Thomas Ballard of King George County, Virginia (c. 1732-bef. 1785).

Thomas Ballard of King George County, the likely son of Bland Ballard, Sr of Spotsylvania County, Virginia, we surmise was born c. 1732, and was dead by 1785, the date when we know that his son William was in possession of land Thomas had acquired in Stafford County, Virginia.

There are other records in the vicinity bearing the name Thomas Ballard, but we are not certain if they are connected to this particular line.  The Thomas Ballard who on 10 March 1746 witnessed a deed would have been too old to be Bland’s son; it may have been Bland’s brother, or he belonged to another line altogether (indenture between Edward Franklyn and Robert Sharman, both of St. Thomas Parish in Orange county, for 150 acres in Orange, “Land beginning Richard Quin’s upper corner … on the Rappadan River.”  Other witnesses were W. Bell and Simon Ramsey).1

A Thomas Ballard appears on a list of Orange county tithables dated 16 September 1749 that Phillip Bush, Constable “have view’d in his presinks”.  The list includes “Thos Ballard (1), Ed. Dearing (1), Robt Dearing (2)” and further down, a Will Ballard (1).   This Thomas is also too old to be Bland’s son, and would have been born c. 1728.

Culpeper County, where the subject of this sketch originated, was cut from Orange County on 23 March 1748; Culpeper in turn gave birth to Madison County in 1792 and Rappahannock County in 1833.  Bland Ballard’s land then rested in Culpeper County, and ultimately ended up in Madison County when he is mentioned in a subsequent deed recorded in Madison in 1793.

Thomas Ballard of Culpeper County purchased land of John Sharpe on 2 October 1753,2 and is named a son-in-law in the Will of Frances Newgent of King George county, Virginia, the latter document proving that Thomas had married a daughter of Frances Newgent.  We learn that her name is Alice from other documents, referenced below.

26 March 1759. Will of Frances Newgent, of Parish of Brunswick & co. King George, Spinster. To my son Thomas Newgent my bed; to my son Edward Newgent my negro man; to my daughter Ann Newgent my negro woman and one cow; to Edward & Ann, all household furniture & sheep equally divided; to sons James Nelson & son-in-law Thomas Ballard, all cattle equally divided. Executor: Thomas Ballard. Witnesses: Thos. Newgent, James Innis, Ann Newgent.3

He is also probably the Thomas Ballard named in an assignment from Micajah Poole, survey dated 30 September 1749, “265 acres on Gourd Vine Fork, on S. side of White Wallnut Mt. & David’s Mt.; adj. the Rev. Mr John Thompson, John Chizam.  Chain carriers Gerrard Mayfield, John McKenzie.  Surv. Philip Clayton.4  He obtained a grant for this land on 14 January 1761, where he is identified as “Thomas Ballard of Culpeper Co.”5  This same land was sold 17 May 1784, but at this time he is identified as “Thomas Ballard of Stafford county”, and is joined in the conveyance by Alice, his wife; that deed recites that the land had previously been conveyed to William Paton and Elizabeth Paton on 29 August 1783, but that deed was never recorded, so to perfect the title Thomas and Alice join in this later conveyance.6  Thomas is again named in the description of land in King George county in a deed dated 2 June 17677 and again 29 June 1767.8

We should take note that in 1777 there was a boundary adjustment between Stafford and King George Counties.  As originally constituted, Stafford County ran along the length of the Potomac River, while King George County ran along the Rappahannock.  A more convenient division took place, where Stafford’s lower end was swapped for King George’s upper end, placing the two county’s boundaries crosswise instead of lengthwise along the neck.  It appear’s that Thomas Ballard’s land prior to 1777 was in King George, and after that date, in Stafford County.

A Thomas Ballard witnessed a transaction in King George County on 27 November 1771,9 and possibly his son William Ballard witnessed the will of John Webb on 7 February 1777.10  We know Thomas Ballard and Alice Nugent/Newgent had two children, William and Mary, for they are named as nephew and niece, respectively in the will of Ann Nugent of Fauquier county, Virginia, dated 14 September 1780.

14 September 1780. Will of Ann Nugent (abstract). To nephew Lincefield Sharpe, 4 slaves, to him & heirs of his body lawfully begotten; in fault of such heirs, slaves equally divided between my brother Edward Nugent & my nephew William Ballard & my niece Mary Ballard. To niece Mary Ballard, 1,000 lbs of tobacco & cask, & one feather bed. To nephew William Ballard, 1,000 lbs of crop tobacco & cask. To nephew & brother Lincefield Sharpe, my stock of cattle, 2/3 to nephew, 1/3 to brother … to nephew Lincefield Sharpe, all residue. Executor: Lincefield Sharpe. Witnesses: Peter Grant, Thos. Nugent, Susanna Grant.11

Mary Ballard had married 14 November 1782 George Hampton,12 and their children Frances (Frankie) and Susanna are named in the will of Thomas Nugent dated 11 September 1789.

11 September 1789. Will of Thomas Nugent (abstract). To nephew Lincefield Sharpe, all lands whereon I now live, purchased of John & Dixon Brown & of Mr Wm. Skinker, also tract where Lincefield Sharpe now lives purchased of Joseph James, to him & his heirs. If he should leave no heirs, to be sold & divided among the children of my brother Edward Nugent. To brother Edward Nugent, slaves, livestock, tools & equipment. To children of brother Edward Nugent, slaves. To nephew Thomas Nugent, negro girl. To brother Edward Nugent, title to land he lives on … To children of niece Mary Hampton (Frances & Susanna), negroes. To Ann Nugent Sharpe, daughter of nephew Lincefield Sharpe, negro girl. To nephew William Ballard, £10. To nephew Lincefield Sharpe, residue of estate. Executors: Lincefield Sharpe & brother Edward Nugent (in case of his death, his son Thomas Nugent). Witnesses: Peter Grant, George S. Blackwell, William Woodside.13

Ann Nugent’s will and that of her brother’s Thomas Nugent both named Lincefield Sharpe, a neighbor of Thomas Haydon, the father of William Haydon who married Ann Ballard, Bland Ballard’s daughter.14  We know from the 1759 will of Lincefield Sharpe, Sr that he had married Frances Nugent, the sister of Ann Nugent and Thomas Nugent.15

On 9 March 1785, in preparation of a journey to Kentucky, William Ballard appointed his sister’s husband George Hampton as manager of his estate, with instructions of disposing of his property.

9 March 1785. I, William Ballard of Stafford Co., Va., about to remove to the western waters, Ky., move to dispose of my estate. Appoint brother-in-law George Hampton, who married my sister Mary, my whole trustee & manager of my estate; I give my niece, Frankie, a negro girl named Sukey; I give to my niece Susanna a negro girl named Lucy; rest of my estate, equally divided among all children of my sister Mary. Should I return to have the use of my above said negroes & lands. Land & slaves referring to deed in Stafford Court bearing date the 25th December 1778 for both land & slaves, likewise by land claimed on the Western Waters, to the amount of a balance preimption 250 acres balance of Military Right, 2,000 acres … Witnesses: George F. Luck, Lewis Cobbs, Timothy Parrish, Bernard Renolds, Henry Chiles, Rchd: Burch.16

William Ballard was dead by 16 January 1812, for on that date the children of Mary (Ballard) Hampton executed a deed conveying the Stafford County, Virginia land inherited from William Ballard (formerly lying in King George county) to Richard Stevens of Stafford county; by this time, Mary Hampton had two more children, John Hampton and Abner V. Hampton, who joined in the conveyance with their mother and sisters; all had removed to Montgomery county, Tennessee.

16 January 1812. William R. Gibson & Frances, his wife, Jonathan Johnson & Susannah, his wife, William Trigg & Ann, his wife, John Hampton & Abner V. Hampton, all of co. of Montgomery, State of Tennessee, to Richard Stevens of Stafford, for $434. 216 acres, formerly belonging to Thomas Ballard & conveyed by said Thomas Ballard to William Ballard by deed bearing date 25 December 1778, & by William Ballard conveyed to George Hampton & Mary his wife during their lives & at their deaths to their children, dated 9 March 1786. [also signed by Mary Hampton, relict of George Hampton, dec’d].17


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