Charles Ballard, Jr of Somerset County, Maryland (c.1671-1725).

Charles Ballard, the son of Charles Ballard and Sarah _____________, was born c. 1671, married Eleanor King, the daughter of Robert and Mary King and sister of Robert King.

In 1704 Sarah Elzey sold to Charles Ballard and Eleanor Ballard the tract Erlindy.  In 1706 they sold it to Joseph Austin.  Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 151.

Charles Ballard of Somerset County, died leaving a will dated 4 February 1723/4, proved 21 January 1724/5.  To John Everton, upon payment of £18, Mudday Hold on a creek issuing out of Wicomocoe River.  To son Henry land on Manokin River, 17 acres on Great Mony Creek.  To son Charles dwelling plantation and lands on Wicomocoe River.  To daughters Sarah Leatherbury, Anne, Isabella, Alice and Elizabeth; granddaughter Eleanor Leatherbury, and cousin Eleanor Bozman, personalty.  To wife Eleanor, 1/3 of personal estate; residue to 7 children aforesaid equally.  Executors: Wife Eleanor and son Henry.  Overseers and guardians to children under age: Brother-in-law Robert King, kinsman Wm. Stoughton and Levin Gale.  Witnessed by Alexander Adams, Mary Hampton, John Banister.  Maryland Will Book Vol. 18, p. 363.

The inventory of the estate was filed on 24 February 1724 by Henry Ballard and Eleanor Ballard.  Signed as next of kin: Charles Ballard, Jarvis Ballard. Maryland Inventories Vol. 11, p. 80.  The administration account was submitted on 20 December 1725.  Maryland Administration Accounts Vol. 7, p. 298.

The tax lists of Somerset County show Charles as head of household in Wicomico Hundred in 1723 and in 1730-1736 show Eleanor Ballard as head of household in Wicomico Hundred; living nearby thought the period is son Charles.

Oldbury and Oldbury Renewed was patented on 1 April 1681 by William Stevens who assigned it to Francis Jenkins, 400 acres on south side of main branch of the Quantico.  In 1708/10 Francis Jenkins willed lands to wife Mary Jenkins.  On 9 July 1710, Mary Jenkins, widow of Francis Jenkins, gave to Sarah Ballard eldest daughter of Charles Ballard.  If no issue to Ann Ballard and Isabel Ballard, sisters of Sarah, and daughters of Charles Ballard.  On 15 April 1773 Chalres Leatherbury released 400 acres to Robert Ballard and George Ballard, mortgage.  On 22 June 1773 Charles Leatherbury gave to son John Leathurbury 400 acres.  On 19 April 1774 Charles Leathurbury sold to George Ballard his rights from father’s estate not yet received, to pay his debts.  On 17 November 1774 George Ballard, shipwright, leased to John Leatherbury, mariner, 400 acres.  The 1783 tax list shows John Leatherbury Jr. owned 400 acres in Wicomico Hundred.  On 7 January 1802 John Leatherbury sold to Arthur Dashiell Jr. mortgage.  On 3 August 1808 Eleanor Ballard, widow of George Ballard (later Eleanor Leatherbury) sold rights to 400 acres to Peregrine Leatherbury.  On 15 August 1808 Thomas Rencher and wife Priscilla Rencher, later Priscilla Ballard, sold their rights to Peregrine Leatherbury.  On 15 August 1808 Robert Venables and wife Sarah, later Sarah Ballard, sold rights to Peregrine Leatherbury.  On 1 August 1808 Joshua W. Lansdale and wife Matilda, later Matilda Ballard, sold rights to Peregrine Leatherbury.  On 3 August 1808 Ann Ballard, daughter of George Ballard, sold rights to Peregine Leatherbury.  On 19 September 1808 John Gray and wife Margaret, later Margaret Ballard, sold rights to Peregrine Leatherbury.  Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Wicomico County, Maryland 1666-1810, p. 304.

Charles and Eleanor had issue:

HENRY, born c. 1700.

Charles, son of Charles Ballard, married ______________, the daughter of John Jones.  John Jones died by 11 March 1734 when the admin. account of his estate was filed by Elizabeth Jones and Robert Jones.  Payments were made to son William Jones, Charles Ballard who married a daughter, son Thomas Jones, son Robert Jones.  Children under age: Mitchell, Eleonar, Benjamin Jones.  Maryland Administration Accounts Vol. 13, p. 94.  In 1723 Charles Ballard willed land to son Charles land in Wicomico Hundred.  On 15 September 1742 Henry Ballard, son of Col. Charles Ballard, sold to Isaac Handy, 25 acres , his moiety.  Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Wicomico County, Maryland 1666-1810, p. 124.  Charles was the father of: Henry Ballard.

Sarah, married John Leatherbury, son of Charles and Vallance Leaterbury.  Adventures of Purse and Person 84.  John Leatherbury of Somerset County died leaving a will dated 1 May 1756, proved 17 November 1756.  Children: Charles, Mary, Eleanor, Elizabeth, John and Robert Leatherbury.  Grandchildren: John Leatherbury, Sarah Maclester and Sarah Bosman.  References to Wicomico River, Quantico Branch Tract; School House Ridge.  Executors, Wife and Robert Leatherbury.  Witnessed by Charles Ballard, John Derman, George Day Scott.  Maryland Will Book Vol. 30, p. 212.



Alice, married Day Scott 20 February 1728.

Elizabeth, married Charles Dashiell on 1 January 1732/3.  Records of Stepney Parish, Somerset Co. Md.  Issue: John Dashiell, born 18 December 1734; Levin Dashiell, born 7 October 1736.


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