Bland Ballard of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1735-1809).

Bland Ballard was probably born in Caroline county, for a land patent taken by his father Thomas Ballard dated 1738 describes Thomas as “of Caroline county”.

Nothing is known of his early life prior to 14 November 1771, when his name appears among the records of Fredericksville Parish of Albemarle county, when he was ordered to help in the processioning of some lands in Fredericksville Parish of Albemarle county, with John Ballard and Robert Michie.1  On 24 March 1777 at a vestry held at William Tinsley’s, he is named as a reader at the Upper Church, and for this service he was paid 1040 pounds of tobacco.2

His name appears in the 1779 will of his father, Thomas Ballard.  He and his father Thomas were witnesses to the 1780 will of his uncle John.  His first marriage was to an as yet unidentified woman about 1752, but can be surmised by the fact that Frances Shiflett could not be the mother of all 15 of his children, for she was younger than most of his children.  He married Frances Shilflett in the early 1780s.   Frances Shiflett, was a daughter of John Shiflett and his wife Joice Powell.

On 27 September 1793 John Shiflett and wife Joice gave to their daughter Frances Ballard and her daughter Martha 60 acres of land.3  In Apr 1795 an inventory of the estate of John Shiflett decd. included a bond on Bland Ballard for 5 pounds.4  On 5 September 1796 Joice Shiflett, Bland Ballard and Franky his wife and the other heirs of John Shiflett decd. sold land to Phillip Seale.5

On 23 December 1796 Henry Carter and his wife Sarah sold 150 acres to Bland Ballard, adjacent the land of John Shiflet, deceased.6  On 6 February 1797 the Carters sold him an additional 35 acres.7  On 5 Jun 1797 Bland Ballard and Frances his wife sold to Joseph Mills 200 acres for £200.8

A British Mercantile Claim of 19 February 1800 gives insight into his reputation:

Bland Ballard, Albemarle.  £7.3.11 ½, by account.  He now lives in Albemarle county and has always been esteemed a very honest man and one who was ever willing to pay his debts.  He says that before the commencement of the late war he had a final settlement with Richd. Anderson, factor for the claimants, and paid him in full for which he took his receipt, but unfortunately having his house burnt he lost the receipt in it.  The good character of Bland Ballard would entitle him to credit wherever he is known.9

Frances’ mother Joice was still living in 1801, for on 2 September 1801 Joice Shiflett and Mary Cox deeded land to Claudius Buster.10  A road order of 1802 names Bland Ballard,11 and he witnessed the appraisal of the estate of Susanna Phillips, and one of the appraisers was Mrs. Bland Ballard.12  On 27 October 1807 heirs at law of John Shiflett assigned all of their right, title and interest in a tract of land to Lewis Shiflett.13  On 12 March 1808, Bland Ballard donated an acre of land to the Methodist Episcopal Church for the erection of a meeting house.14

In his will dated 28 June 1809, he listed the names of 15 children. There is a group of nine sons and daughters which he calls “beloved” but leaves them only $1.00 apiece. The others he leaves substantial property and money. This would not seem to be the way to treat “beloved” children unless they were from an earlier marriage and he had provided for them before he married Frances Shiflett (but omitted his daughter Fanny, who is believed to have belonged to this group of children by his first wife). There is another indication that they may be from an earlier marriage; there is seemingly a gap of over 15 years between the birth dates of the groups of children.  They are able to be grouped by their type of legacy, and then, when approximate birth dates are given to most, the age gap appears.15

Will of Bland Ballard, Albemarle County, Virginia.

In the name of God Amen, I Bland Ballard of Albemarle Co. being of sound mind of disposing memory considering the uncertainty of life do hereby establish this writing as my last will and testament revoking all other will or wills by me made by word or writing.

Item – I give to my wife Francis Ballard the land that I now live on being the lands that was deeded to me by her father John Sheflett estimated to be about sixty acres be the same more or less also I lend her all the household furniture with the intentials excepting the best feather bed and furniture that I have also I lend all the stock of horses and cattle and all the other stock of every kind and all the plantation tools of every kind and this above lent estate she is to possess during being my widow but if she should marry then the above lent estates is to be then sold and disposed of as I shall hereafter mention also I give to her the produce that is made on the plais the year of my decease and the provision that is laid in for the said year for the support of her and children and after the death of my wife or widowhood the above lent estate is to be sold by my executors and the monies arising from the sale of the said estate is to be disposed of as I shall hereafter mention.

Item – I give to my daughter Jean Nailor part of a tract of land I purchased of Henry Carter lying in Albemarle Co. On the waters of Meadow Creek adjoining the land of Martin Mooney, Garland Carr, Roland Horsley and Mr Dorol and my self estimated to be in quantity one hundred and fifty acres to begin at Martin Mooney corner White Oak and run as fir as Carr’s line that the same distance as on Mooneys and Dorol so as to make thirty seven acres of land to the dividing line the said land I give her and her heirs forever.

Item –The remainder part of the said tract of land as I bought of Henry Carter after my daughter Jane Nailor’s thirty seven acres of land is taken out I give the balance of the said tract of land to be equally divided between my two sons and daughter, Garland Ballard, Bennett D. Ballard and Peache Hoy I give the said lands to them and to their heirs forever only excepted the apple orchards that is on the said lands whose lot it should into is to let my wife enjoy the fruit of the said apple trees as long as she liveth my widow.

Item – The feather bed and furniture before excepted I give my beloved daughter Patsy Ballard to her and her heirs forever.

Item – I give to my beloved children Nance Murry, Marry Ballard, Dice Howard, Lucey Maupin, Sarah Ballard, Annis Ray, William Ballard, John Ballard and Thomas Ballard to each of them I give one dollar a peace to be raised out of my estate as I shall hereafter mention and to be paid to them by my executors I give to them and their heirs forever.

Item – I have a negro boy by the name of Charles I lend the said negro Charles to my beloved wife Francis Ballard during her life or while she remains my widow for the use and comfort of her and my son Bennett D. Ballard and after her death or being my widow the said negro is to be sold and disposed of as I shall hereafter mention.

Item – I have a tract of land that I bought of Henry Carter lying in Albemarle Co. Adjoining Mr Dorel,Roland Horsley and Elizabeth Boothe in quantitity about thirty-five acres be the same more or less which I desire may be sold to my executor and the monies arising from the sale of the said land is the pay off all my lawful debts and to pay off these children mentioned in my will one dollar apeace to each as I before mentioned and other charges that might be pd.

Item – The said negro Charles I lent my wife Francis Ballard for the use and benefit of herself and her son Bennett D. Ballard after her death or being my widow my desire is he be sold and the monies arising from the sail of the said negro fifty pounds of the said negro should sell for as much to be equally divided among my five daughters to wit, Fanny Newcom, Annis Ray, Sarah Ballard, Batsey Ballard, Peache Hoy the money to be delivered to them or their heirs.  Further if the said negro should sell for more money than fifty pounds all that he should sell for over fifty pounds I give to my son Bennett D. Ballard to be delivered to him or his heirs by the executors.

Item – There is that lent property lent my wife house furniture horses and cattle and all the other stock of every kind plantation tools of every kind that was lent to my wife during her life or remaining my widow after her death or remaining my widow those things is to be sold and the money and money arising from the sales of the said property my seisre is that first to pay all my lawful expenses that shall be brought against my Estate and the balance that should be over I give to my son Garland Ballard to him or to his heirs to be paid to him by executors.  Lastly I hereby appoint my worthy friends Thomas Garth Junr and Elijah Garth executors of this my last will and testament given fro under my hand and seal this 28 day of June eighteen hundred and nine.  Signed, sealed and declared to be my last will testament in presnece of us –

Bland Ballard {Seal}

wit: Charles Goodman, Jessee Grady, Phillip Darrel.

At a Court held for Albemarle Co. the 6th November 1809 – This instrument of writing purporting to be the Last will and Testament of Bland Ballard deceased was produced into court and the record thereof being opposed the same was proved by the oaths of Charles Goodman and Jesse Grady witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.  Teste John Nichols CL

Following Bland’s death, on 2 Jul 1810 Frances Ballard deeded to Martin Mooney  31 3/4 acres in Albemarle county  for 29 sh, 1 penny.16

Bland Ballard and (1) _____ had 10 children:17

Sarah, born c. 1758, Albemarle county, Virginia; married John Mullins, the son of Matthew Mullins and Mary Maupin.  They had seven children: Nancy; 2. Matthew Mullins (born 26 December 1776, died 23 June 1853 in Arnold, Tennessee; married (1) Jane Brandon and (2) Comfort Lovett 30 May 1803, Monroe county, Virginia; married (3) Sarah Clard c. 1808); 3. Mary Mullins, married 26 March 1791 Gabriel Maupin, who died c.1823 in Madison county, Kentucky); 4. John Mullins (born c. 1782); 5. Mildred Mullins (born c.1782); 6. Sarah Mullins (born 1783, died 8 January 1859, Pearisburg, Giles county, Virginia; married James McClaugherty, who died 1854); 7. Mary Mourning Mullins (born 1790, died 1864, Franklin county, Tennessee).

Mary, born 1760, died 1812.

Thomas, born c. 1763, married 13 February 1799 Fanny _____.

Fanny Harris, born c. 1764, married 13 February 1799 Lawrence Newcomb.

Nancy, born c. 1769, married _____ Murrey, died after 1809.

Annis, born c. 1770, died after 1850; married 13 August 1789 Thomas Rea, son of Samuel Rea and Jean Maupin.  They had seven children.

Dizey, born c. 1770, married 9 June 1791 James Howard.

John, born c. 1771.

Lucy, born 1774, died after 1788.  She married Matthew Maupin, the son of Gabriel Maupin and Anna Ballard (Anna being this Bland Ballard’s sister).  They had three children: 1. Maupin Maupin; 2. Bennett Maupin; 2. Bland Maupin.

William, married Sarah Jarman, 6 February 1809 (online record).

The children of Bland Ballard and Frances Shiflett were:18

Jean, born before 1785, Albemarle county, married Nov 1801 in Albemarle county Edward B. Nailor.

Garland, born c. 1786 Albemarle county, died before 18 November 1860 in Todd county, Kentucky, married 4 May 1810 Susannah Phillips, the daughter of Philip Phillips and Susannah Phillips.  Their children were: 1. James Garland (born 1811, died after 1850; left issue); 2. Winston (born 1814, died after 1880; left issue); 3. Warner (born 5 February 1816, died 27 October 1886, Sedalia, Collin county, Texas; left issue); 4. Harrison (born 1819, Todd county, Kentucky, died after 1880, Gentry, Jackson county, Missouri; left issue); 5. Nathan (born c.1820, Todd county, Kentucky); 6. William W. (born c.1824, Todd county, Kentucky); 7. Sarah (born c.1826, died after 1850); 8. Jonathan W. (Born 1827, Todd county, Kentucky; died after 1880; left issue); 9. Susannah (born 1828, Todd county, Kentucky; died after 1850; married 23 July 1852 James F. West); 10. Alexander (born c.1829); 11. Garland (born 1829, died after 1870; left issue).

Peachey, born c. 1787 Albemarle county, died after 1860 Todd county, Kentucky, married 24 December 1806 Albemarle county, William Hoy Sr.   They had three children: 1. Mary Ann Hoy (born 20 January 1827, died 17 April 1902, Sedalia, Collin county, Texas; left issue); 2. Henry Hoy (born c. 1825, Todd county, Kentucky); 3. William Hoy (born c.1822, Todd county, Kentucky).

Martha, born before 27 September 1793 Albemarle county, married 13 September 1809  John Campbell.

Bennett D., born 2 October 1802 Albemarle county, died 25 October 1858 Hopkins county, Kentucky, married 25 December 1822 Randolph county, Illinois, Barbara Thornhill; they had nine children: 1. Frances L., born c.1826, died October 1874, Ozark county, Missouri; left issue); 2. Henry T. (born 4 November 1826, died 2 July 1900 Webster county, Kentucky; left issue); 3. Elizabeth A., born c. 1823, died 1 May 1907, Webster county, Kentucky; left issue); 4. Sarah Margaret ( born c. 1830, died before 1900; left issue); 5. Mary Jane (born 1832, Todd county, Kentucky); 6. Virginia C. (Born 1834, married 19 July 1849 John Cobb, Hopkins county, Kentucky); 7. Bennett Marion (born 18 August 1836, died 16 February 1926, Huggins, Texas county, Missouri; left issue); 8. Barbara Ann (born 1838, died 9 June 1880, Hopkins county, Kentucky; left issue); 9. Emily Susan (born 25 August 1838, married 25 August 1856 John Coe Joyner, Henderson county, Kentucky).


1. “Ordered that Bland Ballard & John Ballard do procession the lands between Buckmountain & Henry’s Creek the road & the river.” Fredericksville Parish Vestry Book, p. 98.

2. 24 March 1777 Fredericksville Parish Vestry Book, p. 109. To Bland Ballard as reader at the upper church and Cask – 1040 pounds tobacco in another list he is listed as a clerk or reader.

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4.1795 Inventory of estate of John Shiflett decd included 1 bond on Bland Ballard for 5 L recorded in court 1795. Albemarle Co. Va. Will Book 3, p. 251-53.

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6. 23 December1796, Henry Carter and Wife Sarah to Bland Ballard all of Albemarle Co. 150 acres on Meadow Creek for 150 L, adjacient land of John Shiflet decd, Martin Hawking, Roland Horsley and Martin Mooney. Wit: Joseph Goodman, Thos Burton, Rowland Horsley. Albemarle Co. Va. Deed Book 12, p. 190-91.

7. 6 February 1797, Henry Carter and Sarah his wife to Bland Ballard all of Albe. Co., 30 L for 35 Acres beginning at the back of John Shifetts decd, apple orchard. Recorded February Court 1797. Albemarle Co. Va. Deed Book 12, p. 186-87.

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9. British Mercantile Claims, cited in The Virginia Genealogist, Vol. 29, No. 4, p. 303.

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13. 27 October 1807 We the undersigned heirs at law of John Shiflett decd assign all our right title and interest [in a tract of land] to Lewis Shiflett. Wit: -…………….all heirs. Garland Ballard , Bland Ballard, Frances Ballard.Albemarle Co. Va. Deed Book 16, p. 478-78.

14. 12 March 1808 Bland Ballard to Methodist Episcopal Church for good will and affection, an acre of land whereon the church has built a meeting house. Signed: Bland Ballard. Wit: Wm. Ballard, S. Newman, Garland Ballard. Albemarle Co. Va. Deed B00k 16, p. 375-76.

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19 thoughts on “Bland Ballard of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1735-1809).

  1. I love the way you have set up your website and particularly I appreciate you giving the source for much of the information. Thank you.

    In your research, have you noted a source for Bennett David Ballard’s children? I am needing a source to tie Bennett D. to his son Bennett Marion Ballard since the 1840 census does not list names of children.

    Thank you

    • I recently moved (so my files are in disarray), and I am on a plane heading overseas tomorrow for two weeks — I won’t be able to respond until we return. I promise to be in touch! Thank you.

  2. Hi Stephen, thanks for such a thorough page! I’m interested in your source for the marriage of Sarah Ballard to John Mullins, and their children. The only one I’ve found so far is The Story of Gabriel and Marie Maupin, which does not list descendants. I haven’t been able to find any information in Lynne Miller’s book on this particular lineage, either. Any pointers would be much appreciated!

    • I’m pretty sure I found that information in one of Lynn Miller’s books — do you have the one on the descendants of Bland Ballard? I can’t check until Friday — my copy is at my farm and I am in DC this week.

  3. Yes, the Bland Ballard book is online and I didn’t see anything when I checked the page number. If you could check again it would be fantastic! I’m really hoping to source this particular family. Thanks so much!

  4. Thank you for this site. I’m doubly connected to Bland through two of his grandkids (children of Garland and Peachy) marrying and then again grandkids of Garland and Peachy married. ( my great grandfather Herbert married his cousin Dade)

  5. Hi Stephen, I enjoyed your site very much. Thanks! I am connected to Susannah , Garland’s wife through her brother John Phillips.

  6. Thank you for the work you have done on Ballard ancestry. Annis Ballard Rea is my 4th ggrandmother. I’m hoping you may have discovered her mother, Bland’s first wife since your website was posted.

  7. This line of research has me completely baffled. I am a direct descendant of Annis Ballard and Thomas Rea. Bland Ballard turns up in my DNA thru-lines. When I check my DNA matches it shows Bland having sons Bland W Ballard (w daughter Elizabeth W Ballard) and James Ballard (also with an Elizabeth and James as children). None of these DNA matches seem to be brothers of Annis Ballard (Rea) and are not mentioned in Bland’s Will… they’re listed in my DNA as Half-Uncles… I’m stumped.

    • That’s because you’re looking at the wrong Bland — Annis Rea/Ray is named in the will of this Bland Ballard (who died in 1809) in Albemarle County, Virginia.

      It’s hard enough to keep them all straight — I have 39 Blands in my Lineage Group I tree in Ancestry.

      • Thanks… I’ve got the right Bland as I’ve read the Will… what’s stumping me is that I am a DNA match for two of Annis siblings that don’t seem to exist. I am related to two Ballard’s… dna matched as my half-uncles… but as far as I can tell they are not related to Annis and they don’t appear in the will… yet there they are in my dna… ugh

      • You mention Bland W. Ballard — are you referring to Bland Williams Ballard (died 1853) and his brother James (died 1849)?

      • Yes, DNA has then as my half-uncles down through their children to my modern day cousins… If I could attach some thing here I’d show you what I’m seeing. They’re shown as half-brothers to Annis…

      • Thank you for this. The multiple Blands have messed with my mind. My grandmother was a Rhea.

  8. I don’t have DNA proof, but from my research it appears that Bennett David Ballard is my 4th Great Grandfather. His daughter Frances married Richard Thompson who was the son of Sanders Thompson. I found a census where he was living with them at one time. Bennett Sanders Thompson, their son, is my great great grandfather. This I know for fact. It appears that they named him after both of their dads, Bennett and Sanders. I’m hoping to get a DNA test soon, but do you think I’m on the right track? I do see mention of many other Ballards

    • What you describe in the census record makes sense. I’m assuming its an earlier one (1850-1870) where family relationships are not included. If you plan on taking an autosomal test, keep in mind that the results are good only for about five generations, and to test the y chromosome, you would have to find a male lineal descendant of Bennett David Ballard.

      • Thank you for the response and advice. I’m all for the test, but none of my male relatives seem to be interested. If it’s five generations from me that should get me out to Frances L Ballard. Will the test identify ALL others in public forums such as “” that are related to me personally? Maybe some of those males will have proven that tie to Bennett David Ballard. If so, maybe I could figure it out that way. I’m not really sure how the results are presented. Thank you again for sharing your knowledge.

      • Somehow I overlooked this — my apologies.

        The test on Ancestry will identify all those who are related to you; some will have their research linked to their account so you can determine how you may be related to them, but unfortunately the majority do not. You can search for specific surnames in the results.

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