Jarvis Ballard of Somerset County, Maryland and Boston, Massachusetts (1630-c.1690).

Jarvis (Jervase, Gervase) Ballard, the son of Edward Ballard of Southwell, Nottinghamshire, was baptized 8 September 1630, emigrated in 1670 to Boston, Massachusetts, in New England, and was a Merchant of Boston.  (See: The Ballards of Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina: A Source Book: Compilation and Comments by John Weisner — Part Two: Maryland).

Proof resides in the Maryland Patent Books.  His connection to this family is confirmed by records preserved in Maryland Patent Book Vol. 18, p. 43, in which his brother Jarvis Ballard assigns headrights to his brother Charles:

Know all men by these presents that I Jarvis Bollard merchant in New England Dwelling in Boston doth by these presents assigne over all my right and Title and Interest in these[?] persons named as followeth Andrew Evans, William Pepper and Robert Pinger to my Brother Charles Ballard in Manokin to him his heirs and assigns for ever for a consideration already received for one hundred and fifty acres of Land as Wittness my hand this 11th of January 1671. Witnes Robert Lewen[,] Edward Davis Jarvis Ballard”

Additional records support the connection, such as this Power of Attorney recorded in Somerset County, Maryland (Archives of Maryland, Vol. 87, p. 31 (Somerset County Judicial Records, 1671-1675):

Know All men by these presents that I Phillip Shapleigh of the County of Dorsett gent: Doe ordaine Constitute and appoint my Loving frind Edward Davis of the County of Somersett my true and Lawfull Attorney for me and in my name to aske for sue Leavy and recover all such summe or summes of tobacco as Shall be found Due to me by bill or Accompt or any other way and in Case of not payment to arreast cast into prison and at his pleasure out of prison to release to give acquittances Discharges in my name and for my use and at his pleasure one other Attorney to Constitute and ordaine under him all which being in the County of Sommersett and whatsoever my attorney Shall Lawfully doe Concerning the premisses I will owne ratiefie and Confirme as wittnes my hand and Seale this eight day of november Annoq Domini one thousand Six hundred Seaventy and one ;
Signed Sealed & Delivered in the presence of us Phillip Shapleigh (And A).  Jarvis Ballard (Seale), Charles Ballard

A review of the Maryland records shows that from about 1667 to 1673, most of Jarvis’ activities were in Somerset County, where his brother Charles resided, and from 1675 to 1680 in Calvert County.  Jarvis Ballard appears in the records of York County, Virginia beginning in 1681 to 1683, mostly actions to collect debt.

In London he married Mary Lee.  The marriage records of St. Botolph without Aldgate show that on 27 May 27 1656,  “Jarvis Ballard & Mary Lee[,] [married by Justice] Andrews.”  The birth record of their daughter Mary recites: “Mary Ballard da to Jarvice Ballard & Mary his wife[,] born & baptised ye 27th[,] tower hill.”  Mary was born 27 March 1657 at St. Botolph without Aldgate, London.  Their second daughter’s record of 4 May 1658, stated: “Crezum da to Jarvis Ballard & Mary his wife[,] tower hill.”   Mary Lee died 15 March 1686/7 in Boston, according to Samuel Sewall’s Diary (published in the New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 6, p. 73: “Mrs. Ballard, Mr. Lee’s sister, dies suddenly.”)  Mr. Weisner noted:

The compiler of the extracts from Samuel Sewall’s diary apparently simplified our search, for on the same published page that contains the entry about Mrs. Ballard’s death in 1686-7 is an earlier entry for August 22, 1686: “Mr. Lee the minister arrives from England.”According to Genealogical Dictionary, supra, at p. 73, the minister mentioned in Sewall’s diary in 1686 must be Samuel Lee, since it states that that minister had been born in 1623, educated at Magdalen College, Oxford, and arrived in Boston on August 22, 1686. Just as importantly, it does not mention any other candidate who would clearly fit the description of “Mr. Lee” in Boston in 1686-7. It appears from what we know, therefore, that the most reasonable interpretation of the entries is that the minister Samuel Lee was the brother of Mary Lee Ballard, the wife of Jarvis Ballard.


Mary, born 27 March 1657, who married Samuel Lynde of Boston.

Chrisom, born born 4 May 1658, died 4 May 1658.

[likely] Jarvis.  See this extract from John Weisner’s notes:

In his will dated 3/8/1719 (Suffolk County, Docket No. 5068) Jarvis Ballard, Jr. mentioned his wife Judith, his mother Martha Balston, Mrs. Mary Valentine, wife to John Valentine (see Fifth Subpart above), his “cousin[s]” Capt. Charles Ballard, Jarvis Ballard, Mary King, Margaret Wilson, Rebecca Dent, and Sarah Revell alias Bosman, (these cousins were his Maryland relatives), his “cousin[s]” Elizabeth Lobdell, wife of Joseph Lobdell, Anna Loring, and Rebecca Binney, wife of Samuel Binney (these cousins were the grandchildren of his grandmother Anna Cromwell Knight Joyliffe from her first marriage to Thomas Cromwell) and his friend Joseph Hearne. The witnesses were John Dassatt, Mary Flynt and Mary Alden. For the Massachusetts cousins, see “Vickers or Vickory Family,” supra, at pp. 187-88. According to Old Somerset on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, supra, at p.435, Capt. Charles Ballard and Jarvis Ballard were the children of the first Charles Ballard of Maryland (the brother of Jarvis Ballard, the elder). Mary King, Margaret Wilson and Rebecca Dent were most likely the children of Elizabeth (another child of Charles Ballard), who had been married to John King, Thomas Wilson and Peter Dent. Sarah Revell was the daughter of Randall Revell, Jr. and his wife Sarah Ballard Revell and the granddaughter of Charles Ballard, Sr.; she married William Bozman. See AoM 38/397-98. Henry (born 1666), the other child of Charles, is not mentioned in the will and may have previously died without leaving children (or he may have moved away before Jarvis Ballard, Jr. became acquainted with his Maryland relatives).


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