Jarvis Ballard, Sr of Somerset County, Maryland (c.1681-1751).

Jarvis Ballard, born c. 1681, son of Charles Ballard and Sarah ____________, married Anne __________, who was born c. 1691.

The tax lists of Somerset County, 1730-1740 show Jarvis Ballard as head of household in Manokin Hundred; living in the same household re the following persons: William Ballard (1730-1740), Jarvis Ballard, Jr. (1731-1740), Arnold Ballard (1735-1736), Charles Ballard (1738-1740), Henry Ballard (1740).

On 3 October 1734 John Elzey sold to Jarvis Ballard for 5 shillings, 300 acres now called Exchange.  On 3 October 1734 Jarvis Ballard sold to John Elzey 300 acres that Arnold Elzey deeded on 17 June 1681 to his mother Sarah Ballard.  After her death to Jarvis Ballard called Recovery, 300 acres on Goose Creek, being part of 1,000 acres patented by John Elzey.  The 1783 tax list shows Sarah Ballard owned 250 acres, James Ballard owned 50 acres and Arnold Elzey (with Support) owned 1,242 acres. Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 17

Jarvis Ballard, age c.60, and Anne Ballard, age c.50, made depositions on 31 October 1741.  Somerset Judicial Records, 1751-52, p. 14.

Jarvis Ballard died by 2 November 1751 when the inventory of his estate was filed by Ann Ballard, administratrix/executrix.  Signed as next of kin: Jarvis Ballard, Henry Ballard. Maryland Inventories Vol. 48, p. 250.  On 31 October 1765 the administrative account was submitted .  Distribution was made to accountant (1/3) and residue to (in equal amounts): wife (unnamed) of Joseph Read, William Ballard, Charles Ballard, Jarvis Ballard, Mary Ballard, Arnold Ballard, Sarah Ballard, Henry Ballard paid to his admin. Arnold Ballard, Ann Ballard, widow, admx.  Maryland Administration Accounts Vol. 53, p. 264

Anne Ballard, Sr., Somerset County, relict of Jervis Ballard, died leaving a will dated 19 November 1772, proved 9 February 1773.  Negro man Peter to be sold and money to bedeviled amongst sons Jervis, Arnold and Charles Ballard.  To son William Ballard, 1 shilling.  To daughter Sarah Bowen, Negro wench Amey.  To granddaughter Mary Reed, child born to Negro wench Hannah, now pregnant.  To daughter Mary Ballard, Negroes: George, Hannah, Rachel, Amelia or Melly, Aminta or Minty, James and remainder of moveable estate.  Witnessed by Andrew Francis Chenny, Esther Foscue, Ellioner Martin.  Maryland Will Book Vol. 39, p. 141.

Jarvis and Anne had issue:


JARVIS, born c. 1715.

ARNOLD, born c. 1719.

Charles, born c. 1722.

Henry, born c. 1724, died c. 1765.  Henry died without issue and before his father’s estate was settled.  Henry Ballard of Somerset County died by 4 November 1765 when the inventory of his estate was filed by Arnold Ballard, admin.  Signed as next of kin: William Ballard, Mary Ballard. Maryland Inventories Vol. 90, p. 259.  On 2 January 1767 the admin. account was submitted by Arnold Ballard.  Payment in equal amounts to: William Ballard, Mary Ballard, Ann Ballard, wife [unnamed] of Joseph Read, Jacob Ballard, wife [unnamed] of William Bowen, Charles, accountant.  Maryland Administration Accounts Vol. 55, p. 299.

Sarah, married William Bowen.


 _____________, married Joseph Read.


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