Jarvis Ballard, Jr of Somerset County, Maryland (c.1715-1771).

Jarvis Ballard, son of Jarvis Ballard and Anne ___________, married Priscilla Turpin, daughter of William Turbin.

William Turbin of Somerset County died leaving a will dated 10 September 1771, proved 28 September 1771.  To children: Denwood, William, Priscilla Ballard.  Provides for education of Elizabeth McCamey’s son Woney.  Gransons Denwood, William, and John Turpin, William Ballard, James Ballard.  Granddaughter Mary Turpin.  Tract: Hawtree.  Executor son William Ballard.  Witnessed by Stephen Horsey, William Fountain, Whittey Turpin.  Maryland Will Book Vol. 38, p. 409.

Jarvis Ballard, Somerset County, died by 14 July 1773 when the inventory of his estate was filed by Priscilla Ballard.  Signed as next of kin: Arnold Ballard, Sarah Ballard.  Maryland Inventories Vol. 120, p. 94.

The admin. account was submitted on 24 May 1775: 1/3 to accountant, residue to Mary, William, Levin, James, Esther, Elishe, Henry, and Priscilla Ballard.  Maryland Administration Accounts Vol. 72, p. 143.

Distribution of his estate was made on 24 May 1775 by Mrs. Priscilla Ballard to: widow, 1/3 and residue to (equally): Mary Ballard, William Ballard, Levin Ballard, James Ballard, Esther Ballard, Elisha Ballard, Henry Ballard, Priscilla Ballard.  Maryland Balances of Final Distributions, Vol. 7, p. 28.

Jarvis was the father of the following children:










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