Benjamin Hayden Ballard of Clark County, Missouri (1817-1896).

[the following and the descent that follows relies on several secondary sources and requires additional documentation; for now, treat it and the information contained herein as a placeholder]

Benjamin Hayden Ballard, the son of James Ballard of Oldham County, Kentucky, and the grandson of Bland Williams Ballard of Shelby County, Kentucky, was born 23 January 1817, died 22 January 1896 in Clark county, Missouri; he married 27 November 1839 Emaline Baskett, daughter of Job & Sarah Baskett3

Emaline Baskett was born 4 February 1821 and died 24 March 1896 in Clark County, Missouri.

Their children were:

Edmonia Red, born c. 1852 at LaGrange, Oldham County, Kentucky, died before 1914.

Sarah Elizabeth, born 2 Dewcember 1840, died 31 January 1929, Wyconda, Clark County, Missouri.

Mary Frances, born 5 December 1843, died 9 December 1914 Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri.

James William, born 28 August 1845, LaGrange, Oldham County, Kentucky; died 18 June 1918, Reedly, Fresno County, California.

Job Baskett, born 1849 LaGrange, Oldham County, Kentucky, died after 1876.

Robert Mitchell, born 1855 LaGrange, Oldham County, Kentucky, died 1914.

George Washington, born 28 January 1857, died 9 September 1926 Revere, Missouri.

Annette L., born 1860 Kahoka, Clark County, Missouri, died 1926 in same.


3. Eula Richardson Hasskarl, Shelby County, Kentucky Marriages, Vol. II (1985), p. 26.


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