Thomas Montague Ballard of Oldham County, Kentucky (1789-1865).

Thomas Montague Ballard was born 3 May 1789 in Spotsylvania county, Virginia, and died 8 July 1865 in Oldham county, Kentucky.  He served in the War of 1812.

In 1818 he married Mrs Mary Trigg Ballard, the widow of his uncle George Ballard.1  When on 16 December 1823, Oldham county was established by the General Assembly of Kentucky, Thomas Montague Ballard was appointed Justice of the Peace.2  He was living 23 August 1840 in Henry county, Kentucky.

The children of Thomas Montague Ballard and Mary Trigg were:

James B., married Henrietta Montague.  Born 4 July 1819 in Scott county, Kentucky.  A farmer, he was living c. 1893 near LaGrange in Oldham county, Kentucky, where he died before 24 August 1903, the date his will was ordered recorded.3  On 7 November 1839 he married Henrietta Montague who was born 19 March 1826 in Charlestown, Indiana, and died 7 March 1876, and was the daughter of Thomas Montague (born 1784) who married Susanna Ford.  Their children were: 1. a child who died in infancy; 2. Sue E. (born 5 July 1844, was living 11 July 1884 in LaGrange, Kentucky; married 3 October 1861 William P. Yager); 3. Louis Montague (born 23 May 1847; was living c. 1893 in Louisville, Kentucky; married (1) Mary McMain of Oldham county and (2) Amelia Preston Smith, who was born 25 August 1862, was living in 1918 in Pendleton, Kentucky, the daughter of William Smith and Honora Hugh Russell of Kentucky); 4. Martha Ann (born 12 February 1850, and married on 19 December 1867 John Hill); 5. Camden Montague (born 21 September 1854, married 1 or 7 January 1878 Mary Jane Riley, who was born 6 December 1860, died 31 March 1899, the daughter of James Riley (1840-1903) and Lavana Margaret Jett (1843-1931); 6. Marietta (born 19 March 1857, married 1 November 1876 Robert A. Arvin); 7. Virginia Josephine (born 1 October 1859, married 6 October 1881 Robert H. Kerrey); 8. Lou Belle (born 8 September 1862); 9. a child who died in infancy; and 10. Maude (born 1 March 1873).4

Bland W., married Rebecca Ashby.  Born 22 May 1821 in Scott county, Kentucky, died 30 March 1893 in LaGrange, Oldham county, Kentucky; married 5 February 1846 Rebecca Ashby.  Their children were: 1. Margarette (born 24 August 1845, died 9 July 1885; married 20 May 1876 Charles Sebastion); 2. Mary Jane (born 17 January 1847; married January 1869 Thomas Arvin); 3. Thomas W. (born 21 December 1848, died 2 January 1865); 4. Mildred (born 9 July 1851; died 18 March 1883, married 17 October 1873 John T. Edds); 5. Clement (born 4 April 1857, died 16 May 1886); 6. Albert (born 8 December 1859, died 9 September 1887); 7. William (born 2 July 1862, died 4 September 1886); 8. George R. (born 3 January 1865); and 9. Addison M. (born 20 September 1867, died 21 September 1888).5

Benjamin J., born 10 April 1823, married Malvina E. Smith on 11 April 1865.  Was living c. 1893 in LaGrange, Oldham county, Kentucky.  Their children were: 1. Mary E. (born 5 May 1866, died 6 July 1866); 2. Thomas J. (born 27 November 1867, married 9 August 1888 Mollie Freeman); 3. James B. (born 3 November 1869); 4. George B. (born 8 January 1872); 5. Sophia E. (born 22 June 1874); 6. Benjamin C. (born 12 September 1876); 7. Leonorah (born and died 4 October 1877); and 8. Carrie J. (born 31 July 1880, died 1 December 1882).6

Clement M., born 20 April 1825, died 11 February 1844.

Isabella E., born 2 April 1827, died 6 March 1844.

Mary Virginia, born 11 April 1831 in New Castle, Henry county, Kentucky; was living 11 July 1870 near LaGrange, Kentucky; married 22 February 1849 Robert S. Anderson, the son of Charles Anderson and Mary _____.


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3. Will of James B. Ballard.   In the name of God, Amen. I James B. Ballard of Oldham County, State of Kentucky, being feeble in heart but of sound mind and disposing memory do make ordain and constitute this my last will and testament in manner and form, to wit: 1st . It is my desire that ll my just debts be fully paid. 2nd.  I will and bequeath to my two daughters Lou Bell Ballard and Maude Shrader (formerly Maude Ballard) free from the claim of any husband they now have or may have, the farm on which I now reside and containing about one hundred and sixty acres (160) together with all farming implements of every description, including horses and hay wagons, … also all my household and kitchen furniture, beds, bedding to everything that I am now possessed of.  They Lou Bell Ballard and Maude Schrader to pay my indebtedness and funeral expenses.  3rd.  In the event of Lou B. Ballard’s death without bodily issue then her portion of my estate shall be equally divided between Murthy Hitt wife of John Hitt and Manetto Arvin wife of Robt Arvin free from the claims of their said husbands.  And in the event of the death of Marthio Hitt and Manetto Arvin before the death of Lewis Ballard my son then this said portions shall go to Lewis Ballard.  4th.  Having made  advances to my other children of money and otherwise assisted them I feel satisfied that I have acted justly to all.  Witness my hand and seal this 1st day of April 1899.  Signed: James B. Ballard.  Witness: A.C. Ballard, Jerome J. Kerr.  Recorded 24 August 1903, Oldham Co. Ky. Will Book 8, p. 488.

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