Edward Ballard of Elizabeth City County, Virginia (c.1694-1728).

An overlooked (or ignored) early Ballard in Virginia is Edward Ballard of Elizabeth City County.  Sadly, there are very few records to help us tell his story.

We believe he is a relation of Thomas Ballard of James City County and Francis Ballard Sr of Elizabeth City County, but are still puzzling out the relationship.  He is included here because of the appearance of the forename “Edward” among descendants of Francis Ballard, which suggests a familial relationship.  Some researchers try to place him as a son of Francis Ballard Sr who was not named in his will of 1719/20, but given that Bertrand Servant named his two grandsons Servant and Francis in his will of 1707, we think this assumption unlikely.

The more likely explanation is that he was a cousin of Thomas and Francis, and arrived in Virginia early in the 1700s, for an Edward Ballard is named as a headlight in a patent issued 16 June 1714 to Lewis Daughtrey, for 111 acres of new land in the Upper Parish of Nansemond County “near a place called Wickham“, for the import of 3 persons: Wm. Smith, Richd. Kirkin, Edwd. Ballard.1  We have no way of knowing if this is the same Edward Ballard, but if it is, this gives an approximate date of his landing in the colony.

We do not know his date of birth, so we assume he was at least 21 years of age when he purchased land from Thomas and Ann Wood in 1715, and we do know he was married to Elizabeth ____________, and died intestate before May 1728.

On 20 September 1715.  Thos. Wood and Ann his wife, Towne of Hampton County of Elizabeth City to Edward Ballard of the same Towne and County.  26 pounds current silver money of Virginia.  Tract of land which was sold by Chas. Cooper and Barbary his wife to said Thos. Wood.  Recorded 15th November 1715.2

13 March 1718/9. Edward Ballard & Elizabeth his wife of Town of Hampton, Elizabeth City county to Charles Jennings of Elizabeth City, 5 shillings sterling. Lot lying & being in the Town of Hampton on Southampton River, co. of Elizabeth City, which said ½ acre or Lot was first taken up by Samuel Dines, dec’d, of the feoffees of this co. & by his decease becomes due to Charles Cooper as marrying Barbary, sister & heir at law of said Dines & by them conveyed in 1713 to Thos. Wood. Said Thos. Wood & Ann his wife conveyed to Edward Ballard on 20 September 1715.3

21 May 1724.  In the action between Edward Ballard Deft. (sic. Plaintiff) and John King Defendant the Pet. not filing a declaration in due time, It is ordered that he be non suited.  May 21 1724.4

June 1724.  Ed. Ballard, Presented for being a common swearer.5

May 1728. Elizabeth Ballard, having taken oath of Adminr. certificate granted to her for obtaining title of Admr. in due form on the estate of Edward Ballard, dec’d, May 1728. Wm. Tucker, John McDowell & John Massenburgh are appointed & appraise the estate of Ed. Ballard, dec’d.6

7 June 1728. An inventory and appraisement of the estate of Edward Ballard taken by John Massenburg, Wm. Tucker. Appraised £20.19.2 ½.  Recorded 19 June 1728.7

He is mentioned in the records one last time on 14 June 1745 in the will of Charles Jenings: “to daughter Ann a lot bought of Edward Ballard.8


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