Arnold Ballard of Somerset County, Maryland (c.1719-aft.1779).

Arnold Ballard, son of Jarvis Ballard and Anne ___________, married Elizabeth Jones, widow of Thomas Jones.

Success was patented in 1752 by Arnold Ballard for 121 acres.  In the 1783 tax list, Arnold Ballard owned 121 acres.  On 9 August 1785, Arnold Ballard sold 61 acres to his son William Ballard.  On 27 October 1795 William Ballard and wife Jane sold to Thomas Ballard 61 acres.  On 27 October 1795 Thomas Ballard sold 10 acres to Ballard Reed. Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 378.

On 22 October 1765 Daniel Jones sold 100 acres of the tract Covingtons Meadow to Charles Ballard.  On the 1783 tax list George Ballard owned 100 acres and Arnold Ballard owned 3 acres.    On 31 March 01785 Charles Ballard sold for 5 shillings to George Ballard, son of Charles, 100 acres.  On 18 May 1792 Arnold Ballard and his wife Elizabeth sold to Joseph Hobbs as Thomas Jones of Monie willed in 1774 to son Henry Addition to … Elizabeth Jones the widow became wife of Arnold Ballard, sold her dower rights. Ruth T. Dryden, Land Records of Somerset County, Maryland, p. 105.

ON 13 April 1779 Arnold Ballard was appointed guardian of Thomas Jones of Thomas who was under age of 14. Vernon L. Skinner, Jr., Abstracts of the Proceedings of Sussex County Orphans’ Court, Delaware, Libers 1, 2, 3, 4 A (1708-1709 and 1728-1777) (Westminster, MD: Willow Bend Books, 2000), p. 6.  On 11 April 1786 Thomas Jones of Thomas chose as his guardian William Jones (Moni).  Sureties: Charles Ballard, John Evans (merchant).  Skinner, p. 26.

Arnold was father of:

William, married Jane _____________.


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