more than a century old, still stands; the first in that region with window glass, brought on horseback from Virginia. He had married in Virginia, Elizabeth Pryor Smith, widow of Charles Smith, daughter of William Pryor, about I755. Their children: Robert, Samuel, David John, John James, Francis, Matthews, Jr., Patsy Caroline (married [Abner] Wells), Thomas, Lucy (died young and unmarried), Elizabeth Julia (married Henry), and possibly another son, drowned when a boy. (Patsy Pryor, by her 1st marriage to Charles Smith, had 3 children; Lemuel, married – Perkins, daughter of Col. Peter Perkins, of Williamson county, Tennessee; John, married — Perkins also, but whose history is not known; Margueretta, married John Dabney, near Franklin, Williamson county; each left descendants.)

All were enterprising and public spirited, and early began to develop the country. The public services given on page 203, October Number, 1894, are from Collins’ History of Kentucky, Vol. II, pages 676-771. David Flournoy and his brother-in-law, Gen. Wm. Henry, were, in 1801, commissioners from Scott county to procure subscriptions to stock in “The Kentucky River Company,” the first corporation in the State for internal public improvements; Collins, Vol. I, page 543. Mathews Flournoy, Jr., was the defeated Democratic candidate for Governor in 1836. Annals of Kentucky, Vol. I, page 41. He was in the State Senate, 1821-26, from Fayette county; representative from Fayette, 1821, from Shelby, 1805. All left large families whose descendants are now scattered to the four winds, except the 4th, John James.

The genealogical proof taken during the litigation growing out of the construction of his (J. J. F.’s) will and his wife’s will, and the administration of their estates, furnishes the frame work of this compilation. These cases are Flournoy’s Devisees vs. Flournoy’s Executors, 1st Bush Reports, pages 515-526, winter term, 1866, Peters, Ch. J.; and Flournoy vs. Stevenson, 89 Kentucky Reports, pages 56I et seq., January term, 1890, Holt J. John J. Flournoy, m. Agnes Grant, daughter John Grant, of Campbell county, Ky., from which Kenton county was taken in 1840, the latter embracing his estate. She d. in Kenton county, July 31st, 1840. He d. in Campbell county; no children. His will was published in Campbell county, Ky., September 3d, 1813. He died twenty-two years thereafter, and his will was probated at the November (1835) term of Campbell county court. He was a lawyer of distinction. The widow, as executrix, took possession and managed the estate till her death. Her will was probated in Kenton county, August, 1840. Her executor, Samuel Winston, took and managed the whole estate till his death, 1850, making his wife executrix. This litigation began May 4th, 1852. The lands lay in Campbell, Kenton and Boone counties.

MATHEWS FLOURNOY’S DESCENDANTS.- Robert, his oldest child, born Prince Edward county, Va., 1763, never came to Kentucky; accompanied his father’s family as far as the Alleghanies in their removal from Virginia; settled in Hancock county, Ga.; removed to Jefferson county, Ga., thence to Montgomery county, and finally located in Chatham county, Ga. His tombstone says he was ” a soldier of the Revolution;” m. Mary Willis Cobb, May 9th, 1794. R. F.’s wife b. April 15th, I777, d. February 8th, 1829. R. F. served several terms in Georgia Legislature from Montgomery county; d. July 5th, 1825, Lexington, Ga., buried at Sparta, Ga.; children, as given by the McKinley bible and other data: Marcus Aurelius, b. October 9th, 1795, (Thomas Howell, b. March 19th, 1797, died infant?), (Elizabeth America, b. May 18th, 1800, died infant?), Robert Willis, b. December 11th, 1802, Mary Mildred, b. January 8th (or June 18th?), 1805, John James, b. August 15th, 1808, Robert Watkins, b. March 5th, 1811, Howell Cobb, b. March 21st, 1813, Elizabeth Julia, b. May 25th, 1815. Of these, Marcus Aurelius m. (1) December 7th, 1820, Mrs. Susannah (Margaret?) Connelly (nee Bostwick), [did she die July, 1831?], and (2d) Margaret Shellman, 3d, a widow Shellman, Chambers county, Alabama. He left: Mrs. Mary A. Caldwell, James, Ga.; Mrs. E. J. F. Harris, Jonesboro, Ga.; W. M. Flournoy, Waco, Texas; Adams Flournoy, Tyler, Texas; Robert Flournoy, died; children in Florida; George Flournoy, left son, George Flournoy, Jr., lawyer, Bakersfield, Cal., formerly City Attorney, San Francisco. Robert Willis Flournoy, b. December 11th, 1802, d. bachelor January, 1845, at ” Bonny Belle,” Savannah, Ga.; several times in Georgia Senate from Chatham county. Mary Mildred Flournoy, b. June 18th, 1805 (died 1874), m. Nathaniel Alexander Adams, July 26th, 1820 (1821), Savannah, Ga., who died August 28th, 1849. Wyly Cobb Adams, their eldest son, was in Mexican War, then captain of Company ” K,” 3d U. S. Artillery; resigned when Civil War began; settled in Indiana; m., died 1869 without children; 2d son, Newell Sayre A., killed at “Natural Bridge,” Mexican War, aged 19. The 3d son, Rev. Habersham J. Adams, Dalton, Ga., became a Methodist minister in 1856. Married twice; both wives dead; last left John Porter Adams, St. Louis, also 3 daughters, names unknown. 4th son, Robert Watkins Adams, graduated 1859, State University, Athens, Ga.; captain 5th Georgia Infantry, Perry’s Brigade, C. S. A., located in Florida; in Senate and House of Florida Legislature; m. Sophia Bronaw, d. 1886 or 1887 of wounds received at battle of Gettysburg; left widow, White Springs, Fla., and children, Frank Adams, Jasper, Fla.; Nathaniel Adams, Robert Watkins Adams, Julia Adams, m. Rev. Saunders, Fernandina, Fla.; Minnie Adams. 5th son, Flournoy Woodbridge Adams, Athens, Ga.; 12 years member of Georgia Legislature; removed to New York; d. November 14th, 1874; m. twice, 4 children, May, now Mrs. Fowler, of Los Angeles, Cal., Maxwell, one of the commercial editors of the New York Tribune, Dora, widow of Alexander Stephens Hopkins, Atlanta, Ga., resides there with her son, Flournoy Hopkins, and 4th, name not known. The eldest daughter, America Flournoy Adams, married Major T. M. Lampkin, staff of General Thomas R. R. Cobb, C. S. A., Athens, Ga.; now with her son, William H. Lampkin, Mt. Vernon, N. Y., and her daughter, Mildred, m. Nathaniel Barrett, West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y.; died, left a daughter, Alinene, and son, William, in Athens, Ga. (1894). 2d daughter, Mary Willis Adams, m. William Bullock Jackson, captain of Company ” B,” Savannah Guards, C. S. A., and children, Joseph Jackson, Savannah, Ga.; Nathaniel Jackson, Athens, Ga.; Mary Virginia Jackson, m. R. W. Thiot; Sarah Cobb Jackson, m. Polk Stewart, Macon, Ga. 3d daughter, Elizabeth Julia, died 18 years old. 4th daughter, Julia Mildred Adams, m. Thomas Walker, of Greene county, Ala.; killed at battle of Kennesaw Mountain, 1864; m. 2d, Edmund Bryan Adams, Savannah, Ga.; died 1872, leaving Herbert Walker Adams, Washington, D. C.; Harry Walker Adams, Savannah; Cobb Adams, Pensacola, Fla. 5th daughter, Adams, m. Dr. Clifford Adams Stiles, now of Atlanta; died 1893, left George Clifford Stiles, Habersham Adams Stiles, Mary Joe Stiles and Margaret Stiles. 6th daughter, Margaret Helen Rebecca Adams, m. George Clements, 1868; now at Gainesville, Ga.; no children.

John James Flournoy, b. August 8th (or 15 ?), 1808, left Mary Cobb Flournoy, who m. ——- Gross, Ridgway, III.; J. J. F. married Eliza Venable Dec. 21, 1834; lived in Clark county, Ga., eccentric; in 1858 published pamphlet, Athens, Ga,, on “Trigamy,” title of which was “Go to the Bible;” referred to by Oliver Wendell Holmes in his “Professor at the Breakfast Table.” Howell Cobb Flournoy, m. 1840, died 1872, leaving Robert Flournoy, Athens, Ga., Howell Cobb Flournoy, Jr., John Cobb Flournoy, Andrew Jackson Flournoy, Elizabeth Mildred Flournoy, m. Fuller, Athens, Ga. Robert Watkins Flournoy, b. March 5th, 1811, Mount Vernon, Montgomery county, Ga., m. 1st, Amanda C. Cullens, Washington county, Ga., May 1st, 1834, and 2nd, Louisa Cullens about 1857; twice a member of the Legislature from Jefferson county; twice from Washington county, Ga.; was Franklin Pierce elector from Ga. in 1852; moved to Pontotoc, Miss., 1857; member Secession Convention in Mississippi, died at Pontotoc, Miss., Oct. 24th, 1894. By first marriage two Children, Robert Watkins, b. December 13th, 1841, died (killed) in Sandersville, Ga., June 1869; member of Georgia Legislature from Washington county, 1869; Captain Co. ” B,” 28th Ga. Regt., C. S. A., Avery’s Hist. Ga., Appendix “A,” m. Ophelia C. Tucker, of Laurens county, Ga., in 1866, and had two children, Robert Willis Flournoy, b. Sept. 22d, 1867, in Washington county, Ga.; Fort Worth, Tex., lawyer, and Anna Roberta Flournoy, b. Dec. 29th, 1868, m. Robt. W. Andrews, of Georgia; Birmingham, Ala.; two children, Robt. Usher, b. Atlanta, Ga., December 21st, 1890, and Anna Tucker, b. Feb. 19th, 1892. Elizabeth M. Flournoy, daughter of Robert Watkins, b. Washington county, Ga., July 24th, 1844, m. Dr. A. E. Andrews, Madison, Ga.; 5 children: Robert Watkins Andrews, b. 1867 (m. Anna Roberta Flournoy above); Albert R. Andrews,b. 1869, unmarried; Haynes Cullens Andrews, m. ————–; Elizabeth F. Andrews, b. 1882; Gasaway Knight Andrews, b. 1887. By 2d marriage, Robert Watkins Flournoy left Mary Louisa, b. Sept. 24th, 1859, m. James W. Bell, Pontotoc, Miss., 1876, and 4 children: Robert Flournoy, b. April 27th, 1879; Lillian Tennille, b. Aug. 20th, 1882; Mary Cobb, b. Jan’y 17th, 1885, and Rosa Wilson, b. March 21st, 1887. Elizabeth Julia, youngest child of Robert Flournoy, the Georgia settler, b. May 25, 18i5, m. Charles G. McKinley, Sept. 9, 1834, died Sunday, April 4, 1841; her children, William M. b. May 1, 1835, died infant, and Alary Elizabeth (changed to Elizabeth Julia), b. Sept. 16, 1840, died, Lexington, Ga., ApI. 25, 145. (From the McKinley Bible, owned by Mr. C. McKinley, editor News and Courier, Charleston, S. C., who is of his father’s second marriage.)

THE FLOURNOY-HENRYS.-Elizabeth Julia Flournoy (Henry) was the 10th and youngest child of Matthews, the Kentucky settler. The data as to his descendants will not necessarily be published in sequence, as some are completer than others, but all are comparatively finished. Elizabeth Julia, b. May 9th, I768, in Prince Edward Co.,Va., d. Nov. 21, 1813. Oct. 12, 1786, m. Wm. Henry, 4th child of Rev. Robt. Henry (of Briery Church, Prince Edward county, Va.), at Flournoy’s Station, on Great Elkhorn river, now in Scott county, Ky.; had known each other in Virginia. They lived till 1800 at “Henry’s Mills,” which he built on North Elkhorn river, between Georgetown and Lexington, and then at “Cherry Spring” in same section, where “Cherry Spring” Presbyterian Church afterwards stood, on land given by him. In this cemetery she and others of her family lie buried. He was a conspicuous figure in the early history of Kentucky. As Major William Henry, aide-de-camp to General Wilkinson, 1791, campaign against the Indians across the Ohio; 1802, member of first Constitutional Convention of Kentucky; for most of the twenty years succeeding a member of the Kentucky Legislature; 1812, was General of Kentucky militia, and became Major-General 1st Division Kentucky troops in Canadian war; second in command to General Isaac Shelby. Members of his staff were his eldest son, Robert P. Henry, Matthews and Thomas C. Flournoy. General Henry had five sons in the war, of whom Robert P., on his father’s staff, John F. Henry, surgeon, and Wm. Henry, Jr., Lieutenant of 28th Regiment, served to the close of hostilities. For gallantry at battle of the Thames, General Henry received the commendation of commanding General Wm. Henry Harrison, and a vote of thanks from the United States Congress. Children: Elizabeth Julia H., b. October 14th, 1787, d. January, 1788; Robert Pryor H., Matthews Winston H., William H., John Flournoy H., Thomas H., Daniel H., Benjamin Franklin H., Patsy Caroline H., Patrick H., Gustavus Adolphus H., Eliza H. and Lucretia H. Robert Pryor Henry, b. November 24th, 1788, Scott county, d. August 25th, 1826; buried near Hopkinsville, Kentucky; member of Congress, 1823-1827; declined appointment as Associate Justice, Kentucky Court of Appeals, 1826; was succeeded as M. C. by his brother, J. F. H., who refused re-election after serving one full term; March 19th, 1812, m. Gabriella Francis Pitts, daughter of Rev. Josiah and Lucy Craig Pitts. She d. January, 1829. Their children: William Henry, d. at 8 years; Albert Henry, Robert P. Henry, Jr., Gabriel Francis Henry, Marius Henry and Catherine Henry. Albert, b. 1815, d. 1841; m. Elizabeth Donner, of Galena, Ill., children: Robert Donner Henry, Albert G. Henry, of whom Robert Donner Henry, b. 1838, m. Aramantha Smith, 1862, she d. December 28th, 1876; he d. May 5th, 1876; one child, Josephine S. Henry, m. Joseph H. Burke, October 7th, 1884; Mr. Burke d. September 21st, 1890. She is at Stanbury, Mo., with two sons: Ellis H., b. October 12th, 1885; Elmer C., b. April 12th, 1889. Not long after birth of Josephine S., her parents divorced; in 1872 he m. Sally . In 1874 she died, leaving daughter, name unknown; Second child of Albert Henry and Elizabeth Donner, Albert G. Henry, b. June 20th, 1841, living near Pleasanton, Linn county Kansas; m. January 21st, 1869, Nancy J. Evans, of Waverly, Ohio. Their children: Edith A., b. November 18th, 1869. (She married Stephen A. Thorne, January 21st, 1894, and lives in Kansas City, Mo.) John S., b. July 6th, 1874; Albert E., b. May 9th, 1880; Robert Pryor H., Jr., 3d child of Robert Pryor Henry and Gabriella Francis Pitts, b. 1817; never married, died 1844, of consumption, on Island of Curracoa, West Indies; Gabriel F., 4th child, was b. in 1819, d. 1847; m. Harriet Conant, Raymond, Hines county, Miss.; one child: Josephine, b. 1846, d. 1858. Marius, the 5th child of Robert Pryor Henry and Gabriella, d. at 16; Catherine, the 6th and last child of Robert Pryor Henry and Gabriella, lived but two years.

Matthews Winston Henry, 3d child of Wm. Henry and Elizabeth Julia Henry, b. 11th Jan’y, 1790, died July 31st, 1838; March 17th, 1813, married Juliette Frances Pitts, younger sister of the wife of his brother, Robert P. Henry. Col. M. W. Henry served throughout the war of 1812-14 with Col. Campbell, of Kentucky, and was participant in Battle of. Massissiniway. Their children: Elizabeth, Lucretia, Lucy, George W., Elizabeth, William Pryor, Martha Stewart, Mary Moore, Winston, died at 8 years, Gabriella Frances, Eliza U., Matthews Winston. Elizabeth and Lucretia, twins, died in infancy. The third, Lucy Henry, b. 1817, died Nov. 1893; married Warner L. Underwood of Bowling Green, Ky., children: Fanny Underwood, m. Grider, of Bowling Green, Ky; Lucy, m. McCann, California; Juliette, first m. Weston, and 2d. Long; Josie, who m. Nazero; Warner (dead), Henry, resides in Birmingham, Ala.; Mary, m. – Poyntz, then Crump; John, resides in Texas. The fourth, George W. Henry, b. 1818, died 1850, m. Sarah Macey, children: Robert L., m. ———- Badger, Chicago; George, m. Florence Chrisman, Chicago; Alexander C.; Ellen, m. Graham, Illinois; seventh and eighth were twins; Martha Stewart Henry, Mary Moore, b. 1824; Martha S., m. Geo. W. Norton, Russellville, Ky., died July 18th, 1889, at Louisville, children: Ernest John Norton, b. Dec. 5th, 1847, died July 1874; m. Anne Eliza Caldwell, daughter of Dr. W. B. Caldwell and granddaughter of James Guthrie, former Sec’y of the Treasury. Mrs. Norton resides in Louisville (1894), children: Caldwell, b. Jan’y 9th, 1873, m. Nannie Stephens, 1893, and they have a son, b. March, 1895; Ernest John, b. Aug. 12th, 1875. Juliette Norton, b. , m. Dr. J. B. Marvin, Louisville, children: Joseph Benson, Jr., Martha Henry, Minnie Norton. Minnie Norton, m. W. B. Caldwell, Jr., brother of the wife of her brother, died 1880; Susie Norton, m. John Coleman, of Louisville, children: George Norton, Margaret, Wm. Caldwell, John, Jr., Robert Henry. Other children: Lucy Norton, Mattie Norton, Geo. A., Norton, Jr., Mary Moore Henry, dau. of A. G. H., m. 1844, Thos. J. Slaughter, of St. Louis, and subsequently of New York. Children: Henry, died in Australia, Julien, Clayton, Lucy, m. Morrow, of New York City; Mattie, Mary, m. ———– , died 1892; Gabriella. Tenth child Gabriella Francis Henry, m. Wilkinis Wheatley, St. Louis, afterwards New York; 5 children. Eleventh child, Eliza U. Henry, born July 1835; m. W. F. O’Bear, St. Louis, Nov. 25th, 1856, children: Tom O’Bear, Frank O’B, Henry O’B, Norton, Mary, John, Robert, Julien. Twelfth child, Matthews Winston Henry, Jr., b. March 25th, 1838, m. 1875, Susie Burrell, Clark county, Va., died in New York 1877; graduate of West Point. Gen’l Hood’s Chief of Artillery, C. S. A., rank of Major, children: Juliette and Dorothy.

William, 4th child of General William Henry and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy, born 26th July, 1791, died February 5th, 1847, at “Henry Hall,” Christian county, Ky., where buried. In 1819 he married Cornelia V. Gano, of Georgetown, Ky., children: Richard Gano Henry, Robert William Henry, John Cornelius H., Stephen Wilkins H., Mary Margaret H., Susan Jane Elizabeth Julia, Matthews Winston, Thomas Daniel. Of these, Richard Gano Henry, b. February 8th, 1820; September, 1845, m. (i) Harriet B. McGaughey, who died August 6th, 1852, and (2) Anna K. Davis. Children of first marriage: Arthur M., who married in 1886 Mary Stowe, of Christian county, Ky., children, Robert and Julia; and (2d) Harriet Henry, m. Byrd Chambers, of Henderson, Ky., in 1876; in 1892 died, leaving Gano, Jr., Mary and Anna, of whom Mary m. Captain T. W. Richards, of Kentucky, 8th February, 1887, at house of her aunt, Mrs. R. C. Flournoy, Los Angeles, Cal., and Anna m. Lewis L. Leavell, Christian county, Ky., November, 1893, and Gano, Jr., m. Hattie Bryan, Christian county, Ky. Second child of Colonel William Henry, Robert William, b. June 4th, 1823, d. February, 1862, prisoner of war; Major of 7th Kentucky Volunteers, C. S. A.; captured at Fort Donaldson. Married (1) Martha Douglas Cocke i6th November, 1847, died 1850; one daughter, Martha Douglas, July, 1868, m. Colonel L. A. Sypert. Five daughters: Annie, Margie, Sarah Moore, Lee, Susan Jouett. Robert William Henry m. (2), in 1854, Fannie S. Bell, of Christian county, Ky. Children of second marriage: Margaret Short, m. Birch A. Wormald, of Lousiana, August, 1882; he died 1894; and Robert William H., who married Maude Johnson in July, 1886; 1888 died, Hopkinsville, Ky. Third child of William Henry and Cornelia V. Gano was John Cornelius, b. 4th March, 1828, in Christian county; removed to California in 1849; representative in Legislature; joined expedition under General William Walker against Sonora, was captured and shot. Fourth child of William Henry and Cornelia V. Gano, Stephen Wilkins, b. September 23d, 1829; February, 1858, he m. Sallie Buckner, Kenton county, Ky.; live at Erlanger, Ky. Children: Annie E., b. January, 1859, m. Rev. T. J. Potts in 1884, Dallas, Texas, and John C. Henry, b. 1861, died June, 1893. Fifth child of Colonel William Henry and Cornelia V. Gano, Mary Margaret, b. 25th June, 1832, died October 29th, 1885; married Charles Tandy, Esq., Hopkinsville, Ky., in 1862; he died October, 1877, children: Elizabeth Edmunds Tandy, married Meacham, of Hopkinsville, Ky., in 1883, and Charles Henry Tandy. Sixth child of Colonel William Henry and Cornelia V. Gano, Susan Jane Elizabeth Julia, born November 18th, 1835, married Thomas Burbridge, of Georgetown, Ky., in 1855. Her husband ‘killed December, 1867, in political street encounter. She appointed Post Mistress at Hopkinsville, Ky., by President Grant, children: William Henry Burbridge, R. Ewing B., Thomas B., Charles B., Mary B., Clarence B., of whom William Henry killed in accident on Charleston and Savannah R. R. in 1882. Mary married Walter Cook, of Christian county, July, 1881. R. Ewing married Annie Ware, of Miss., January, 1882. Tom married Leandra Armstrong (ned White), of Hopkinsville, in 1883. Seventh child of Colonel William Henry and Cornelia V. Gano was Matthews Winston Henry, bom March 3d, 1839; May 2d, 1860, he married 1st Mary A. Bell, daughter of Dr. John F. Bell, of Christian county; she died August 3d, 1876. 2d Mollie Garnett Major, November 15th, 1882. Children, 1st wife: Eliza Belle Henry, Willie H., who married, April 28th, 1880, Thomas U. Smith, Todd county, Ky., and they have son, Mack Jay Smith; Cornelia H. and Mary Clarke H. Eighth child of Colonel William Henry and Cornelia V. Gano, Thomas Daniel H., b. 22d January, 1843, d. January 3d, 1878. Soldier in Morgan’s Cavalry, C. S. A.; died in southern California, 1877.

John Flournoy Henry was 5th child of General Wm. Henry and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy, b. 17th January, 1783, d. November i2th, 1873; m. May 7th, 1818, Mary Wilson Duke, b. 10th February, 1797, daughter of Dr. Basil and Charlotte Duke, of Washington, Mason county, Ky, they had one child, Elizabeth Julia, b. 17th March, 1819, who d. 13th September, 1821. Mrs. Henry d. September 26th, 1821, in Perry county, Mo., and 1st January, 1828, Dr. Henry married Lucy Stringer Ridgely, Lexington, Ky., daughter of Dr. Frederick Ridgely. Children: Mary Duke, b. 3Ist October, 183I, d. 13th April 1832; William, b. 14th March, 1833, d. 25th June, 1834; Greenberry Ridgely, b. 2ISt September, 1828, d. I4th May, 1885; m. October 16th, 1850, Kate Chambers, daughter ofGeneral George Chambers, of Jacksonville, Ill. Children: Lucy Ridgely Henry, b. August 6th, 1851, d. December 6th, 1860; George Chambers H., b. August 2d, 1853, druggist, Burlington, Iowa; Nelly C. Henry, b. May 1st, 1855, d. January 3d, 1861; Mary S. Henry, b. October 15th, 1861, m. Geo. H. Tousey, December 2ISt, 188i, residing in Chicago (1894); John Flournoy Henry (3d), b. January 18th, 1864; editor, Burlington, Iowa; Robert Logan Henry, b. February 5th, 1869 d. July igth, 1888; Mary Belle Henry, daughter of J. F. H., 1st, b. 16th August, 1835, m. November 25th, 1856, George Robertson, d. August21st, 1894; Mr. Robertson, b. Jessamine county, Ky., May 9th, 1831, d September 6th, 1884. Children: Mary Belle, b. November 20th, 1857; Elizabeth Julia, b. March 11th, 1862; Flora, b. May 16th, 1866, and d. April 28th, 1871; George Angus, b. May 21st, 1872. John Flournoy Henry (2d) son of J. H. F., 1st, b. 22d June, 1839, m. September 30th, 1869, Mary Churchill Richardson, daughter of Wm. Allen Richardson, “Ivywood,” near Louisville, Ky., children: Violet Flournoy Henry, b January 18th, 1871; Lucy Ridgely Henry, b. May 12th, 1876. (He has done the labor of the compilation of the entire Mathews Flournoy line.) Flora Henry, daughter of J. F. H. (1st), b. I9th September, 1842, d. 8th June 1862.

Thomas was sixth child of Gen’l Wm. Henry and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy, b. 22d Dec. 1794. He served throughout the war of 1812-14. Farmer, m. I5th July, 18I9, Susan Dudley, of Christian county, Ky; she died Sept. 25th, 1834, children: Robert Dudley, died infant; William Lounds, died young; Lafayette, died young; Peter Dudley, died minor. Thomas Henry, m. 2d, Mary Ford April 1sth, 1841; no children; died Oct. 11th, 1841; she died 1875.

Daniel was seventh child of Gen’l Wm. Henry and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy, b. 8th June 1796, died I2th July, 1837. In 18i9 he m. Eliza Viriles Gano, younger sister of wife of brother William. After birth of first child, Eliza Viriles, the mother, died August 182I; in April, 1824, Daniel Henry m. Lucy W. Green, of Christian county, Ky., children: Lucy, Thomas Green, Mary Green and Elizabeth Flournoy. In 1837 Daniel Henry died of consumption; only child by first marriage, Eliza V., m. Edward R. Edmunds, of Christian county, children: Henry and Edward, died young, and Eliza Henry E., m. Nov. 10th, 1867, in Hopkinsville, Ky., Capt. Wim. P. Wallace, from Louisville, children: Arthur H., Willie Jean and Randolph, all living in San Francisco, Cal. (1894). Lucy, second child of Daniel Henry, m. Jack Nelson, Columbus, Ky., soon after died of scarlet fever. Thomas Green, third child of Daniel Henry, physician, Hopkinsville, Ky.; m. Kate Mansfield in 1856, died March 27th, 1867, at Hopkinsville, Ky., children: Jouett, Kate, and Lucy, who died 28th Aug., 1890. Mary Green, fourth child of Daniel Henry, m. 16th Feb’y, 1859, Geo. A. Champlin, of Hopkinsville, an attorney of prominence. Children: Green and Carrie, later died July 22d, 1883. Elizabeth Flournoy, fifth and last child of Daniel Henry, died young.

Benjamin Franklin, eighth child of Gen’l Wm. Henry and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy, b. December 28th, 1797, died Jan’y 6th, 1798. Patsy Caroline, ninth child of Gen’l Wm. Henry and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy, b. June 28th, 1799, died Oct. I4th, 1814.

Patrick, tenth child of Gen’l Wm. Henry and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy, b. July 24th, 18oi, died at Brandon, Miss., March i4th, 1864; 17th of April, 1823, m. (1) Elizabeth Duke Taylor, children: Edmund Taylor Benjamin Wilkins, Patrick, Julia and Elizabeth Jane; wife died June 1838; Patrick Henry m. (2) 7th April, 1842, Betty Claiborne West, of Christian county, Ky., children: Patrick, Virginia Louise, Gustavus Adolphus, William, Betty Claiborne, John Flournoy, Robert Pryor and Irene. Edmund Taylor H., born 24th August, 1827; m. Louise C. Forbes in 1852, died April 1881, she died July 10th, 1870, children: Louise, who m. James C. Cowan, they have one daughter, Louise; Lizzie m. Horace Marshall, they have daughter, Elsie Leigh; Marion m. H. C. Yeager, has twin boys; Patrick, attorney of Vicksburg, Miss; Gertrude, died infant. Second child of Patrick Henry and Elizabeth D. Taylor was Benjamin Wilkins, b. Nov. 27th, 1829, m. Susan G. Alfred in 1850, child: Susan G. who m. Robert Rosmer Parker, of Brandon, Miss., about 1870. The mother died shortly after the birth of this child. May 20th, 1853, Benjamin Wilkins Henry, m. Susan Randolph, daughter of Thos. Randolph, Vicksburg, children: Tom Randolph, m. Anna Greaves, has daughter, Sudie Parker Henry; Benjamin W., m. Lane about 1892; Mary b. 1859; Bettie b. about 1862, m. Capt. W. A. Montgomery, of Edwards, Miss.; Louise, b. 1873, m. J. R. Deedrich, New ton, Miss. Patrick, third child of Patrick Henry and Elizabeth D. Taylor, b. 1833, died 1835. Elizabeth Julia, fourth child of Patrick Henry and Elizabeth D. Taylor, b. 1834, died infant; Elizabeth Jane Henry, last child by first marriage, was b. 18th August, 1837, died 16th Nov. 1838. Patrick, first child by his 2d marriage, b. 12th Feb’y, 1843; Feb’y 10th, 1874, m. Margie E. Cocke, Brandon, Miss., children: Robert Pryor, Tom Cocke, Edmond Taylor, Patrick and Annie. Their father a promising lawyer, Brandon, Miss., Assistant U. S. District Attorney, was First Lieutenant Co. ” B,” 6th Miss. Regiment, C. S. A., afterwards Major 14th Miss. Light Infantry. Virginia Louise, second child of Patrick Henry and Betty C. West, was b. 1845, died 1847. Gustavus Adolphus, third child of Patrick Henry and Betty C. West, was b. 1847, died 1852. William, fourth child of Patrick Henry and Betty C. West was b. 8th May, 1849; m. Dora Lowry, daughter of Governor Lowry, of Mississippi, April 27th, 1871; no children. William Henry, Mayor of Jackson, Miss., in 1888, subsequently Adjutant-General of State, which position he held throughout administrations of Gov. Lowry and Gov. Stone. Betty C., fifth child of Patrick Henry and Betty C. West, b. 8th June, 1852; m. Robert S. Maxey, of Brandon, in 1877. Children: Irene, Bessie, Robert, Virginia, Clifton, Margie. John Flournoy, sixth child of Patrick Henry and Betty C. West, was b. about 1854; removed to farm near Morton, Miss., and resides there, unmarried. Robert P., seventh child of Patrick Henry and Betty C. West, was b. Jan’y, 1856, died on 18th birthday. Irene, eighth and last child of Patrick Henry and Betty C. West, was b. 1858, m. Dr. Tom R. Pettway, of Chotard, Issaquena county, Miss.; three daughters.

Gustavus Adolphus, eleventh child of General William Henry and Elizabeth Julia Flournoy, was born October 8th, 1804, died September 11th, 188o; was prominent first in Kentucky and afterwards in Tennessee politics, and in the political parlance of the day was known as “the eagle orator of the South.” February 17th, 1833, m. Marion McClure, of Clarksville, Tenn., where he afterwards lived. She died 2ISt January, 1882, children: Susan, Thomas Frazier, John Flournoy, Gustavus Adolphus, Marion, Benjamin Franklin, Patrick. Marion and Benjamin Franklin died in infancy. Susan. b. 1834, m. 1855, George D. Martin, son of Judge Abe Martin, of Tenn. At her death, November 27th, 1880, her living children were: Mortimer Abe Martin, Marion Martin, George D. Martin, Jack Flournoy Martin, Gustavus Adolphus Martin, Walter Drane Martin and Susan Henry Martin. Mortimer Abe m. Marguerite Josephine Blackburn, daughter of R. B. Blackburn, in Desha county, Ark., January 26th, 1892; they have i child. Others unmarried. Second child of Major Gustavus A. Henry and Marion McClure, Thomas Frazier, b. November 30th, 1835, was chief of ordnance, rank of Major, General Frank Cheatham’s staff, C. S. A. November 14th, 1867, he m. Louise M. Barker, of Montgomery county, Tenn., children: Ellen Morris, Gustavus A. Thomas F. Henry d. November 25th, 1886. (In 1889 his widow m. Dr. Bailey, of Clarksville. They have no children.) His daughter, Ellen Morris, m. Rev. John H. Boyd, of the Presbyterian Church, on November 13th, 1889, residing in Charlotte, N. C. (1894), and children: Tom Henry and Louise Bailey Boyd. Gustavus A. Henry, lawyer in Houston, Texas (1894), unmarried. The third child of Major Gustavus A. Henry and Marion McClure was John Flournoy Henry, b. April 7th, 1837; was graduated at Lebanon, Tenn., Law School, 1859; lived at Memphis, Tenn., until the war; was Major of 4th Tennessee Infantry, C. S. A.; wounded at the battle of Shilloh and died. The fourth child of Major Gustavus A. Henry and Marion McClure was Gustavus A. Jr., b. 16th September, 1838; farmed in Arkansas until commencement of hostilities with the United States. After the surrender m. Ella Walker Winston, of Tuscumbia, Ala. Colonel Henry died 3d December, 1883. His widow m. Dr. G. A. Thornton, of Memphis, in 1887; no children. The fifth child of Gustavus A. Henry and Marion McClure was Patrick, b. August 3Ist, 1846; was graduated from Virginia Military Institute in 1867; 187I he m. Ellen Barker, sister of the wife of his brother, Thomas F.; no children. She died 1890; he is now living in Clarksville, Tenn.

The two youngest children of General William Henry and Julia Flournoy, Eliza, born July 22d, 1805, died November 18th, 1805, and Lucretia, born October 1st, 1808, died October 9th, 1811.

Flournoy Rivers, “The Flournoy Family,” The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Vol. 4, No. 1 (Jul. 1896), pp. 97-101.


MATHEWS FLOURNOY’S DESCENDANTS – Of these, the line of the first and ninth children, Robert, of Georgia, the oldest, and Elizabeth Julia (Henry), the youngest, have been traced in the July Magazine, 1895. The compiler possesses full tables of the descendants of all the others, but space is lacking. The third child, John James, left no descendants. The history of the litigation over his will appears on page 69, the July number. Of the remaining children:
Samuel Flournoy, second child of Mathews, married Nancy Ann Martin, daughter of John Martin, Scott county, Ky., and left Nancy, who married Keel. She left a large family. James married Martha Halloway and left children in Missouri and Kentucky. Mathews married Milly Graves; died in Louisiana, 1833; left no descendants in Kentucky and Missouri. Jack and Samuel M4. (twins), of whom Jack died young, and Samuel M. removed to Mississippi, married Minerva Waddling ton; removed to Texas; died in Wood county, Texas, about 1877. He lived in Nacogdoches county, Texas, for a time, where he raised a company of volunteers for the Mexican war. Left many descendants. Rachel F., daughter of Samuel F., Sr., married Carter Keel in Illinois; left large family. Amelia married Stewart White; died in Louisville. Emily married Micajah Pendleton; died in Kentucky. Patsy Cassandra married Eli Hart. [Did she then marry Fallis?] She died in Kentucky. Agnes married Jesse S. Fallis, and died in Kentucky, leaving two sons, Stuart, residing in Louisville, and Samuel M., a physician and merchant in Kaufman county, Texas. Martha M. married Randolph A. Hankla, he, in February, 1895, was living, at the advanced age of eighty-two; left descendants.

David John Flournoy, Mathews F.’s third child, married Cassandra Conn, daughter of Thomas Conn, of Bourbon county, Ky. They lived, died, are buried at Georgetown, Ky. They left twelve children, to-wit: (i) Thomas Conn Flournoy, an ornithologist of note, a general of the Creek War of 1813, never married (2) Elizabeth Julia F. married Rev. George Blackburn, Baptist minister, and left David F. Blackburn, Elizabeth B., Prudence B., Notley Ann B., Cassandra B., and George B., whose descendants in turn have multiplied. (3) Mathews Wells F., physician, removed from Kentucky to western Missouri, after marriage with Henrietta Blackburn; married second, his cousin, Mary Ann Conn, and there are descendants of both marriages (4) David John F., Jr., called “Jack,” Baptist preacher, born 1800, Scott county, Ky., married Elizabeth Cunningham in 1826, and died February, 1862, at his home Laconia, Ark., leaving six children: Mary C. F., Robert C. F, Letitia F., Elizabeth F., Thomas Yandell F., and David John F. These two last left no descendants, dying unmarried. Their mother died 1865. (5) Notley Maddox F. married Margaret Keani in 1826, and left Thomas Conn, George Kean, Martha, and Notley, all of whom, except Martha, left descendants. (6) Sally Conn Flournoy never married, and is dead. (7) Patsy Cassandra F. married Reuben Ford, Georgetown, Ky., and left descendants. (8) Agnes Adeline F. married Dr. James Conquest Cross, died 185I; he died 1855. They left James C. Cross, who had James, Thomas Flournoy, and Clay Rice Cross, Little Rock, Ark. (9) Thompson Breckenridge Flournoy, of Arkansas, was temporary Chairman of the Democratic National Convention which met at Charleston, S.C, April 23, 1860. He married, first, Francis Ann Blackburn, who left children; and second, Elizabeth Blackburn, and there are descendants of both unions. He died August 2, 1860. (10) Letitia Grayson F. married Louis D. Hall, Woodford county, Ky., and left descendants. (11) Davidella Flournoy married Alexander Barkley Montgomery. They finally separated. She is now 85 years old, living at San Diego, Cal., with her son William. Of her nine children, Gertrude, David John, Alexander, Mary Jane, Alexander, Jr., and Oscar, died young; William, Victor, and Davidella Montgomery (she married Hamilton) all have descendants. (I2) Mary Jane F., the youngest child of David John Flournoy, Sr., died at the age of 16. His descendants are multitudinous, including great-grandchildren.

John James F., the fourth son of Mathews, the Ky., died childless, as stated.

Francis Flournoy, fifth child of Mathews, Sr., was born in Culpeper (?) county, Va., January 18, 1773; married Sally C. Goodwin on 25th Sept. 1800; she was born 28th February, 1785, and died 20th June, 1858. He died 29th January, 1835, in Scott county. Educated for the bar, he was a farmer by occupation. Had fourteen children: (1) J. J. R. Flournoy, born 17th December, 1801, at Falmouth, Ky.; died unmarried Ist Nov., 1868, in Scott county; teacher and farmer; democrat in politics and “Campbellite” in religion. (2) Dr. Ferdinand F., born 8th October, 1808, and died 5th May, 1863; married Amanda M. Wall, Scott county, Ky. She is now living, aged 86, in Santa Barbara, California; they had 3 children: Sarah E. (Graves) with large family; Maria D. (Austin), left large family when she died October 9, 1873; Dr. Francis Garrett Flournoy, whose widow and sons live in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California. (3) Gideon F., born 25th April, 1805, Jessamine county, Ky.; married in 1832, Miss Elliott; no children; removed 1837 to Lafayette county, Missouri; married Mrs. Sally M. Mason, September 3, 1840; died April 13, 1884, and of his five children, James Walker, born July 4, 1841; died 1862 in Confederate army, unmarried. The others, Susan Maria (Jones), Nancy Caroline (Jennings-Waddell), and Mathews William F., all have descendants in Missouri. (4) Nancy E. F., married Charles Ford, she born June 10, 1807; died September 11, 1849, leaving three daughters. (5) Patsy J. F., born April i6, 18o9; married Milton Risk; died childless February 11, 1844. (6) Francis Lloyd F., born March I0, 1811; married Miss Prewitt, Georgetown, Ky., descendants in Texas. (7) Elizabeth Pryor F., born 1st May, 1813; married Rice Parks; died 13th September, 1839, leaving daughter Sarah (Snodgrass), of Shelby county, Ky. (8) Agnes, born 28th April, 1815; married William Crossthwait, Bourbon county, Ky.; died childless 2d May, 1837. (9) Dr. Robert Joseph F., born May 30, 1817; married Adeline Houston; died 29th February, 1852, leaving descendants. (10) Sally, born March 5, 1819; married Joseph Glenn; died childless, August 25, 1845. (11) Walker Saunders, born November 27, 1820; died May 29, 1854, leaving James and Elizabeth. (12) Dr. Llewellyn F., born April 13, 1823; died July 25, 1846, unmarried. (13) Ann Louisa, born 1st February, 1826; married John T. Sutphin, Baton Rouge, La.; he died 24th October, 1852, and she 17th July, 1857, leaving descendants. (14) Benjamin, born 11th June, 1829; died 11th October, 1829.

The sixth child of the Kentucky settler was Matthews, Jr., married Emily, daughter of ” Rice bird ” Tom Smith, of Fayette county, Ky.; he died 1864; was unsuccessful Democratic candidate for Governor, 1836; he left seven children: (1) Elizabeth Julia married, 2d April, 1816, Captain Henry Johnson, Scott county, Ky.; she died July, 1882, leaving eleven children: Robert (died March i5, 1886,), Claudius, Marcellus J., Margaret Ann (Erwin), Emily M. (Tilford-Bartley), Elizabeth Julia, Louisa E. (Dudley), Henry J., Charles Fox, Benjamin Mathews, Mathews, Mary Bell (Blackburn). (2) Louisa Flournoy married Walker Saunders, Scott county, Ky.; left four children with ramifications of descents. (3) Emily married Robert J. Ward, of Scott county and Louisville, Ky., parents of Matthews, Sally (Lawrence-Hunt-Armstrong-Downs), Robert, and possibly others. (4) C. Marcellus Flournoy married Miss Carroll; removed to Texas; left Rice F., now of California. (5) Victor Moreau married Elizabeth Johnson, 1836; no children. (6 and 7) Patsy and Matilda, of whom I know nothing.

Patsy Caroline Flournoy, seventh child, married John J. Wells in Virginia; died between 1803 and 1806; he, about 1802, left six children: (1) John J. removed from Virginia to Texas; lawyer. (2) Frank, born 1799, after death of parents reared by uncle, Mathews Flournoy, in Scott county, Ky.; married Martha McNutt, of Alexandria, La.; about 1825 removed to Brozoria county, Texas; removed to Jackson county, Texas, about 1833; died November, 1866; left five children: Laura Martha Wells (Owen-Breckenridge), born 13th July, 1827; Elizabeth Cassandra W. (Brugh of Penn.), Flora Adelia (Simons), born December 31, 1833; married 1860; lives at Edna, Jackson county, Texas, with family; Sucky, Frank W., born May 18, 1846; married Frances Sutherland, 16th March, 1873, Jackson county, Texas; Robert Williamson W., born August 3, 1849; married Elizabeth Sutherland in September, 1873; two children; and then her sister Mary, three children. (3) Cassandra Wells married Mathews. Her son, Dr. George Mathews, lives at Santos, Fla., and two granddaughters, Mrs. Thomas Mathews and Mrs. Minnie Paisley, live in Corsicana, Texas. (4) Martha Wells married Dillard; a grandson, Alonzo A. Dillard, lives at Auburn, Ala. (5) Lewis Wells, of whom I know nothing. (6) Thomas F. Wells, lawyer, Augusta, Ga., 182-, of him I know nothing.

Thomas Flournoy, eighth child of Mathews, Senior, born January 3, 1775, married, 1st, Sophia Davis, July 14, 1801. She died January 25, 1829. Married, 2d, Catherine Howell, of Philadelphia, October 7, 1834; no children of second marriage. She yet lives at 3244 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Thomas F. died July 24, 1857, and with first wife and other members of family is buried at “Summerville,” his home near Augusta, Ga. Children: Robert, born May 27, 1802, died August 14, 1816; Sarah Ann, born March 17, 1804, married Charles D. Williams, 1824; left descendants; Martha Milledge F., born March 26, 1808, died March, 1872; married Dr. John Carter, of Augusta, Ga., and left descendants; Julia (fourth child), married Thomas Berrien, May 8, 1834, died November 11, 1836; two children died; Elizabeth, born January I7, 1809, died very young; Mary, born January 26, 1810, married David Fairchild Halsey, at Augusta, Ga., May 20, 1830; died February 13, 1857, leaving descendants; Emily Agnes, born June 13, 1812, married Joseph Camfield January 5, 1832; died September 16, 1844; left descendants; John James, born June 3, 1815, at Augusta, Ga.; died April 26, 1886, at ” Geneva,” his plantation near Augusta; Maria Frances Tatnal F., born October 22, 1818, married Caesar Savage, December 15, 1839; left descendants; married, second, John Howard Snider, of Savannah, Ga.; Sophia Thomas F., born May 13, 1821, married Henry Hora March 7, 1839; no children, and now lives at Bainbridge, Ga.; Thomas, Jr., born August 2, 1824, soldier in Mexican War and C. S. A.; never married; died 1866; No. I2 died a small infant.