David Crawford Ballard of Ray County, Missouri (c. 1798-1853).

David Crawford Ballard, the son of James Ballard, Sr of Albemarle County, Virginia (1767-1853), was born c. 1798, and by 1850 had removed to Ray County, Missouri.

There were two David Ballards born in Virginia at the turn of the 18th century that we can identify through the 1850 US Federal Census.  The subject of this sketch appears in the 1850 Federal Census in District 75, Ray, Missouri; the enumeration shows David C. Ballard, age 52; Elizabeth Ballard, age 44; Richard L. Ballard, age 30.  1850 US Federal Census, District 75, Ray, Missouri, Roll M432_412, Page 298A, Image 36.

Another David Ballard, born c. 1803, had by 1850 removed to Guilford, Hendricks County, Indiana; that enumeration shows David Ballard, age 47 (born c. 1803), Calvin Ballard, age 21; Mary Ann Ballard, age 19; Asa Ballard, age 11; and Eliza Ballard, age 6.  This David Ballard left a will dated “30th day, Sixth month in the year of our Lord 1877,” which is an important clue, because this turn of phrase tells us that this David Ballard was a Quaker.  The Quakers refused to use the names of Roman days and months, given that they were derived from Pagan names (See Will of David Ballard of Hendricks County, Indiana, Recorded 30 June 1877, Hendricks Co. Indiana Will Records, Vol. 1-3, 1822-1880, p. 422).  We have no evidence that members of this branch of the family joined the Quakers, so we are inclined to believe that the David C. Ballard who removed to Missouri properly belongs here.  That David Ballard probably descends from one of the progenitors of Lineage Group III, which includes a large number of Quakers, and uses both the names “David” and “Asa” in earlier generations.

And yet another David Ballard (c. 1795-1834) with roots in Albemarle County is a member of the branch that settled in Madison County, Kentucky, and his will and family connections make clear that he removed there with his brothers.

Cousins David Ballard and David C. Ballard both appear in a Pay Roll for the “Company of Light Infantry, commanded by Captain Robert McCulloch, of the Seventh Regiment of Virginia Militia, in the Service of the United States, from the 29th August 1814 to 21st February 1815.”  David C. Ballard served four months,. two days (“John Snow his sub.”), and David Ballard served 17 days (“John Stanley his sub.”).  The same list includes two Garland Ballards; one, simply identified as “Garland Ballard,” is likely the son of Bland Ballard of Albemarle County (born c. 1786), while Garland Ballard, Jr (served two months, 27 days; “Sub. for Jno. Douglass”), was likely the brother of David C. Ballard.

In the 1820 US Federal Census, David C. Ballard shows a household of five free white persons and five slaves; the head of household was age 26 to 44 (born between 1776 and 1794).  1820 US Federal Census, Albemarle, Virginia, Page 3, NARA Roll M33_130, Image 16.

In 1830, the household was comprised of 10 free white persons and four slaves (likely husband and wife, seven sons, one daughter), the head of household born between 1791 and 1800. 1830 US Federal Census, Albemarle, Virginia, Series M19, Roll 197, Page 232.

The 1840 Census shows the family with one male, age 5 to 9; two males, age 10 to 14; one male, age 15 to 19; one male age 20 to 29; one male, age 40 to 49;  one female, age 10 to 14, and one female, age 40 to 49 — five sons, no daughters.  1840 US Federal Census, Fredericksville, Albemarle, Virginia, Roll 549, Page 98, Image, 201.

The 1850 Census gives us David C. Ballard, age 52 (born c. 1798), Elizabeth Ballard, age 44, and Richard L. Ballard, age 30, all born in Virginia, and now living in Ray County, Missouri.  1850 US Federal Census, District 75, Ray, Missouri, Roll M432_412, Page 298A, Image 36.

David C. Ballard identified himself as “of Ray County” in his will dated 1 December 1847, so we know he moved there between 1840 and 1847.  The land records may reveal a more precise date.

Ray County Court March 5th A.D., 1853

I David Crawford Ballard of the County of Ray and the State of Missouri, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby working and making absolutely null and void all wills and codicils that by me at any time heretofore made.

First, I direct that my body be decently interred and that my funeral be conducted in a manner corresponding with my estate and conditions in life.

Second, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my decease as possible, out of the first moneys that shall come to the hand of my Executor hereinafter named, out of any portion of my estate real or personal.

Third, I direct that all of my estate real and personal be inventoried and appraised in all respects according to the laws of the state of Missouri, governing the administration of estates of deceased persons in cases when no will is made.

Fourth, should it become necessary to sell any portion of my estate in order to the payment of my debts and funeral expenses, I direct that my beloved wife Elizabeth Ballard shall in all cases have the privilege of electing and determining what property whether real or personal shall be first sold for that purpose, and if she fail or refuse to make such selection within a reasonable time after being notified thereto by my Executors in each particular case, then my Executors are to proceed and sell, according to the requirements of law as if no such privilege was hereby given.

Fifth, I direct that my whole estate, real and personal (subject however to the payment of my debts and funeral expenses as above mentioned) shall immediately upon my decease vest and remain in my beloved wife Elizabeth Ballard during her natural life or widowhood, and at her death or marriage to be disposed of as hereinafter provided.

Sixth. I direct that upon the death or marriage of my wife, if she survives me, and if she do not survive me, then upon my decease, my whole estate real and personal, be sold by my Executors in the manner and on the terms required by law in sale of the property of deceased persons for payment of debts and the ordinary course of administration, hereby giving to my said Executors a full and complete power to carry said estate under such sale, as would be given them by law if said sale were made as aforementioned in the ordinary course of administration or as I myself would have if living.

Seventh. I direct that the net proceeds of my whole estate upon the sale mentioned in the last preceding clause be disposed of as follows, viz: I give to my sons Thomas G. and Richard L. Ballard out of said proceeds the sum of one hundred dollars to each of them.

Eighth. Whereas my son John B. Ballard is now indebted to me in the sum of three hundred and twenty one dollars and eighty seven cents ($321.87) for money by me paid for him as specified in a deed of trust executed by him in my favor, dated the 6th day of March A.D. 1846, and recorded in the Recorders Office of Ray County aforesaid in Book “8” page 337, now if my said son John B. Ballard shall not have paid to me or my Executors the said sum of money then the amount due thereupon by him without interest at the time of the distribution hereinafter mentioned, shall be counted in and considered as a portion of the share which shall be coming to him in said distribution. I direct that the remainder of said proceeds, after deducting the sum of two hundred dollars above bequeathed in the seventh clause hereof, and subject to the limitation specified in this clause, be equally divided among my children John B., James E. Willis H., Thomas G. and Richard L. Ballard and Lucinda Maupin.  The share of the said Lucinda Maupin to be only loaned to her for the term of her natural life, but to belong to and at her death vest in the heirs of her body.

Ninth.  I do hereby make and appoint my sons Thomas G. Ballard and Willis H. Ballard Executors of this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 1st day of December 1847.

David C. Ballard {Seal}

Attested by us n the presence of the Testator: R. Vereen, Edward Louis, Witnesses.

Recorded 7 March 1853, Ray County, Missouri Wills, Letters, Bonds Vol. C, p. 41.

David Crawford Ballard and Elizabeth ___________ had issue.  We assume those identified in the will survived to adulthood.

John B.

Willis H.

Thomas G.

Richard L.

Lucinda, born c. 1818, who married ___________ Maupin.