This blog is the result of 25 years of research.  For the first 20 or so years this information moldered in file folders, tucked away in boxes, but we reasoned that it is only useful if people can see it, so we began publishing on this platform in 2011.  At its inception we called this site Ballard of Virginia & Kentucky, but changed the name to Ballard of Virginia to reflect what it has become: the story of the families sharing the Ballard surname that settled in Virginia beginning in the mid-seventeenth century.  Certainly their progeny have gone on to other places: Kentucky, North and South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia, Ohio, Louisiana and beyond, but the basic truth is that they all first set foot on these shores in Virginia.

In order to understand how these Ballard families are related, it has been necessary to study all of them.  The journey began with my own line and that of Thomas Ballard of James City County, Virginia (1630-1689).  Many researchers seek to connect to him, his being a distinguished and storied line; we are certainly no exception, but with the advent of “genetic genealogy,” we are now able to correct a lot of long-held (and often erroneous) family histories.

The Romantic genealogies from the late nineteenth- and early twentieth century are the foundation of many of today’s family trees.  Those works have value because they often contain information that is unavailable elsewhere; for example, they may have had access to records, particularly bible records and that like, that have since been lost or destroyed.  Others lack academic rigor, merely linking similar names without regard to space or time.  The goal of many of the early works seem to be to find a connection, however tenuous, to the landed gentry or even Royalty.  Pick up any old genealogy and inevitably the first plate is an image of the “family arms.”  The author of a work that appropriates a family’s arms in this manner is irresponsible, and the work immediately suspect, because usually there is no familial connection at all.

Surname-focused DNA tests allow genealogists to verify their father’s father’s . . . father’s paternal ancestry, and it can be very powerful when combined with traditional paper trails. The information is useful only when combined with a well-researched family history.

As outlined on the projects’ website, the Ballard DNA Surname Project was started to:

    • Help researchers from common or related families work together to find their shared heritage.
    • Identify how the participant’s families are connected, both genetically and through paper trails.
    • Identify and confirm genetic Lineages of ancestral families.
    • Ultimately catalog pedigrees and genetic connections of all of the known project families.

Patterns have emerged in the Ballard DNA Surname Project.  The families participating in the project are grouped based on their Haplogroups, which are further refined by comparing the “short tandem repeat” (STR) markers.  Participants are placed in Lineage groups based on these similarities.  The more markers that are tested, the greater the reduction in the range of generations back to a common ancestor.  The individuals in each Lineage group are closely related in a “genealogical time frame,” which is defined as the most recent one to fifteen generations.

To help understand what that means, Family Tree DNA has created charts that explains how to understand genetic distance depending on the level of testing chosen.  The 111-Marker level is presently the highest available.  The next level down, with 67-Markers, is also very informative.  There are corresponding charts for each Marker level; visit Family Tree DNA for additional information.  For genealogical purposes, each Lineage Group, while sharing a surname, do not share the same genetic information and therefore, within a genealogical time frame, are separate families.  There may be a common ancestor, but it is likely one who lived prior to the adoption of surnames in Western Europe — in that context, we are talking about a very long time.

According to David Boyett, Administrator of the Ballard DNA Project, as of January 2015,

The Ballard Project continues to grow with over 130 members and 15 different unrelated DNA lines. Of the 15 groups, 6 share a distant (back thousands of years) common ancestor in the Haplogroup R1b. R1b is the most common group for all surnames from England, Ireland and Scotland (British Isles). The other group is Haplogroup I2a. Each group has taken additional testing to confirm deep history back to Anglo, Saxon, Viking and other early tribes. We also have some families with a rare Haplogroup F that goes back from the Virginia Colony to England and France.

Take a moment to study this chart.  Each participant submitted a short genealogy chronicling their male line as best they knew.  You will see from the chart that individuals in both Lineage Group I (one person, No. 157224) and Lineage Group III (three people, Nos. 115902, 275010 and 78053) claim descent from Thomas Ballard of James City County.  From what we know of y-DNA testing, this is not possible; it could be one or the other, but definitely not both.  Or neither.  All of the genealogies that assert a connection claim descent from William Ballard and Philadelphia ________, who this researcher, based on the evidence presented in this site, does not believe that this William is the son of Thomas Ballard; rather, the records show (and sadly, there are very few) that William Ballard, son of Thomas of James City County, lived and died in that part of Charles City County that was once part of James City County.  One additional person in Lineage Group III includes William and Philadelphia as ancestors (No. 157027), but does not claim Thomas.

This compiler has been placed in Lineage Group I, and that family has been the focus of this research.  Those placed in Lineage Group I descend from a Ballard family that settled in Virginia in the late seventeenth or early eighteenth century in the area today called The Northern Neck.  Ancestry prior to 1700 is unclear, though lately we are studying a theory that the family originated in St. Mary Magdalen Parish in Bermondsey, Surrey (now London), and that the progenitor of this line is a Thomas Ballard (c. 1679-c. 1724) who settled in Stafford County, Virginia.  The complex proof in that chapter focuses on his wife Mary, the widow of James Mann, who likely was born Mary Bland, and possible relations that settled in Maryland late in the 17th century that demonstrate that, more likely than not, they are the progenitors of this particular line.

Lineage Group II, which is also studied here, is unique for having documentation in the form of a ship’s passenger list from 1659 proving a point of origin, and good evidence of a place of residence in Virginia.  Unfortunately they settled in Nansemond County (now the independent city of Suffolk), but the country records have burned on three occasions and sorting out the families there is quite challenging.  This is complicated by a major boundary adjustment that took place in 1729, when the North Carolina line was moved north approximately 50 miles, and families thought to have “moved” to North Carolina did no such thing; North Carolina came to them.  Fortunately the records in many of those northeast North Carolina counties have not suffered the fate Nasemond endured, and the families can be traced there in later generations. The remaining Lineage Groups, to date, either show origins in other places, such as England and New England, or states as diverse as Texas, Alabama and Mississippi, or lack the critical mass needed to definitively place a point of origin and identify a “patriarch.”  This will change as more men join the project.

Lineage Group I or one of the other Lineage Groups may very well descend from that Thomas Ballard, but to date, no male that has documented descent from him has been tested, or that connection has not been made, either for the loss of records or a failure to complete a comprehensive research project.  We need confirmation.  In order to truly sort out these early relationships, there would need to be participants who trace their descent from proven descendants of:

This information would help prove whether or not Bland Ballard of Spotsylvania County and his brothers do descend from the “the Founder,” Thomas Ballard of James City County, Virginia, and perhaps shed light on the relationship with the Maryland branches.  Testing would also provide evidence that our unproven assertion that the the Ballards of Mecklenburg County descend from Thomas of James City County and the Ballards of Charles City County.

Many researchers are increasingly relying on what they find on the Internet, while there are numerous repositories with documents yet to be studied and published.  The cruel irony of genetic genealogy is that usually those being tested are those with the least amount of knowledge about their families.

Our confidence in the pedigrees appearing in the Ballard DNA Project would be greater if we were provided with sources and justifications, along with the assumptions. We have tried on this website to outline our assumptions, though at times some groups are, at best, an educated guess based on our knowledge of the history of the region and settlement patterns.  We hope that the reader takes “probably” or “likely” to mean just that, and not assume that sentences containing these phrases constitute “proof.”  As a rule, we will only include information that is derived from primary sources, meaning those records that were created contemporaneously with the event documented.  Many online genealogies, for example, will cite as “proof” a listing from some other compiler’s online family tree, or a book of dubious scholarship, such as William Ballard Derby’s Ballard-Ballord Bits (1978).  Certainly secondary sources (those created by others using primary and secondary sources) have been consulted, but unless proof in the form of citation to documentation is included, that information will be removed as these pages are revised and updated.  In some cases pages included herein are “place holders” while research continues, and some family trees borrowed from others to use as templates while we work out the details.  In the course of refining and editing we may have erred by retaining such information, and will remove it when it is discovered.  Note also that out of respect for privacy, information on the living is intentionally omitted, but are identified as [son] or  [daughter], or whatever label is appropriate.

In the work at hand, naming patterns and allied families do provide clues, and present persuasive evidence when analyzed in conjunction with surviving records.  But definitive proof of the ancestors of Bland Ballard, Sr of Spotsylvania County, Thomas and John Ballard of Albemarle Counties, possibly Richard Ballard of Essex and Bedford Counties, and William Ballard of Caroline County, Virginia and Rowan County, North Carolina  — the “patriarchs” of Lineage Group I of the Ballard DNA Project — still eludes us, though we are increasingly convinced that the founder of that line is Thomas Ballard of Stafford County, Virginia (c. 1679-c. 1724).  The results of additional y-DNA tests, coupled with those individuals family histories, may provide that proof.  One of these days we may even bridge the Atlantic and connect to the Ballard families in the United Kingdom.

You may have arrived here by way of  A number of these pages have, without permission, been copied there.  Please know that in many cases the information that has been copied to that site may be out of date, or worse, found to be incorrect and removed from these pages.  Please do not rely on the information found elsewhere that was generated here.  Just like when evaluating genealogical evidence, rely on the source, not the secondary work.  When in doubt, please ask.

Thank you for visiting, and feel free to post questions, comments, and most of all, share information you may have that no one else does.  Please understand that these pages are constantly being re-evaluated and tinkered with, because new information may come to light or some insight might spark the re-evaluation of a conclusion.  Some pages may bear a notice that “this is a work in progress,” but truly, that disclaimer applies to every page.

Since you’ve found your way here, no doubt your Ballard heritage interests you — so if you are a male descendant, please join us and participate in the Ballard DNA Project.  Family Tree DNA offers occasional discounts; contact David Boyett for details.

— Stephen M. Ballard

Alexandria, Virginia
May 2016.


Below are the brief genealogies provided by each participant in Lineage Group I of the Ballard DNA Project.  If known, there are links to the appropriate page within this site.  Visit these pages to see the participant genealogies for Lineage Group II and for Lineage Group III.  To see the genealogies of all the participants, please visit the Ballard DNA Surname Project.


Ysearch ID: KQ276 N40008
1. Thomas Ballard b. 1717
2. Bland Ballard b. 1735
3. Garland Ballard b. 1786
4. Warner Ballard b. 1816
5. Robert Louis Ballard b. 1851
6. William Mac Ballard b. 1893
7. Bill Ballard b. 1925


Ysearch ID: UGUTY
1. George Washington Ballard b. Nov 1830 VA d. 7 Jun 1900 Pike Co AR
m. Sarah Boswell b. abt 1852 Tate Co MS, d. 21 Sep 1915 Pike Co AR
2. George Washington Ballard Jr. b. 3 Aug 1879 VA, d. 20 Jun 1951 Pike
m. Jane Alvin Cocke b. 27 Sep 1879 Tate Co MS, d. 4 Feb 1919 Pike Co


George Washington Ballard b. Nov 1830 VA d. 7 Jun 1900 Pike Co AR
m. Sarah Boswell b. abt 1852 Tate Co MS, d. 21 Sep 1915 Pike Co AR


Ysearch ID: HPTWW
1. William Ballard b. 1813 d. 1863 TN
m. Rachel b. 1820 TN d. c 1880 TN
2. Thomas Maston Ballard b. 1839 TN
m. Emma Savannah Cochran b. 1852 NC, d, aft. 1900
3. Grover Cleveland Ballard b. 21 Jun 1883 TN d 1965 AL
m. Minnie Violt Ford b. 1895 TN d. 11 Mar 1978 GA


Ysearch ID: HPTWW
1. William Henry Ballard 1813


See John Ballard of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1722-c.1779).

Ysearch ID: 87674
1. John Ballard b. c 1755
m. Elizabeth James
2. Joseph Ballard b. 9 Nov 1784
m. Sallie Arwood
3. David Ballard b. 25 Apr 1823
m. Nancy Vian Harwood
4. John Henry Ballard b. 23 Oct 1844
m. Mary Jane Reeves

Ronald Jack Adams (adopted), birth name:
Kenneth James Ballard b. Set 12 1931 Rush Co IN, probably Anderson or Muncie
d. Feb 2 1986 Redlands, CA


William Ballard, b. ? in Virginia, d. abt. 1845 in IN, m. Elizabeth ?, b. 1805-06 in Virginia, d. ?[material gathered from 1840/1850 Federal Census for IN]
l. Fletcher Ballard, b. 1831 in Tenn., d. abt. 1860 in IN,
m. Vashti Baylor b. 1831, m. 9 Dec 1852, Crawford Co. IN
2. Jacob Clarence Ballard, b.18 Nov 1853, Corydon, IN. d. 2 Oct 1889 in Oaktown, IN,
m. Sarah Elizabeth Robinson b. 18 Jan 1856, at Knox Co. IN m. 27 Nov 1872 Knox Co
3. John Henry Ballard, b. 8 Aug 1875, Sullivan Co. IN. d. 11 Jun 1942 Sullivan Co.
m. Flora Alice Cox b. 7 Nov 1881 at Plainfield, IN, m. 30 Mar 1897
4. Ray Eveleth Ballard, b. 29 Sep 1917, Dugger, IN, d. 21 Apr 1994 Melbourne, Fl.
m. Violet May Richards b. 13 Mar 1919, Ironwood, MI m. 16 Dec 1944


1. Thomas Ballard b abt 1620-1630 England????? d 24 Mar 1688-89 Middle Plantation, York co, Va
m Ann Thomas b bef 21 Mar, 1637-38 England, d 26 Sep 1678
2. Thomas Ballard b abt 1654, Middle Plantation, York co, Va d bet 1706-1711 Middle Plantation, York co, Va
3. William Ballard b abt 1687 James City co, Va d 2 Oct 1754 King & Queen co, Va
m Philadelphia Ludwell ( Lee??) b 1682 Essex co, Va, d aft 1754
4. Bland Ballard b abt 1700 Essex co, Va d 3 Jan 1792 Spotsylvania co, Va
m Mary Deering b 1710, Orange co, Va d aft 1753
5. John Ballard b 1734 Spotsylvania co, Va d Jul 1823 Madison Co, Ky
m Mary Ann Proctor b abt 1734 Spotsylvania co, Va
6. William Proctor Ballard b 2 Dec 1755 Spotsylvania co, Va d 1818 Bardstown, Ky
m (2) Mary Ann Woodard b 1784 in Maryland
7. William Proctor Ballard, Jr b 7 Feb 1809 Nelson County, Ky d 3 Nov 1899, Marion co, Ky.
m (2) Mary Jane Wheeler b abt 1810
8. George Hilary Ballard b 1 Sep 1846, Marion County, Ky d 28 Oct 1911
m Mary Emma Haydon b abt 1851 in Ky, d 26 Oct 1909
9. Evaristus Ballard b 16 Oct 1888 St Raphael Parrish, West Louisville, Daviess county, Ky d 27 Jan 1978
m Birdie Wayne Leigh b 1 Sep1894 Hebbardsville, Henderson County, Ky
10. Edmund Evaristus Ballard b 13 Feb 1914 Owensboro, Ky d 28 Nov 1995
m Mary Martine Howard b 14 Feb 1918 d 21 Jul 2007


1. Samuel Ballard b. 1810 Cherokee, TN d. 16 Mar 1863 Red Clay, TN
m. Susie Wolf NI-GU-DA-YI b. 1806 Cherokee, TN d. 1832 Indian City, Payne, OK
2. Alexander Ballard 1824-1864 Cookson, OK
m. Lucy Swimmer 1828-1945 Cookson, OK
3. Thomas Ballard b. 1845 d. 12 Mar 1886 OK
m. Caroline Eliza Romine b. 16 dec 1848 d 1902 OK
4. William Ballard 1874-1942 Indian Territory (IT) OK
m. Sallie Rattlinggourd b. 1879 IT OK d. 5 Jan 1956 Tulsa, OK
5. David Ute Ballard b. 17 Feb 1911 d. 15 Feb 1999 Tulsa, OK
m. Ruby Esther Fisher b. 31 Oct 1911 Peel, AR d. 26 Mar 1993 Tulsa, OK
6. Donald Le Roy Ballard b. 15 Feb 1933 d. 29 Feb 2002 Tulsa, OK
m. Sandra Irene Bell b. 8 May 1937


1. Bland Ballard b. 1759 Spotsylvania Co. VA d. 1853 Shelby Co. KY
Consort: Flora Unknown
2. Dowan Ballard b. c.1825 Ghent, KY d. 21 Jul 1909 Jackson, Madison Co. TN
m Matilda Bartlett b. 1835 d 7 Dec 1907 Jackson, Madison Co. TN m abt 1854
3. William Henry Ballard b. 31 Oct 1862 Franklin Co. KY d. 28 May 1954 Lexington, KY
m Elizabeth (Bessie) Hudson Brady b. 25 Jun 1870 Nashville, TN d. 19 Sept 1946 Lexington, Fayette Co. KY m 28 Dec 1892
4. Edward Hunter Ballard, Sr b. 2 Apr 1899 Lexington, Fayette Co. KY d. 26 Jun 1988 Los Angeles, CA
m Estelline Wilhite b. 19 Jun 1902 Birmingham, AL d. 13 Apr 1959 Los Angeles, CA m c. 1922
5. Edward Hunter Ballard, Jr. b. 2 Dec 1923 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY d. 5 Nov 2002 Las Vegas, NV
m 8 Jan 1945 New Orleans, LA


1. (Micajah Ballard?) b. c 1787 Bedford Co VA d. 1860 Campbell Co TN,
m Nancy Ryan
2. Silas Ballard b. c 1826 Campbell Co TN d c 1884 Union Co/Campbell Co? TN
m. Mary (Longmire?)
3. James Sherman Ballard b. 1867 Campbell Co TN d 1939 Campbell Co TN
m. Lockie Bridges
4. William McKinley Ballard b. 1898 Campbell Co TN d 1976 Campbell Co TN
m Rachel Capps


This William is probably William Jackson Ballard, son of John Ballard of Union County, South Carolina (1765-1838).

1. William Ballard b. abt 1797 South Carolina d. aft 1880 [Carroll Co., GA?]
m. Elizabeth b. abt 1800 SC
2. John Ballard b. abt 1830 [Anderson Co.?] SC d. aft 1880 [Dongola Co., IL?]
m. Sarah Mills b. Jan 1832 TN d. aft. 1900 [Stokes Precinct, Union Co., IL?]
3. Thomas Ballard b. Oct 1852 TN d. ca. 1920 (Sikeston Ward, Scott Co.?) MO
m. Mary Elizabeth Darnell b. Oct 1858 Sulphur Springs, Williamson Co., IL d. d. aft 1910 (Sikeston Ward, Scott Co.?) MO m. 1896
4. Elmer Otto Ballard b. 5 Jun 1895 Wayne Twp., Bollinger Co., MO d. 1 Mar 1969 Lilbourn, New Madrid Co., MO
m. Delia Belle Lawrence b. 2 May 1908 Catron, New Madrid Co., MO d. 7 Jan 1980 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI
5. Harvey Eugene Ballard b. 13 Dec 1935 Catron, New Madrid Co., MO
m. Marilyn Imogene Hambright b. 4 May 1939 Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI m. 29 Sep 1955? Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo Co., MI


See John Ballard of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1722-c.1779).

1. John Ballard b. 1755 m. Elizabeth James
2. Joseph Ballard b. 9 Nov 1794 d. Nov 1884 m. Sallie Elizabeth Arwood (Arrowood) 1815 Reems Cr. Valley, Buncombe County N.C. b. 1796 d. 1850.
3. David Ballard b. 25 Apr 1823 d. 2 Dec 1905 m. Nancy Vian Harwood b. 16 Mar 1825 d. 15 Dec 1909.
4. John Henry Ballard b. 23 Oct 1844 d. 8 Jul 1934 m. Mattie Honeycutt 23 Sep 1866 b. 25 Nov 1847 d. 5 Oct 1890, m. Mary Jane Reeves b. 1867 d. 1944.
5. Roscoe Ballard, from John Henry’s Ballard’s 2nd marriage to Mary Jane Reeves, b. 1896 d. 1977 m. Maria A. Pyde.
6. Roscoe Blaine Ballard Jr. b. 1931 m. Rita Munford


William Ballard b. Unknown d. Unknown
m. Unknown
Samuel Ballard b. Abt. 1780 Old Cherokee Nation East d.16 Mar 1863 in Red Clay, TN
m.Diana Otterlifter b. 1802 d. 1838
John Ballard b. 1827 in Cherokee, Georgia, USA d. 1865
m. Sarah Arthur b. 16 Jun 1830 in Cherokee Nation East, Habersham, Georgia, USA d. 5 Feb 1917 in Maysville, Washington, Arkansas, USA
Henry Clay Ballard b. 13 Nov 1860 in Prairie, Canadian, Oklahoma, USA d. 12 Feb 1952 in Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma, USA
m. Nancy Almira “Alma” Parks b. 20 May 1865 in Delaware, Cherokee, Oklahoma, USA d. 13 Oct 1957 in Vinita, Craig, Oklahoma, USA
Thomas Henry “Tom” Ballard b. 15 Oct 1900 in Oklahoma, USA d. 6 July 1983 in Grove, USA
m. Vinita Perry b. 17 August 1905 in Oklahoma, USA d. 29 May 1997 in Grove, OK


“In the list below, we can’t prove to everyone’s satisfaction that John Ballard is the father of Joseph Ballard, but very much believe this so.”

Thomas Ballard 1717 – 1781
m1. Susannah Hesson
Thomas died in Albemarle County, VA, where his Will, dated June 30, 1779 names his daughter-in-law Mourning but not her husband, his son, John. This implies that John Ballard predeceased his father. Records in Buncombe County, NC give more information.
John Ballard ca 1740 – ca 1779
m. Mourning (Miller ???) died in Kershaw County, SC about 1827. (from her estate file)
John Ballard ca 1765 – ca 1841
m. Elizabeth James
John Ballard and Samuel Ballard, brothers, are both named on the 1800 Census of Buncombe County, NC, where deed book 3, page 198 and Probate of Deed minutes for January 1800 name the Will of their father John, and their mother Mourning. They are selling their inheritience to Robert Patton. Exactly what was sold remains a mystery. John Ballard bought land in nearby Burke County, NC in 1795, bought land in Buncombe County in 1798, lived in Sevierville TN 1808 – 1818, lived in Roane County, TN 1828-1839, before moving to Cooper County, MO by 1840, which is believed to be the last place they lived.
Joseph Ballard 9 Nov 1794 – Nov 1884. Is buried in Buncombe County near Weaverville.
m1. Sallie Arwood
m2. Elizabeth Penland.
David Ballard 1822 – 1905
Joseph Newton Ballard
William Dennis Ballard
Burley Ballard 1907-1957


Bland Ballard, b. VA d.1791 Spotsylvania Co., VA
William Proctor Ballard, Bardstown, KY b. 1755 d. 1818 m. Elizabeth Hammett
James Ballard b. 1785 Nelson, KY d. 1846 Nelson, KY m. Jane Thompson
George Lloyd Ballard b. 1814 Nelson, KY d. 1 Jan 1889 Marion, KY
James Marion Ballard b. 4/16/1835 Marion Co, KY
Joseph Wilfred Ballard b. 6/24/1870 Louisville, KY
James Meteles Ballard b. 7/20/1900 Louisville, KY

243 thoughts on “Introduction.

  1. Dear Sir, Do you have any information regarding the Ballard Line of North Carolina My Great Great Great
    Grandmother Penelope Ballard born about 1775 married in Orange Co., N.C. to Sion Record. They did move
    to Maury Co, Tenn., and Penelope died there in 1838, she was known to visit family in Kentucky several times.
    This has been a 30 year search I so hope you can help me. You have really put a lot of work into this and I think that is wonderful. Jacqueline Record Straney

    • I am actively researching the Ballards in North Carolina, but really just beginning. You say Penelope Ballard visited family in Kentucky; can you tell me which counties in Kentucky? Do you know who they were? I remember visiting Hillsborough, the county seat in Orange County, and learning of the extremely active Great Indian Trading Path that passed in front of Ayr Mount, a beautifully preserved plantation just outside of town. That just has me wondering if it would be worthwhile to study those old roads to see where they took people. Perhaps a group of Ballards traveled to the area down one of these roads (from Virginia, presumably). Where did Sion Record’s people come from? There is actually a Trading Path Association that is working to preserve and promote this little known part of our history. This poster gives a good illustration of the route.

      • This is an amazing site. Thank you for making it public.

        Do you know anything about the William Ballard who died in Halifax, N.C in 1774? I saw him listed in the Lynne Miller work on NC Ballards but nothing about who his parents might be. When he moved to Halfiax Co. N.C., the witness for his land purchase was a Benjamin Ballard (!). This implies a close relationship, I have been told. What do you think?
        It has been written that he married Elizabeth Clopton but no proof of that has been found, to date.
        Betty Sparks

      • Betty,

        I have a long wish list of subjects to study more, and the North Carolina lines is among them. At the moment finally working through another study of the Albemarle County lines. Also on the list: the Ballards who settled in Maryland, and the Albemarle descendants who settled in North Carolina and South Carolina. I exchanged emails with John Wiesner (who graciously allowed me to publish his work) who mentioned the connection of the Ballards with the Cloptons, which he thought showed a family connection to the York county line. He said he would share that with me, but never sent it — I haven’t pestered him for it. You’re probably familiar with this note:

      • I descend from the Edward Finch mentioned in that site.(married to Martha Ballard) I can prove (to DAR standards) to William Ballard, d. 1774 in Halifax, NC. But cannot prove (yet) the Clopton connection. I think I am attemtping to do what you are attempting: to PROVE each connection. What I’ve read about existing records in Va. makes our task daunting!! I am not aware of any living male descendant of my William Ballrd to have DNA tested.If there are, I will pay for the DNA tests. I have two other lines that DNA has upended previous held beliefs but this is o.k. What we want it the truth, whatever that may be.

        Would love to hear from anyone on this line:

        And please keep me in mind with anything you might find on NC Ballards, especially WHO WAS THAT BENJAMIN BALLARD who witnessed for my William Ballard?

        Betty Sparks

      • Do you have an abstract or transcript of that deed you could share? Were there other witnesses?

        Poking around I found reference to a deed in Mecklenburg County, Virginia, in which a William Ballard of Halifax County, North Carolina, sold 200 acres in Mecklenburg. This suggests that this William may formerly have lived in Mecklenburg and was selling his land there after removing to North Carolina. Ignore the comment about halifax County, Virginia — it appears (to me) that they focused on the wrong thing.

        “Does anyone know if this is William Ballard a Quaker? Have heard there was a small Quaker settlement on Banister Riv in Halifax Co VIRGINIA, Page 362. Mar 11, 1767 from William Ballard of Halifax Counry, North Caralina, to James Farrell of Meck, for 40 £, a cerrain tract at land of about 200 acres in Meck on the lower side of Allens Cr bounded by Isbell, Nowell’s{Novell, Noel??} old line, Parks, Hatchel, Roffe, new line.signed William Ballard. Wit – > Edrnund Bugg, George Freeman, Anselm Bugg. Recorded Apr13, 1767.”

      • The Deeds of Halifax CO, North Carolina 1758-1771 abstracted by Dr. Stephen E. Bradley Jr. p. 63

        793-(389) MARY DODD and WILLIAM DODD of Lunenberg Co, Va. to WILLIAM BALLARD of Halifx Co 1 Oct. 1763 30 pounds of Virginia. 150 acres on south side of Roanoke River “near the mouth of Pork Creek” The land given to said Mary Dodd by her father’s will. Mary Dodd (x), William Dodd Wit: George Maybury (x), John Maybury, BEN BALLARD 17 Jan. 1764. AJ. : Jos. Monfort

      • Hi… thank you for sharing all of this research!

        I’m curious if you know who these two are: Elisha and William E. Ballard, both died in the 1820s in Martin County.

        Elisha Ballard’s will, 1823: . (is this the one from your records wish list under the Elisha page?)
        His brother, William E. Ballard’s 1827 will:

        I have seen trees where this Elisha is placed as a son or grandson of John Ballard and Mary Continent, but I can’t seem to fit those “theories” to facts in evidence. Whomever interpreted this family bible: believed that Elisha’s wife Elizabeth was an Everett. Aside from that, I’m stumped. Thoughts?

        As part of Halifax became Martin County, I have a suspicion that these two are descended from or closely related to the William who d. Halifax 1774?

      • Thank you for reminding me about those two wills! I had come across them, made a mental note to go back and transcribe them, and of course got distracted by some other research and forgot about it. I can’t really comment until I have transcribed them and studied them.

        Regarding “Mary Continent” — that’s the only place in the world I’ve ever encountered that name. I’m inclined to think its a bad transcription. I’ve never seen the original, only a published typscript. Perhaps the name is “Constant”? There was a Constant family residing in the vicinity of the northeast North Carolina Ballards. You’ll find this interesting — a researcher attempted to map land grants in that area — see this page:

        Click on the map to make it larger.

        I think the William Ballard who died in Halifax in 1774 descends from William Ballard of Charles City County; he was the son of Thomas Ballard of James City County (I think – I don’t believe many people agree with me). See and

      • Stephen, Martha Ballard was DEFINITELY married to Edward Finch. I can give you chapter and verse..
        Betty Sparks

      • Yes, please do! I’m always looking for information to flesh out these people’s stories.

      • Daphne,

        I’ve spent a little time with those wills. I think Elisha Ballard is the son of Joseph Ballard of Tyrrell County, North Carolina. I don’t have proof, but the names/places argue for it (to me). William E. Ballard is Elisha Ballard‘s son, which is evident from the fact he devises his property to his sisters (who are also named in Elisha’s will). I’ve added a page to the blog to hold a place for them. I had the Sherrod records from the Library of Virginia, but not that transcription (which is very helpful). This isn’t settled and I’d like more evidence, but its a reasonable assumption, I think.

        Elisha had a brother Silas, but in Martin County there are two Silas Ballard wills. There’s much to do there to sort these guys out.

      • Hi Stephen,

        Re: the two wills (Elisha and William in Martin County)…. I’ve since written the briefest of abstracts of them into the two men’s profiles on wikitree (this is Elisha: The wills make clear that William d. 1827 is the son of Elisha d. 1824 (I’m really in it for Elisha’s dau. Mary Ann fwiw). I now believe Elisha to be a son of Joseph who d. Tyrell County abt. 1773, although I’ve marked the relationship uncertain. I did a quick abstract of his will, too. It’s easier to figure out where these guys died than where they were born. 🙂

        That Surry map is amazing! I recognize many names on it from my dad’s atDNA test… I wonder if it will get me out of some dead ends…. regardless of whether I find my Ballards there. The atDNA tests are only so helpful when trying to untangle ones ancestors who “got lost” (to extant records) between VA and NC, because they seem to all have been related to each other anyway!

      • Whoops — I might have spoken too soon. In looking at the southeast corner of the Surry county map, I think I might see the beginnings of answers to my combined Ballard and Baker mysteries…. and if I can solve my Baker mystery, then I will owe you some extravagant gift for pointing me toward that map!

      • Re: Elisha, William E. It looks like we both came to about the same conclusions, Stephen. I just received the Martin County deed abstracts books from the historical society. I have enough MC ancestors that I don’t know why I didn’t order them sooner…. Do you have those books? They cover 1774-1810. I haven’t had the time to dig in to them yet, but I can try to let you know what I turn up in there on Ballards.

      • This isn’t my line or Lineage Group (I’m in Lineage Group I; these guys are Group II), so I don’t devote as many resources or time to other lines as much as I do to my own. But I pay attention in order to try to sort out all of them, since the families tend to overlap geographically. No, I don’t own the Martin County deed abstracts. I may eventually … Any info you care to share is appreciated!

  2. This is so cool to find! I am thoroughly researching all of my family lines, although jumping around a bit – I started back up again with the Ballards and found this blog.

    My lineage is:

    10)Col Thomas Ballard (1631 – 1688)(10th great grandfather)
    9)Col Thomas Ballard Jr. (1655 – 1711) Son of Col Thomas
    8)William Ballard (1682 – 1754) Son of Col Thomas Bland 7)William Ballard Sr. (1704 – 1792) Son of William
    6)Phillip Ballard (1750 – 1824) Son of Bland William
    5)John William Ballard I (1785 – 1875) Son of Phillip
    4)William R Ballard (1811 – 1865) Son of John William 3)Squire Woodson ‘Wood’ A Ballard (1834 – 1912) Son of William R [GGG Grandfather]
    2)Sarah Belle Ballard (1857 – ) Daughter of Squire Woodson[Great Great Grandmother]
    1)John William Figgins (1888 – 1939) Son of Sarah Belle
    [Great Grandfather]
    0)Berle Wilson Figgins Sr. (1921 – 1995) Son of John William [Maternal Grandfather]

  3. This is an outstanding web site. Perhaps you can help me. I am trying to locate the diary of Harris Ballard. It is referenced in the SAR application of Henry Smith Ballard in 1942 and also in the work of Lynn Miller. I am hoping someone has made copies of it. I am a descendant of Harris Ballard.

    • Martha,

      We’ve corresponded over the years — nice to hear from you! My source of that information was the Sons of American Revolution application you reference. I would suspect that the diary of Harris Ballard was in the possession of Henry Smith Ballard in 1942; are there cousins you’ve lost touch with who might have it, assuming it survives?

      • I thought you might be the same Stephen Ballard I communicated with many years ago. I am so impressed with your site, an enormous amount of work has gone into it and it’s a line that has never been explored before.
        I’m trying to track down the descendants of Henry. I have the SAR application but the Hatcher Family Assoc won’t accept it as proof of Harris’ children, they want a copy of the actual diary. It would be nice for everyone in the Harris line so see the actual diary. I wish I knew a Ballard male descendant for the DNA test. If I hear anything on the diary I will be sure to let you know.
        Vancouver, WA

  4. I’m hoping you can help me. My great-great-great grandmother was Charlotte Ballard, allegedly the daughter of John Ballard and Elizabeth Nalley, born in 1823 (again, allegedly because years of birth on census records are suspect). She married James Matthew (Madison) Johnson, and their daughter Annie married Richard Hilary Watson. Their daughter Mary Willie married Victor Ivo Boone. Their daughter, my grandmother), Mary Willie, married William Oscar Sweat.

    I know her last name is Ballard based on death certificates of her children. She’s listed as Lottie Ballard. The one thing, try as I might, I can’t actually confirm is that John Ballard and Elizabeth Nalley were her parents. She was born in Nelson County, Kentucky, and I know the Ballards were quite the presence in Bardstown, Nelson County, Kentucky.

    The last child in your section on John Ballard and Elizabeth Nalley is Ann Lucretia who was born in 1822. Could this be the same person? Were there possibly children born after Ann Lucretia?

    At present, at least with the Ballard line, I’m stuck. Thanks for any help you can offer.

    Brentwood, TN

    • My knowledge of this line is limited to the secondary sources you see here, so unfortunately I have nothing more to add (at the moment, anyway).

      However, coincidentally, I have exchanged a couple of messages with another descendant of this line. May I share your email with her?

      • Yes, please share my email with her.

        I did find, in the Proctor Ballard section, a notation mentioning Charlotte (and her marriage to James Madison Johnson). She’s listed in the section about John (131) son of Proctor and Elizabeth Hammett.

        I believe she is related to this Ballard line, I’m just not sure how. My guess is that all the Ballards in Nelson County at that time were related. I’d just love to figure out her connection, and verify, if possible, if she’s the daughter of John and descended down through the generations from Thomas.


      • Hello, My name is bland Ballard the fourth I was born in Lexington Ky My father is Bland Ballard the third and my grandfather is Bland Ballard the second and so on this is amazing! My Email is share it with who ever you would like

  5. I am trying to find some information on the father of Lucy Ballard b 1799 in Virginia?? d 1882 in Dougherty County, GA. I think her father was James Ballard and it appears he died some time between 1805 and 1814. His wife was Francis ??? but later remarried and was Francis Ballard Gafford who I think died 7 Sept 1857 est.

    • It took a while to go through my records, but I have not come across that family. Wish I could help!

  6. I am was so excited to have found your Ballard Blog!!
    I am searching for something specific on Thomas Ballard B: 1630 and his son Thomas Ballard, Jr B 1665 in VA. I am trying to prove Thomas (Jr.) daughter, Elizabeth who married William Smith.
    I am hoping someone might point me in the right direction or have what I am in search of.

    I do have info on Elizabeth Ballard & William Smith children. Several of their grandsons served in the American Revolution.

    • It took a while for me to find time to look into this — unfortunately, I have not researched the descendants of William Smith and Elizabeth Ballard. If there is anything you could share, it would be greatly appreciated. Everything I have on them appears on the blog.

  7. Wow! I too am glad I found this site. I am in the beginning stages of trying to locate my relatives. I was born into the family of R.S. and Thelma Hawkins Ballard August 15, 1942 in Pensacola, Florida. I was given up for adoption at birth. My father was believed to be a part of the U.S. Army at the time of my birth.

    If you can point me in some direction to begin the chase I would appreciate it. Gerald Ward

    • Gerald: The 1940 census will be out around April of this year ( and that may be a huge help in tracking your family. You can get a two week free trial on ancestry but you can also look at family trees on ancestry for free. A heads up though, many of the trees have incorrect information on them, but you may connect with others researching your tree.
      I had a couple Ballards in my line that wandered into Florida, I’ll check my line. Good luck.

  8. Greetings,
    This is a beautiful blog in both content and style! I happened upon your site while researching my own first cousin lines of the marriage between John Thomas Ballard (b. 1/6/1834) m. (9/7/1854) Effie Winlock (b. 5/13/1833). Her grandfather, General Joseph Winlock is my 4G grandfather. I believe we share many ‘allied’ family crossovers—across hundreds of years. Thanks for the excellent and responsible genealogy tome. I am grateful to find this as an inspiration for my own work.

    How did you publish the fabulous rainbow colored pedigrees to your blog? They are so easy to follow. Is there some kind of pedigree app (or Word Press app) you have used for your entire site?

    Thank you so very much,
    Jane G.D.F.R. (initials only for privacy concerns)

    • Thank you so much. I wanted pedigrees to use as illustrations of each family group so its easier to comprehend relationships. I use Mac Family Tree to keep track of all the family lines, and with it I am able to generate the pedigrees, which I then copy as a jpeg file to my desktop, then insert into each page as an illustration. See this link for more information. I can’t say if its better or worse than others; its the only one I’ve used, and it has served me well.

      I do wish I had more time to devote to the blog — I have an important update I need to work on, but the living keep interfering.

  9. Mac Family Tree rocks! I downloaded the demo after your post and LOVE it. Have struggled with reports in the (other) program I have been using…thanks TWICE today from all the living in me and our 86G,
    –Jane G.D.F.R.

  10. Stephen, is connecting William Ballard of MA with Thomas Ballard of VA with Henry and Elizabeth as parents.

    Do you have any knowledge of the relationship?

    Charleston, SC

    • I’ve seen many variations of this claim, but no proof has ever been presented, to my knowledge. Does this tree you consulted provide documentary proof? I just did a search on Ancestry and came across the following persons listed as the parents of Thomas Ballard of James City county, born 1630:

      1. William Ballard and Elizabeth Lee
      2. Henry Ballard and Anne —
      3. Thomas Ballard and — Chelsey
      4. Henry Ballard and Anna Napper
      5. William Ballard and Mary Elizabeth Grissel
      6. Thomas Ballard and Anna Napper

      I know some of these names from the Herald’s Visitations, but no proof of connections of those families with America.

    • Hi Don. I’ve been digging up Ballards for about 30 years and have seen folks try and tie the northern and southern lines together for all 30 years but no real proof has been forthcoming. I love ancestry but there is a lot of wishful thinking in some of the trees.

  11. Hello,

    Your site is very informative. Thank you for putting all of the information together. My mother’s maiden name is Ballard and we were going over the information she has on our family tree and she has our line of the family as descendants from Dowan Ballard.

    She had a few questions to verify the information that she has. Could you send me your email so I can ask them for her? My email is

    Ray Reyes

    • Wow that is going to shake some trees Thank you Stephen for all your work so glad to see you back on line

      Sent from my iPhone

  12. Stephen;
    I am still working finding proof of Harris Ballard b. 1785 (probably really 1765) being the father of my Jesse Ballard. The SAR application of Henry Smith Ballard that refers to the diary of Harris Ballard has not been found. The only male descendant of Henry Smith Ballard died without issue and there is no existing record as to what happened to his personal effects. The SAR has been totally uncooperative regarding the application and supporting documents that may have accompanied it. The local SAR believes the national office destroyed all supporting documents they had years ago. (That made me scream) Henry Smith Ballards bio is so full of errors as to be useless. I have tracked down a few supposed descendants of Harris Ballard but none have enough interest to agree to a DNA test.
    The hunts continues.
    I spend a great deal of time at my local FHC reading microfilms. If there are any films you would like looked at I would be happy to order them and give you a report and/or scan of any records of interest.

    • Is Harris Ballard the same as Harrison Ballard? I found a mention of Harrison Ballard in a Lynchburg VA court case in 1840, where his brother John Ballard makes a deposition witnessing someone (not Harrison) signing a gamble note ( which got the gambling guy in trouble. At the end of the deposition, he says that Harrison went out west and he didn’t know if he was still alive. I believe John Ballard, of Amherst Co VA had a son whom he named John H(arisson) Ballard. Where did your Harris Ballard live? Children?? Trying to prove a connection between John Ballard Sr and John H. Ballard, alleged son. Info about Harris might give me some more family connections.


      • I have never seen my Harris Ballard referred to as Harrison except on some folks trees that have made his name more formal. I do wish people would stop doing this or furnish proof.   My sister’s legal name was Sue as stated on her birth certificate  but I have seen too many trees where she is listed as Susan. His father’s will, Micajah Ballard called his son Harris in 1821. (,/node/1265) In ‘Old Virginia Court” by Marshall Wingfield, page 159 (available on google books) he is referred to as Harris Ballard when he serves as a witness in Bedford Co., Va.As a member of the Zoar Bapt Church in Lawrence Co., Ohio he is again called Harris.In an SAR application by 1942 he is called Harris.He is also called just Harris in court papers in Greenup Co., KY when there was a land dispute between his landlord and a Mr. Carthart.  Sorry don’t have the details in front of me.

        Through DNA both my brother and myself had a match (very strong 3rd-4th cousin)to descendants of Farley Hatcher, the father of Sarah Hatcher, the known wife of my Harris Ballard.  This confirmed my belief that my Jesse Ballard was in fact the son of Harris. 

        My Ballard line, as proved through DNA, wills is:Richard Ballard m. Usley HubbardRichard Ballard m. Joan Martin Micajah Ballard b. ca. 1736 probably VA) d. 6 Jun 1821 Lawrence Co., Ohio m. Joice RandolphHarris Ballard b. ca 1765 VA md. ca. 1845 Lawrence Co., Ohio m. Sarah Hatcher 23 Feb 1810 Gallia Co., OhioJesse Ballard b. 2 May 1811 Kentucky (probably Greenup Co) d. 10 Jun 1891 Clay Co., Ill m. Ruhamah DeeringMary Jane Ballad b. 11 Nov 1838 Lawrence Co., Ohio d. 30 Mar 1916 Clay Co., Ill m. Hiram Jefferson Doggett. The will of Micajah Ballard 1821 lists the following children: Wife JoiceDau ElizabethSon HarrisSon StephenSon MicajahSon Jesse I hope this helps a little.  BTW, are you a member of ancestry? I can list you as a guest on my tree where I have all my documentation. Martha

        From: Ballard of Virginia To: Sent: Sunday, February 14, 2016 1:18 AM Subject: [New comment] Introduction. #yiv9948520084 a:hover {color:red;}#yiv9948520084 a {text-decoration:none;color:#0088cc;}#yiv9948520084 a.yiv9948520084primaryactionlink:link, #yiv9948520084 a.yiv9948520084primaryactionlink:visited {background-color:#2585B2;color:#fff;}#yiv9948520084 a.yiv9948520084primaryactionlink:hover, #yiv9948520084 a.yiv9948520084primaryactionlink:active {background-color:#11729E;color:#fff;}#yiv9948520084 Dana commented: “Is Harris Ballard the same as Harrison Ballard? I found a mention of Harrison Ballard in a Lynchburg VA court case in 1840, where his brother John Ballard makes a deposition witnessing someone (not Harrison) signing a gamble note ( which got the gambling” | |

  13. Hello. My maiden name is Ballard and I was doing some research on the name and found this. Just trying to find more info on my family. Thanks, by the way there are tons in the state of Maryland!

    • Yes, I know — I’ll get to them someday. The Maryland lines are connected to the Massachusetts lines, which is very interesting.

  14. I am interested in using your research and need to reference it. I am only ‘publishing’ to my immediate family. Can you please let me know how you wish to be referenced eg as a blog?

    I am related to the Ballards of Mecklenberg County, Virginia on my maternal grandfather. I’ve seen alot of the Ballards on my paternal grandfather Quaker side although we are not directly related.


    Trish McDonald

  15. hi Stephen,

    Just wanted to say thanks for all the work you’re doing. I’m a descant of Bland W and have been trying to work through some of the details of the movements of the Ballard’s from VA to KY (my grandfather was Jack Ballard (Joseph Damon) of Marion County). Best, Jack Ballard, Jr.

    • Many thanks, Jack — always appreciated. Have you had a yDNA test? If you’re a descendant in the male line, you should, and participate in the Ballard DNA Group. Family Tree DNA is having a “sale” until the end of the year. The more people who test, the larger the pool of genes to compare and help sort out those nagging problems where records may not exist. Test to the highest level you’re comfortable paying for in order to get the best data.

  16. 10th – Thomas Ballard is my direct 10th great paternal grandfather. For lineage is:
    9th – Thomas Ballard, Sr. (1630-1689)
    8th – Thomas Ballard, Jr. (1654-1711)
    7th – William Ballard (1675 or 1687 – 1754)
    6th – William Ballard Jr. (1715-1794)
    5th – David Ballard (1750-1822)
    4th – Joseph Ballard (1770–1848)
    3rd – John Ballard (1793-1846)
    2nd great gfa – Gov. David Wesley Ballard (1824-1883)
    great gmo – Florence Ballard (married John Berry Slater) (1861-1934)
    gfa – Ronald Ballard Slater (1892-1972)
    fa – Ronald Ballard Slater Jr.
    Ronald Albert Slater (me)

    I have research.

  17. I understand that this site is mainly for the Ballards of VA & KY, but I was hoping someone out there could help me with some info on the Ballards of MD( Somerset/Worcester Counties). I am trying to find the parents of Daniel Ballard born 1791-94 in Snow Hill, Worcester Co. MD. He was married to Nancy Bowen on 1/7/1840. His children were my great grandfather Edward(1841) who married Mary A. Hall in 1868, William(1843) & Virginia(1848). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I see from the 1850 census that your Daniel Ballard (age 56) and his wife Nancy (along with the children you name) are enumerated on the same page as George R. (54) and Levin (65), who are probably his brothers. The three households come one after another — the proximity is no accident.

      Daniel’s house was in Manokin, in Princess Anne County, according to this National Register application.

      Click to access msa_se5_19748.pdf

      Levin and Daniel appear to have served in the Militia during the War of 1812, having mustered out of Somerset. See page I-59 of the attached. A “Severn Ballard” is also named. I have no idea who Severn might be, but someone of the name appears in several British publications of the time, usually as “John Severn Ballard.”

      Click to access mdeasternshoremilitia.pdf

      Interestingly, a Levin Ballard is named in a lawsuit from 1769 in Somerset, which suggests it may be worth looking at this individual as a possible relation, assuming they are brothers.

      If Levin and Daniel do prove to be brothers, then you need to explore the following. The paragraph in the link below describes the lineage of one William Wirt Ballard, born in November 15, 1835. The 1850 Census mentioned above (available on shows Levin Ballard, age 65, Sally, 60, Sarah, 29, Margaret, 23, and William W., 14 (born 1835 — the census enumeration took place in September 1850).

      According to this sketch, this William Wirt Ballard was the son of Levin Ballard and Sarah M. (Willing) Ballard. Levin fought in the War of 1812 and was a Captain, as we saw from the muster list above.

      Levin’s father was Jarvis Ballard, a revolutionary war soldier.

      Jarvis’ father was a George Ballard who came to America from England in 1732.

      I don’t know the source of all this information, but its a good start. Note that it was written when William Wirt Ballard was living, so he was likely the source of this lineage.

      I find this very interesting. Your job now, I think, is to confirm whether or not Levin, Daniel and George are brothers (note: there is a William H., age 62, listed in George’s household – no clue of their relationship), and take it from there. Hope this helps.

  18. A correction: the Daniel Ballard farm referenced above belonged to a different Daniel Ballard. This is evident from reading the National Register application attached to that document.

    Interestingly, a Jarvis Ballard house survives, and is listed in the National Register as “The Waddy House.” See the Somerset County, Maryland listings here:

  19. Stephen do you have to be male in order to get in on the DNA testing? My 4th great grandfather
    was Proctor Ballard of Bardstown Ky. I descend from his 2nd wife Mary Ann Woodward..

    • I’m not an expert but I just learned that you the test to take under those circumstances is an autosomal DNA test. Family tree DNA has one called Family Finder, and it’s just $99. I just ordered it myself; no results available yet. You should do it.

  20. Stephen; While we are on the subject – I recently submitted YDNA to Family Tree for another line. I do have MT DNA on my brother, a descendant of Micajah Ballard and Thomas Ballard via our great grandmother. (solid paper trail) Would it be beneficial to the DNA study to have his results trfr’d to FT?

  21. My error, the paper trail I have is from Richard Ballard to Micajah, not from Thomas!

    • Martha, I am also a descendant of Richard and Micajah Ballard…do you have info on Richard’s ancestry? Do you think they descend from Thomas (b.1630)?

      • This isn’t Martha – Martha Cieglo has nothing to do with this blog, other than occasionally commenting.

        Personally, I do not believe that Richard Ballard from Essex/Caroline was a relation of Thomas Ballard of James City County. There are no geographic or familial connections that I have come across.

      • Hello Mary.
        I have never even tried to trace Richard Ballard. I am hoping DNA tests will point us in the right direction. Have you submitted any dna? The Ballard matches I have had with DNA confirm the Richard relationship but have not seen any results that take us back farther. Stephen would know more than I do on this.

  22. Hello Stephen,
    I have just started researching this side of my family tree. I have just discovered the Ballards in my roots. I am in KY…ran into the Ballard Lineage 4 generations back… 4 times Gt, her father Larkin Ballard, his father Phillip, and his father William Ballard…places of birth are Monroe Co, VA, St. Ann’s Parish Essex Co Va, and Orange Co, Va. Any info on this family would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you so much.
    Joyce Bowling

    • Is there anyway I can be of help? My great grandmother was Sarah Bertha Ballard Born in 1879 in Lexington, KY. Apparently, via some information my aunt sent to me, her grandfather was a Henry Ballard who was from Fayette County, KY and married Eliza Jane Griggs. Henry and Eliza had a son named James who we believe was Sarah Bertha Ballards father. At one time I understood that I would need to find a Ballard family sponsor to do any testing. So far, I have not been able to find any that I know of. Any thoughts appreciated. John Ballard Heuring Jr.

      • Clarified a little better: Henry Ballard who married Eliza Jane Griggs in 1846 and had one child (that I know of) James (b.1847) who married Anna Devorah White in Fayette, Cnty,KY in 1870 and had a child Sarah Bertha Ballard.

      • Hi Stephen, I don’t really have the total resources or knowledge to do much more than google around online to the various ancestry related forums as I have done over the years. Haven’t had much luck. Of course i have always hoped something new would turn up online. Quite a few “Henry” Ballards out there it would seem but haven’t seen any trees that have been put together that might conform to that date (1846) with a Henry, James or, of course, the Griggs or White maiden names as spouses. Of course I was hoping my tree info may help someone else fill in some blanks as well. If Henry married in 1846 it would mean, I would think, it would have put him to have been born in the 1830 + or – time frame?? I guess it is possible it could have been a second marriage when he had James.

      • If Henry married in 1845, he was probably at least 21 years old, which gives you an 1825+/- time frame. You don’t say where Henry lived. Where might that be?

    • Hi Joyce, Just read your info. on Stephen’s blog (my first time finding his blog). We seem to be from the same line! Sarah Sallie Elizabeth Ballard (m. John K. Pettit) is my 2nd gr-grandmother. Her father was Larkin Ballard (m. Rebecca Elizabeth Gaines). Larkin’s father, Philip Ballard, is in my DNA Circle on, but I have no DNA evidence so far for generations earlier than Philip. However, I do count my Ballard line back to Thomas Ballard (1630-1689), as you do. My hope is that DNA tests will enable confirmation of the paper trail back to Thomas (1630-89).
      I am female, but my brother also did the DNA test, so it might be useful in some way. Our surname is not Ballard, so my brother does not qualify for Stephen’s DNA project referenced above on this blog. If you have or will take the DNA test, it’s likely that we would be in the same DNA Circle. At any rate, it’s great to locate you as a “cousin” who is interested in our family trees. If you wish to see my tree, it is public on –jaturner

  23. Good evening Stephen.
    I wonder if you would be kind enough to send me an e-mail where I can send you a confidential message/question regarding a Y-DNA test result.
    Thank you,

  24. Steven,
    I believe that I am a descendant of Col. Thomas Ballard of James City. I don’t know if you want to here from me; my name is Richard Thomas. I have researched my family lines back to Thomas Ballard through John Ballard of Mechlenburg County Virginia. I would be willing to send my documented genealogy work to you to decide if my participation in the DNA project would be helpful. At any rate my file would certainly be helpful some some people. I would participate with DNA. I won’t log in or request notices until I know what you have to say.

    • I’m thrilled to hear from you. Documentation is certainly well received; however, y-DNA testing is of value only if you are a descendant in the male line, so a DNA test would not contribute “to the cause.” However, I’d love to see whatever you would care to share.

  25. I have been trying to find out who are the parents of a Dudley Ballard. He was born between 1740 and 1750 I believe In North Carolina or Virginia. I have had my DNA done. I have Been searching for over 5 years and cannot find anything. He was married to A Sallie Duke.

    • If you’re tracing the male line, you need to test (or cause to be tested) a male relative with the Ballard surname. Unfortunately, I don’t have much on the Dudley Ballard who married Sallie Duke. I’ve seen records online, and he is on my “to do” list, but I don’t have an answer for you. Has a male Ballard relative of yours been tested?

  26. I noticed that somebody said this site was primarily for Va and KY lines. I hope it’s okay for me to post. I finally found the line of descent to Reuben Ballard’s wife Apsilla (who was also a Ballard, daughter of Abraham of Perquimans, NC, perhaps cousins?) of NC, GA and KY. I’m interested in Reuben and Apsilla because they were in the same places as my Humphrey Ballard of Granvillle, NC and Wilkes Co., GA. As far as I can tell, Reuben and Apsilla left Wilkes for Mercer County, Kentucky. Reuben died about 1820 in Warren Co., KY. I can trace Apsilla’s line but not Reuben’s. I am so stuck with Humphrey Ballard that I am looking at a lot of Ballard lines. Reuben and Humphrey did interact by witnessing some deeds, etc. Can anyone out there help me? I have found a male Ballard, descended from Humphrey, who is submitting his DNA for Y-37. I’m putting a lot of hope in this test.
    Jane Brazell Sisolak

    • Please read the introduction. I began with Virginia and Kentucky (my own lines) but have branched out into following the lines wherever they go, and lately concentrating on North Carolina. I’ve seen your postings on newsgroups about this line, and I’m very interested in learning more. And I’m definitely looking forward to learning the yDNA results of the descendant of Humphrey Ballard.

      • FTDNA received the Ballard DNA from Humphrey’s line today. I will let you know as soon as I know something. Meanwhile, I’ll keep looking.
        Jane Brazell Sisolak

      • That’s really awesome. I’ve been working with a couple of other researchers on trying to figure out these Virginia/North Carolina lines. I’ve only recently (in the last year) started studying them in earnest.

      • Question: what are your thoughts on this deed abstract from Warren County, NC? Do you think Humphrey is William’s brother? A son? A cousin?

        DB-l, page 71. 19 August 1765. WILLIAM BALLARD, Planter, to my loving son JOHN BALLARD, both of Bute Co. Deed of Gift, for love, good will & affection, to all lands, goods & chattles in my present possession in Bute Co., already delivered to him and contained in an inventory of this same date. Wit: HUMPHREY BALLARD, MATTHEW MACKMILLION, JOHN EDWARDS. Deed, with schedule annexed, proved by MATTHEW McMILLION, Bute January Court 1766, and Ordered Registered, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C. Schedule lists: 186 A. of land, description of marks of livestock, etc. Wit: HUMPHREY BALLARD, MATTHEW MACMILN, JOHN EDWARDS. Proved by MATHEW McMILON, Bute January Court 1766, BEN McCULLOCH, C.C.Deed & Schedule Reg: 4 November 1766, by WILLM. JOHNSON, P.R.

  27. My name is Justin D Ballard – Descendant of William Marion Ballard sr – Born-death 1806-1890 in Rowan County, North Carolina. Any information about his father or generations behind would be greatly appreciated. Thank

    • I don’t know anything about this gentleman, but there is someone in the DNA project claiming descent from a William Marion Ballard who was born 1807 in North Carolina, died 1870 in Hill County, Texas. I don’t know if this is the same person. This particular family is listed in “Other” — there aren’t enough participants of that particular line that could allow anyone to make any conclusions about the line. If this is the same line of descent, it would be a great help (to you!) if you would join in.

    • I’m a desendent of a Dudley Ballard Of Rowan Count NC also I’m totally stuck I cannot find for sure if he was born in NC or Virginia. So I’m kinda in the same plce. I also had my DNA done and it hasn’t really helped but I’m still trying to find what I can.

  28. Hello, Assistants is needed on Ballards in Virginia. My G Grandfather. George Washington Ballard(GWB), was born in Virginia in 1830 and so was his parents according to his Census records. in my search through many records, have not been been able to find a GWB born in 1830. Could all of Virginia’s records been destroyed in the Civil war? Accord to some DNA work on some of his living relatives, he is in lineage group one. Are there any experts Virginia Ballards that could give me some guidance? Ken Ballard Thanks in advance!

    • I think you need to search the land records for the relevant counties and find every mention of him possible. Did he own land? If he did, a conveyance might, for example, recite “To George Washington Ballard of —- County, Virginia (or wherever he came from before arriving in that place). I understand he has been found in the 1900 and 1880 Federal census, but what about 1870, 1860 and 1850? I’m not familiar with Arkansas records (I’ve looked at a few in Tennessee), but I imagine there are tax lists.

  29. Hello Virginia Researchers,
    Can anyone tell me anything about George Washington Ballard(my great grandfather) born in Virginia in 1830? This information was obtained from a 1900 Census taken in Pike county Ar. shortly before his death. Would like to know where he was born in Virginia, the name of his parents an if he had a family there before he married my great grandmother in 1869 in the state of Miss. Thanks Ken Ballard

  30. Hi Stephen, I’m Ronald Allen Ballard, I’ve gotten back to Henry Ballard 1577, my family has been in eastern NC since the civil war and in VA before that

    • Do you Know if he had anyone in his family named Dudley Ballard born in 1750? He also lived in NC.

  31. Hi Stephen,
    For those seeking info about Dudley Ballard, I do not have specific knowledge, however, I strongly suspect he is the son of William and Jane Ballard Dudley. As I recall, she may be a widow of a Ballard husband with children by him. She married William in 1740. He is my gggg grandfather’s(Richard) brother. They are sons of Captain George Dudley and Judith Armistead of Virginia.

    If anyone has taken an autosomal test, they can check for common matches with mine. I have matches to Armistead, Lee, Burwell, Ware, Taylor, Valentine.These are allied families to Armistead.

    The Y DNA test for males is more important at the moment for sorting out the various Ballard lines, but also take the autosomal as well, if you can afford to. Both male and females can compare common matches and DNA segments. I had a group administrator of a surname DNA site confirm several autosomal matches against a specific lineage Y group of that surname.

    And for the reason I am on this site, I am a Ballard descendent as well. My ggg grandfather was Robert Ballard of Marion County, South Carolina. I suspect he is either of the Onslow County, NC Ballards or of the Tyrell County, NC Ballards. The name Robert runs in the Tyrell branch. It appears that line moved into Camden, Kershaw, Lancaster area of South Carolina. There is a Robert in that area on 1790 Census.

    There is a record of a Robert in the Orangeburg, SC area. Census shows a John Ballard there 1790. My Robert is on 1810 Census in Marion. I have an Orangeburg connection. My Robert is married to Rachel Barrow, daughter of James Barrow and Ann Gibson. Ann remarried to Samuel Roark of Orangeburg. Additionally, not far away, in Marion(now in Dillon) County, resided Ann Ballard Shackleford and Francis Shackleford. Ann is of the Onslow Ballards. A brother Benjamin Ballard moved to Orangeburg a generation earlier. Another brother was Jesse who married a Shackleford. This Jesse may have been the Lighthouse keeper in Charleston and also on the coast of North Carolina. In the adjacent County of Horry near the coast was another Jesse Ballard, perhaps a son or nephew, who was married to an Elizabeth Skrine. Nearby was a William Shackleford. In Georgetown port, the first lighthouse keeper in 1800 was John Shackleford. The Georgetown area Jesse and Elizabeth Skrine had a daughter named Susannah, born in 1792, who married a Dr. Shecut of Charleston. He was a prominent citizen and an announcement was placed in the Charleston Courier.

    I suspect my Robert to be a son Benjamin, but am not sure yet. His wife was a Herman, and I match some Herman/Harmon, but not many.

    Jeff Dudley

    • I haven’t spent much time with Dudley Ballard, but I find this very interesting because a Dudley Ballard served in Robert Ballard of Mecklenburg’s company during the Revolution, and it makes sense that he could have been a nephew or cousin. I need to study this — thanks for writing.

      • Apologies for my massive posting error, I meant Dudley Ballard was probably a NEPHEW of William and Jane Ballard Dudley. So, unless a daughter of Captain George Dudley and Judith Armistead married a Ballard and had a son named Dudley Ballard, the Armistead matches will not apply. I found an internet reference that Jane Ballard Dudley is the daughter of Robert Ballard and Jane Wyeth.

      • Keep up the good work ! Hope you are on the right track cant wait to see what else you find for us. .

  32. Have 2 questions. Father did the 64-DNA test for Poindexter lineage, can it also be used for the Ballard lineage? Samuel Ballard (Cherokee des) is in the line also. Any info connecting the two lines?

    • No. He took a yDNA test they traces the male y-chromosome for your Poindexter line. I’m not the familiar with Samuel Ballards Lind; you should check with his descendants.

      • Hi Stephen,
        Feel sure that there may be information gained by contact with my second match:
        Mr. Donald Leroy Ballard Jr.

        email FTDNA Tip note GEDCOM Viewer Y-DNA111 FF
        Samuel Ballard, b 1800. d.1862 R-CTS4466 CTS4466 6/16/2015
        Kenneth Lee Ballard

  33. Hello Stephen, would you happen to know of a Jonathan Ballard and a Mary A. Dawson? These are the Ballards of Fauquier County, VA.

      • Well, I don’t have specific birthdays but if I had to guess, I’d say Johnson was born about 1770 and she was born about 1780, both in Fauqiuer County I presume. They were married in 1800.

  34. It is delightful to discover your blog, and thank you so much for sharing your work. I am descended from one of the “North Carolina came to us” Ballard family — as far as I can tell from Abraham Ballard, but at my great-grandmother Annie Ballard (one of Stephen D. Ballard’s daughters), the line follows down the female side. I have had one of the Ancestry DNA tests within the past year.

    Although you are looking for male samples, if the newer DNA tests on women would be useful to your research, please let me know. After realizing that many of the assertions on Ancestry family trees is suspect (to be polite), I’ve been going through my lineages and looking for reliable sources — not just someone copying someone else’s tree. I’ve got a long way to go before finishing that project. Virginia releasing scans of the actual birth, marriage, death, and divorce records has been a tremendous help, though. Still, even those aren’t always correct. My grandfather gave information for his brother-in-law’s death certificate, and gave the incorrect father’s name.

    Coincidentally, I came across Derby’s Ballard Bits tonight, as well as your site. You’ve listed Ballard Bits as questionable … is there a particular reason to believe it unreliable? It is my intention to check his citations, if possible, at least as far as my line is concerned.

    Best regards,

    • Thanks for writing, and I hope you find information that’s useful to you. My opinion of the correctness of various lines evolves as I delve deeper in the records.

      As far as Derby’s work is concerned – I’ve checked many of his references, and nearly all of them are secondary sources which, as you know, can often contain errors and wishful connections. In several places his documented source is a letter from another researcher, and there is no way to check that. It’s a good resource, but use with caution.

      • Yes, your site has already been very useful, not only to help me understand my particular line better, but also reinforces the principle of caution and question everything when researching. I came across some folks on Ancestry who were documenting Ralph Ballard with a naturalization record showing him repudiating his allegiance to King George V … and a few other people just blindly accepting and incorporating into their trees. I don’t know which is more disturbing, the blind acceptance, or that these people seem to have no idea George V was King during WWII, and that if Ralph Ballard died in 1722, he was buried several hundred years before some other man, Stanley Ralph Ballard on the document, repudiated allegiance.

        On the other hand, the internet can be a lovely thing. You may alread have this in your files, but it gave me a smile to find the original images of Jethro Ballard’s (d.1802) will, inventory and probate. Also, an image of Jethro Ballard’s marriage bond to Elizabeth Sumner; however, I’m not very good at reading the old writing, so I’m not certain who paid and who received the 50 pounds mentioned, only that there was 50 pounds involved in the marriage contract! The Colonial Records of North Carolina, Volume 4 – 1734 to 1752, contains a transcription of the session appointing Abraham Ballard as a Justice. I’d love to see the original, handwritten version, but suspect if I did, I wouldn’t be able to read it. It’s probably in the hundreds of thousands of document images North Carolina has put online, but I just haven’t found it yet.

        Best regards,


      • I think when studying the Ballards in North Carolina who found themselves there after the boundary change, we need to literally map out where they were living in order to tease out relationships with other families nearby. This is something I have not yet had a chance to do. Actually, a company has done it for us but I need to get a PC (I have a Mac at home) to use their software. See The Index for Suffolk county lists (and maps) the early patents of Elias/Elisha/John/Joseph Ballard in the vicinity of Nansemond.

        The posting of online records really is a boon — but I share your bemusement when trying to decipher some ancient writing. Paul Ballard in England is a genius at it, but then he’s had practice deciphering ancient medieval manuscripts and translating some things from Latin. But then sometimes you find the same record in differing collections of abstracts, and that compiler may have interpreted the same writing differently.

      • Thank you for posting the directlinesoftware web address. I’ll check it out.

  35. Stephen, I told you that I would let you know when my male Ballard cousin’s DNA came back. He tested for Humphrey. I see that you have already discovered it. Also, I found someone to do the test for Reuben and that is also back and I see that you have found it as well. It confirmed what I believed about Humphrey and Reuben, that they share a common ancestry, but I do not know how. Brenda Pfluam and I are starting to work on that. Reuben and Humphrey are one marker different from Lewis.
    Jane Brazell Siisolak.
    If you would email me, I’ll try to send you the court paper naming Elisha Ballard as guardian of Apsilla and Bathsheba Ballard, daughters of Abraham Ballard.

  36. This message is for cullowheedawg who posted a few years ago. I found this information in Wilkes Co. GA probate records. I looked at it carefully because there were James Ballards descended from Humphrey Ballard, my ancestor. As I recall, a man with the last name of Gafford was the administrator for this estate. His widow, Fannie Willis married Mr. Gafford during the process and the admr. was changed. I had more information on payouts but can’t find it now. This James Ballard died around 1811, I think. I hope this helps if you haven’t already discovered yourself.

    Page 207–BALLARD, JAMES, dec’d. est. Thos. Grant, admr. Paid Daniel Owen, gdn, $150.00. Received in full of a note on Dunwoody Harrison, $134.50. To amount of judgment vs Fanny Gafford, admr in favor of J. Ballard, dec’d, $1270.24. Sept. 1, 1817.
    Page 221–Returns of Daniel Owen, gdn of Lucy, Sophia and Matilda Ballard, orphs of Jas. Ballard, dec’d. Paid Benj. Hill legal representative of Lucy Ballard, now Lucy Hill, $750.00, Feb. 15, 1817. Clothes, side saddle etc bought for Sophia and Matilda, Jan. 6, 1818.

    Jane Brazell Sisolak

  37. Stephen, this Ballard information is fantastic but I have only had time to read about my husband’s Ballard line: Bland Williams Ballard of Shelby County, Kentucky (1759-1853) >James Ballard of Oldham County, Kentucky (1783-1841) > Bland William Ballard of Aquilla, Texas (1824-1904). Is this the proper forum to discuss errors in your data and to provide additional information? Thank you.

    • Not having an editor, I welcome and encourage corrections and welcome additional information. The information on Bland Williams Ballard’s descendants was culled from an online genealogy (lacking references, unfortunately) from a Shackelford family. That’s there as a placeholder until I can study the lines and develop the section.

      • In the section for Bland Williams Ballard of Shelby County, Kentucky (1759-1853), p8/16:
        I believe there are errors in the paragraph of his son, James. 1.) Please check the James Ballard who represented Shelby county in the Kentucky Legislature in 1813 and 1814. Wasn’t the James, representative, the son of Bland Ballard Sr and a brother of Bland Williams? 2.) You have listed Martha (who married Bland A. Williamson, possibly the widower of her sister Elizabeth Ann) but James and “Betsy” (Shackelford) Ballard did not have a daughter namded Martha. They only had four children to reach adulthood. 3.) In this paragraph you list the youngest son as John Thomas Ballard but his names was James Thomas Ballard who married Lotsey Cross. I will send more information concerning the family of James and “Betsy” in another message tomorrow. Thank you.

      • I see, and I know where the error came from — relying on secondary sources like Ballard-Ballard Bits by William B. Derby. My disadvantage for the Kentucky lines is not having easy access to the Kentucky records. Thanks so much for the input — I’ll fix it.

  38. Recorded in Deed Book A, Page 1 at the Oldham County Courthouse in LaGrange, Kentucky is a deed dated 11 February 1824 “between Bland W. Ballard of the county of Shelby and state of Kentucky of the one part and James Ballard of the county of Oldham and state aforesaid of the other part witnesseth: that the said Bland W. Ballard for and in consideration of the natural love and affection that he has for his son James Ballard, and for the further sum of one dollar to him the said Bland W. Ballard in hand paid the receipt he doth hereby acknowledge the said Bland W. Ballard hath bargained and sold and by these presents doth bargain and sell unto the said James Ballard his heirs (etc) forever, one certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the said county of Oldham on the waters of Harrods Creek……”. The deed goes on to tell how Bland W. Ballard obtained the land and gives a description of the property. I have a copy of the deed but had to scan it in two parts as my scanner was not large enough to copy the entire page.

    I also have a copy of a deed dated 7 February 1854 and recorded in Deed Book I, Pages 15-16 that shows James Thomas Ballard sold his share of this same land to Addison M. Ballard, both of Oldham County. This deed states that he, James Thomas Ballard, received the land as a devisee of James Ballard, dec’d; the same tract was conveyed by Bland W. Ballard the father of said James to said James Ballard by deed (recorded on page 1, Deed Book A in Oldham county); the same tract of land allotted to said Bland W Ballard (Sr) in a division which took place between himself & his brother James Ballard of a tract of land (supposed) to contain 325 acres originally pattented to Bland Ballard the elder…..(continued wordage, signature and recorded).

    I hope these deeds help to document the relationship of Bland Williams Ballard of Shelby County, Kentucky, James Ballard of Oldham County (married Betsy Shackelford) and the children of James and Betsy.

  39. Stephen, I posted the above mentioned deeds on the Ballard Family History and Genealogy site on Face Book. What is the best method to share information about the James and Elizabeth (Shackelford) Ballard family with you?

  40. Hi, I was unable to find out who was the father of Lucinda Ballard who married John J. Case. I have thought by the association of people in the same area that her father might have been James Harold Ballard b. in 1788 in NC. He evidently had a son of the same name who is buried in the same cemetery as Lucinda. John Case died in the Civil war and is buried in VA. Can you help me with this line. Thanks, Elizabeth

  41. Thank you Stephen for opening this blog and sharing your 25+ years of research with us.

    I am hoping to find information about my line, like yours, also possibly descended from Thomas Ballard of James City County, VA. I am also very interested in the DNA tests, and being the only child (and female) of my father’s Ballard line, I would need some instruction on which one to choose and submit to the project.

    My known direct paternal family line, in pedigree order:

    Kathryn Ballard Shut (b. 1972) daughter of
    Timothy Lee Ballard (1948-2009), youngest son of
    Thomas Ballard (b.1920 in AL- d. Nov 1967 in Kansas City, MO), son of
    William Elga “W.E.” Ballard (b. 1893, Dorsey, MS – d. 1954 in TX), youngest son of
    Thamas Coggins Ballard (b. 1850 in SC – d. 1922 in MS), eldest son of
    John Alfred Ballard (1827-1898, of namesake Ballardsville, MS), son of
    Thomas Coggins Ballard (b. 1797, of Virginia; died before 1850 in Union, SC) …

    . . . and this is where I want to ensure that the rest of my research is correct, tracing back to several John Ballards, Colonel Thomas Ballards, and finally to Thomas of Virginia himself.

    I appreciate your help and those family members associated with this project.

    Best wishes,
    Kathryn Ballard Shut
    Denver, CO, USA

    • Kathryn,

      Glad to hear from you. Every inquiry seems to take things in a different direction — things being “me.” I had been working on trying to better understand the Ballards who settled in parts of Virginia that became part of North Carolina with a boundary adjustment in the 1790s, when I begin corresponding with a researcher with pretty compelling information about the ancestors of my earliest ancestor, Bland Ballard of Spotsylvania (which I am still parsing through). Someone else sent a news clipping from 1819 that opens another avenue of research, and now yours.

      First, DNA tests. Unfortunately since you are your father’s only child, there is no DNA test that would help with researching the Ballard line. The test subject for yDNA research must be a male descendant. Do you have a male cousin or uncle who could take the test for you?

      The best person to ask about this is the Ballard DNA Project administrator, David Boyett.

      Second, Thomas Coggins Ballard, who died in Union, South Carolina. I have not done much work in South Carolina; I need to find time to get to the Library of Congress to study whatever abstracts might be available there. I will point out, however, that a John Ballard of Union County, South Carolina left a will dated 21 August 1838 that names his son “Thomas C.” Ballard. I think I found this in the online records for the South Carolina archives. I believe he is the son of John Ballard of Albemarle County; John of Albemarle’s parentage is not clear, but like I said, I am working on information recently shared with me about that. I did a blog post about it, but I’m still working on the details.

      See this post.

    • Kathryn, the best test for a female who is looking for DNA relatives is the Family Finder Test from Family Tree DNA. As the other reply said to trace the yDNA is the most reliable but in my opinion there should be two tests. if you get an uncle and a cousin to test, they shouldn’t be father and son. That said, sometimes it is impossible to get more than one. Also you can get hair tested if the follicle is intact. It is expensive but it can be done. I’m not sure if FTDNA does this or not. If I were you I would do the Family Finder first and see who shows up.

      • Thank you so much, Stephen and Libby. Stephen, I read your excellent research on John Ballard of Albemarle and agree that this line is likely the same one whose descendants ended up in the Carolinas and further South to Alabama, Mississippi (for sure), and on. When you get to that point in your research, I am happy to share who we are and what I know.

        Libby, thanks for your answer about what females can do in this project. I will check the Family Finder DNA test, and see what I can find. We do have a few living male Ballards from my direct line, and I will reach out to see if they may be interested in taking the yDNA for the project here.


  42. Dear Sir,

    What an amazing site. While I am not a Ballard, I am seeking a photograph of the late Sen. Thruston Ballard Morton in his Navy uniform. My research of veterans records has been fruitless and my single attempt to contact his son was not successful.

    Do you have any recommendations? Thank you very much.

    – John T

  43. I know very little about what I’m trying to do. But, this is what I have found on (DNA)
    Ay help would e appreciated…
    John Ballard

    Henry Ballard
    Henry Ballard
    Birth 1575 • St Mary, Nottinghamshire, England
    Death 1642 • Warwick, Virginia, United States

    Henry Ballard (1575 – 1642)
    8th great-grandfather
    William Ballard Sr (1603 – 1689)
    son of Henry Ballard
    Thomas Ballard Sr. (1630 – 1687)
    son of William Ballard Sr
    Thomas Ballard (1654 – 1711)
    son of Thomas Ballard Sr.
    Capt. John Ballard (1693 – 1745)
    son of Thomas Ballard
    Captain John Ballard (1719 – 1779)
    son of Capt. John Ballard
    John Ballard Jr (1765 – 1838)
    son of Captain John Ballard
    John Alfred Ballard (1827 – 1898)
    son of John Ballard Jr
    Thomas Coggins Ballard (1850 – 1922)
    son of John Alfred Ballard
    WILLIAM Elga Ballard (1893 – 1954)
    son of Thomas Coggins Ballard
    John Britton Ballard
    You are the son of WILLIAM Elga Ballard

  44. Stephen,

    I have plenty of information on the Ballard Family for Isle of Wight County and Nansemond County (now City of Suffolk). I have spent several years working on the family tree and “validating” over 30 years worth of work my 94 year old cousin Robert H. Ballard of Suffolk provided me. Several Ballard folks from North Carolina have tried to “tie” to our Ballard line in the past, but I have not been able to definitively prove most of their assumptions. I also cannot prove prior to my direct ancestors Elisha Ballard and his wife Anne Lawrence. Fortunately most of my family never moved from Isle of Wight County and have owned the same farms for 200 years now. Isle of Wight has a courthouse that has great records that have never burned. I am happy to share my information.

    • Wow – what a crazy coincidence. I’m thrilled to hear from you. I’ve been discussing Isle of Wight Ballard families with my friend Brenda Ballard Pflaum in connection with our work trying to sort out the lines that “bled” over into North Carolina. Published pedigrees are all mixed up (as you know) and its really frustrating. Just yesterday I ordered abstracts of Isle of Wight records from Colonial Roots to work on that. Yes, I’d love to see whatever you care to share. My direct email is Thanks.

      • I’m new at this, and have no idea what I’m doing. But, I put together a little tree from what i could find on, and I signed up for ancestry DNA. I have been told that what I have is pretty much wrong an every way. I’ll let you take a look at it and see if you find anything of value..

        Henry Ballard
        Birth 1575 • St Mary, Nottinghamshire, England
        Death 1642 • Warwick, Virginia, United States

        Henry Ballard (1575 – 1642)
        8th great-grandfather
        William Ballard Sr (1603 – 1689)
        son of Henry Ballard
        Thomas Ballard Sr. (1630 – 1687)
        son of William Ballard Sr
        Thomas Ballard (1654 – 1711)
        son of Thomas Ballard Sr.
        Capt. John Ballard (1693 – 1745)
        son of Thomas Ballard
        Captain John Ballard (1719 – 1779)
        son of Capt. John Ballard
        John Ballard Jr (1765 – 1838)
        son of Captain John Ballard
        John Alfred Ballard (1827 – 1898)
        son of John Ballard Jr
        Thomas Coggins Ballard (1850 – 1922)
        son of John Alfred Ballard
        WILLIAM Elga Ballard (1893 – 1954)
        son of Thomas Coggins Ballard
        John Britton Ballard
        You are the son of WILLIAM Elga Ballard

  45. Stephen
    Reference Kathryn Ballard Shut comments above, Kathryn is, I think, my second half cousin, My half brother’s grand daughter. I signed up for the Ancestry DNA at her suggestion, but i don’t think I got what we need, as far as I can tell no yDNA. Can you advise me on how to get more from Ancestry or what test I need in order to be more helpful to Kathryn?
    John Ballard

  46. Hi Stephen – I am a Ballard from Tunbridge Wells Kent England and have lived in Virginia for almost 17 years.

    I wondered if you have any knowledge of the Ballard family from Wadhurst in Sussex England and if they (possibly my fathers family) have any connection to the Ballard family of Williamsburg regards James Ballard

    • James,

      I’m very pleased to meet you. Ballard researchers have for many years have tried to find the origin of Thomas Ballard of James City County (born 1630). Most efforts have failed; sufficient proof has not emerged. There is fairly good evidence that Charles Ballard of Somerset County, Maryland and his brother Jarvis Ballard of Boston, Massachusetts descend from a Ballard branch from Nottingham.

      From research by Paul Ballard, the authority on the English Ballards, my recollection is that this Wadhurst line (documented in that notorious pedigree headed by one Fulco Ballard) may have died out. Paul hasn’t been keeping up his old site, but he’s uploaded his work to Wikitree. See, for example, this page.

      If you have evidence to the contrary (regarding the Wadhurst line), I’d love to see it. And since you “possibly” (your word, not mine) descend from the Ballards of Wadhurst, please, please join the Ballard yDNA Project, because if you document descent from the Ballards of Wadhurst, AND you match test results for either Lineage Group I or Lineage Group III (both groups have members claiming descent from Thomas of James City), then you would help answer a vexing question that has bedeviled researchers for many years.

  47. Stephen,

    Thanks for your response and the supplied information!

    Well it appears that my fathers ‘Ballard’ family, including cousins and distance relatives are still in existence in the area and there are records that show that they existed in Wadhurst and Cousley Wood Sussex and Tunbrdge Wells Kent for hundreds of years I better get that DNA test! 🙂



    • James,

      Please do so! If you have any questions about DNA testing and the yDNA project, please contact the Ballard DNA Project Administrator, David Boyett. His email is He recommends, at a minimum, the 67-marker test from Family Tree DNA.

      • Excellent!

        One question, why is there so much interest in the Ballard’s/Name?.

        Is it solely for the ‘First Names’ for the Colonies? – there are other names/families surely? 🙂



      • Why so much interest? Do you mean in the earliest colonists? I suppose its the “origin” story; we want to know where we came from. Yes, there are many other families perceived as “First Families” (either settlers who came before 1624, or those, like Thomas Ballard, who turned up during the English Civil War), but for those of us focusing on yDNA, knowing (or not knowing) which English family Thomas descended from would help us sort out that origin story and possibly identify that first person who set foot on these shores, then connect with his family in England or Ireland, or wherever he happened to come from.

  48. I have not searched my Ballard line for quite some time. I am delighted to find such and active group and will soon enter the fray.
    Thank you so much for this..

    • Group? This is the work of one person. Thanks for visiting – I hope you find useful information.

  49. Stephen,

    I am looking to solve a mystery of my husbands gg grandmother. Her name was Susan Ballard (1825-1872) born in Roanoke, VA., and died Roanoke County, Ill. Ancestry lists her father as a William Ballard (1788-1860) and her mother as Sally Jarman Ballard. William is listed as the son of Bland Jr/Frances Shifflet and grandson of Bland Sr /Mary Deering and so on, all from VA. I am looking for other ways to verify this information. Any hints would be much appreciated.

    • You’ve brought an error to my attention – on the page for Bland Ballard of Albemarle, while his son William is listed in his will (receiving as a bequest one dollar, as did his nine siblings), I neglected to include him in the list of his children following the will. I hadn’t spent much time with him because of other distractions. Also because he and his sons were so prolific.

      Anyway, poking around a bit I see that a William Ballard born c. 1788 appears in the 1850, 1860 and 1870 census — all in Albemarle County. His wife appears in 1850 (Sally) and 1860 (S.J.). In 1850 what appear to be three daughters are in the household: Mary (age 26), Sarah (age 28) and Mildred (age 20). In 1860, the household is just the two of them, but by 1870, Sally is gone, but the household includes Mildred Powers, age 42 with presumably three children (probably their daughter Mildred, widowed); also M.B. Jarman, Sarah C. Jarman and John B. Jarman. I don’t know the Jarman’s exact relationship with the Ballards — perhaps Sally’s relations. Assuming this is the right William.

      A lot of the stuff in trees on Ancestry come from secondary sources (published genealogies), which are less reliable than original records — which can have their problems, too (as you know).Assuming this IS the right William, I wonder if he ever lived in Roanoke County. My gut says no.

      But if your documentation shows that your husband’s ancestor is a William Ballard (and Sally) from Roanoke County, you need to start there and examine the records. But I just searched the 1840 and 1850 census for any Ballards in Roanoke County, and found none. I’m wondering if someone is conflating the name of the two counties (Roanoke and Roanoke). If you do need to search Roanoke County, Virginia, I’m not aware of any published record abstracts, so you would have to go there to search the records, hire a genealogist, or request microfilm from a LDS Family History Center.

      To have a sense of what records are available, a good place to start are the Wiki pages on Familysearch. Here’s Roanoke:,_Virginia_Genealogy and Albemarle:,_Virginia_Genealogy

      But your first step is to identify the source of the information provided to you, and whether or not it has any veracity.

  50. My father is Thomas W. Ballard and is father was Fred Walter Ballard and his dad was Mitch William Ballard from North Carolina … as well as Fred until 1905 and married my grandmother .. Zelma Swaggerty of Sevier County _tn …I was born in Jefferson City, Tn and our family moved to Knoxville in 1955.

    I believe that COL Thomas Ballard was my 9th grandfather and John was the 8th generation …. I believe we have tracked that line back to 1400 … Thomas Ballard was born in 1430 in Kent, the child of Gregory George and Catherine. He married Philipa Walsingham in 1450 in Kent. They had five children during their marriage. He died in 1467 in Kent, at the age of 37.

    COL T Ballard’s father was ”
    William Thomas Ballard was born on August 12, 1603, in Southwell, Nottinghamshire, the child of his parents. He married Anna Napier and they had one son together. He then had 10 sons and six daughters with ELIZABETH LEE. He then married Ann Grace Berwick in 1657. William died on July 10, 1689, in Edgehill, Warwickshire, having lived a long life of 85 years.

    There is some confusion in the initial text about 2 William Ballard – Col Ballard had a half brother and this may be the answer to the confusion: “When William Ballard was born in 1617 in Warwickshire, his father, William, was 14 and his mother, ELIZABETH, was 9. He had nine brothers and six sisters. He died on July 10, 1689, in Lynn, Massachusetts, at the age of 72.This nex tlist is the supposed William Ballard 1617–1689
    Nathaniel Ballard 1619–
    Elizabeth Ballard 1621–
    Esther Ballard 1632–1717
    Joseph Ballard 1634–1725
    John Ballard 1635–1725
    Nathaniel Ballard 1636–1721
    Sarah Ballard 1638–1733
    John Ballard 1639–1704
    Joseph Ballard 1644–1722
    Josiah Ballard 1645–
    Elizabeth Ballard 1646–1689
    John Ballard 1653–1715
    Hannah Ballard 1655–1726
    Sarah Ballard 1669–1733
    Isaac Ballard 1672–1736
    Spouse & Children
    Anna Sara Thomas
    Lydia M Ballard 1567–
    Sarah Ballard 1651–
    Jane Ballard 1652–
    John Ballard 1654–1694
    Thomas Ballard 1654–1711
    Lt. Colonel Thomas Ballard Jr 1655–1711
    Martha Ballard 1661–1689
    Elizabeth Ballard 1665–1705
    Matthew Ballard 1667–1720
    William Ballard 1670–1749
    Francis Ballard 1675–1719
    Margaret Ballard
    Mary Lou Ballard

    Support CenterAncestry BlogSite MapGift MembershipsCareers
    Visit our other sst of what at half brothers and sister to Col Ballard:

    I thought I read of your interest to a Micajah Ballard and his father Richard Ballard:

    When Micajah Stone Ballard was born in 1736 in Bedford County, Virginia, his father,

    Richard, was 34 and his mother, Joan, was 34. He had three brothers and eight sisters. He died on June 6, 1831, in Lawrence County, Ohio, at the impressive age of 95.Richard Ballard was born in 1702 in Caroline County, Virginia, the child of Capt Richard. He married Joan Martin in 1722 in Virginia. They had 12 children in 30 years. He died on January 22, 1776, at the age of 74.

    It seems I have alot of relatives in North Carolina and might be that southern collection.

    Love to hear back from you

    Phil Ballard

      • father of robert hue ballard b 1852 his father is benjiman hawkins ballard b 1827 in nc i am trying to fined his father john ballard b abt 1795 nc married katie miares do you know anything about who this john ballard is robert hue is my great grandfather

  51. Hi there, I noticed reference to the Talman family of Virginia, which a number of years ago I had been researching for family history. My Grandfather Charles Fitzhugh Talman of Washngton DC, had at the turn of last century started researching the Talman family of Virginia, for family origins, even though he had been born in Detroit and his ancestors in Rochester and elsewhere in NY State and Rhode Island. I had continued some of this research in about 1984, and received from England a tree that documented the family in England and on to Virginia and elsewhere. Despite my efforts, I could not find a connection to this family, considering the previous connection to NY etc. A number or years ago I undertook a DNA study, to, by a process of elimination, exclude those families of no connection to mine, the families being the Tallmans of Rhode Island and later New York, orginally from Germany, the Dutch Tallmans of Rockland County NY and the English Talmans of Virginia. The DNA study showed a connection to the German Tallmans of Rhode Island, excluding the Dutch and the English. From my research of the English Talmans, I compiled a tree from a chart that I had received in 1984, this tree I have uploaded up onto Ancestry and it can be found at This tree may be of interest to you or others researching the Talmans of Virginia.

    With thank

    Ben Talman
    Sydney, Australia

  52. Hi was wondering if you had any information on Ballards in Cumberland County KY. I can’t seem to get past my great great grandfather Tooley Ballard married to Mary Anne Ballard. He was born around 1864. His son Radford Ballard is my great grandfather.

    • No, I don’t. I just spent a few minutes looking at Ancestry and Familysearch; I imagine you have the info that appears on At first I wondered if “Tooley” is a nickname of some sort (or perhaps a middle name), but doing a little poking around I see there were Tooley families in Kentucky. It might be worth researching those that lived in Cumberland and Metcalfe (and surrounding) counties.

    • Tooly Ballard married my husbands great grandmother, Mary Ann Ballard. Mary Anns children were born prior to that marriage and to my knowledge she was not previously married. I do have info on her family. But nothing on who Tooleys line connected to hers. She was the cause of some bad racial problems here in Cumberland Co. It has been written of in books. Need more on her family lines. Know dads name but little else. Do u know anything.

      • I had a question about this Tooley Ballard last year — a descendant of his son Radford (1895-1953). All that I’ve seen of him (from poking around Ancestry) is mention in the death certificate of one of his daughters. However another researcher had a tree that gave the name “Charles Tooley Ballard.” I generally don’t trust trees on Ancestry, but using that as a guide, searched for Charles and Mary Ann, which pulled up the 1880 Federal census (Burkesville, Cumberland County, Kentucky) that lists Charles Ballard, age 26 (born 1854); Mary A. Ballard, age 22 (born 1858), Olie J. Ballard, age 5 (born 1875), Ella Ballard, age 3 (born 1875), and Cora Ballard, age 4/12. This more or less comports with an entry in Find-a-Grave for Mary Ann Ballard, which lists her children Ella, Ollie Jane, Mary Lizzie and Radford D. Ballard. The last two were born in 1888 and 1895, respectively. No mention of Cora; died young, or overlooked by whoever put the entry in Find-a-Grave? This entry shows Mary Ann Ballard is in the Harvey Cemetery in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. Mary Ann’s death certificate gives her parents as James Ballard and Mary Geans (could that be “Gaines”?) — have you searched for them? That’s ab out all I know about them, I’m afraid.

  53. Hello Stephen,
    I have some information on your post John Bryson vs. The Heirs of Thomas Ballard, dec’d.
    4 December 2015 Stephen Ballard

    My ancestor is Lucy Jane Ballard, daughter of Thomas Horace Ballard of Albemarle. She is listed in her father’s will as Lucy Harvey. She married Joseph Harvey in 1778 in Albemarle Co, VA. In 1855 Barren County, KY Lucy Harvey’s son, James Harvey of Barren County, KY applied for the funds that were due his mother based on her deceased husband’s Rev. War service. At that time she was 88 years old. She states that they were married in Orange Co, Virginia. The application was suspended, as Lucy died before the case was settled.
    Included in the application is the following statement made by James Harvey (her son) Statement by James Harvey, Monroe co, KY:
    “ father’s fellow soldiers of whom I have heard him speak (viz) Jacob Burrus or Burroughs, Thomas Ballard (my mother’s brother) and one (Jonathan?) Davis – Said Burrus was our neighbor when we lived in Surry County North Carolina – and he moved to either Smith or Sumner County Tennessee where he died many years ago (I forget whether before or since my father, before I think. Thomas Ballard died when I was a young boy and his widow Betsey married David Blackwell.”
    source: eFold Pension Record of Joseph Harvey.

    One of Lucy Ballard and Joseph Harvey’s daughters, Olive, married John Bryson. The 1790 and 1800 census of Surry Co, NC show these families living next to one another: Thomas Ballard, John Brison, John Brison Jr and David Blackwell.

    Lucy’s sister Elizabeth Ballard married Frost Snow, son of John Snow.

    • Margaret — Thank you! This is incredibly helpful, and shows I was wrong about which line Thomas belonged to — can’t thank you enough for this! Those Revolutionary War Pension Records have such wonderful information sometimes. Merry Christmas!

  54. My name is Daniel Ballard in Atlanta, Georgia. My father is Henry Alonzo Ballard, Jr. of Lincoln Co., Mississippi.
    Our lineage is –
    Henry Alonzo Ballard, Sr., Lincoln Co., Mississippi
    Henry Alonzo Ballard, Lincoln Co., Mississippi
    James “Jim” Ballard, Lawrence Co., Mississippi, from Marengo, Co., Alabama
    Edward Ballard, Marengo Co., Alabama, from Albemarle, Co., Virginia (I think.)

    • Daniel, why don’t you join the Ballard yDNA Project? The results could help narrow down which family to focus on in your research. The best for our purposes is the test offered by Family Tree DNA, and they have a sale right now. See

      If you need more information on testing, contact the group administrator, DAvid Boyett Here are his recommendations (from an earlier email):

      “I had send you the link in the past:

      “Start with the YDNA37 test at Family Tree DNA, if you match Ballard Group 1, I recommend upgrading to the YDNA67 test which the lab can easily do with the same sample they used for the YDNA37. If funds are available go for the YDNA67 and Big Y test, if not do a little at a time while you learn about YDNA testing. The labs at Ancestry and 23andMe can not test for YDNA, they test only Autosomal.”

      Information about DNA testing:

      • I’ve received results from Family Tree DNA that I am R-M269.

        Other results are below.

        Can anyone help me interpret results and proceed in a correct direction. Thx.


        On Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 4:35 PM Ballard of Virginia wrote:

        > Stephen Ballard commented: “Daniel, why don’t you join the Ballard yDNA > Project? The results could help narrow down which family to focus on in > your research. The best for our purposes is the test offered by Family Tree > DNA, and they have a sale right now. See https://www.familyt” >

      • R-M269 simply means your ancestors come from Western Europe. We need a bit more information to help you. You don’t pop up as a relation in Family Tree DNA; I’m in Lineage Group I, and I don’t have access to data for other groups (I’m assuming you belong to one of these other groups). Wikipedia has a good summary of R-M269 Perhaps you could share some information on your ancestors — that would be very helpful.

      • I saw your post on the Ballard Genealogy Facebook Group. My friend Brenda already pointed out that your DNA puts you in Lineage Group III. Forgive me if you already understand this, but its an important distinction — each Lineage Group is — genetically — unrelated, or if they are related it is so far back in time that making a family connection is virtually impossible. We’re talking hundreds and hundreds of years, if they are related at all.

        As I mentioned, I’m in Lineage Group I (given that designation simply for being the first identified), and your family falls in Lineage Group III. That group is a difficult one, because its been hard to tie together the various lines. What they do have in common is a connection to North Carolina (or parts of Virginia close to North Carolina), and many, many Quakers. Of course every “rule” has exceptions; some families appear to have originated in Spotsylvania County, Virginia (or rather, family members settled there).

        As far as what you might find on these pages of help, I’ve often wondered if this family descends from the Ballards who settled and around Orange and Halifax County, North Carolina: William Ballard of Charles City County, Virginia or William Ballard of Orange County, North Carolina

        I wish I could provide an easy answer. Lineage Group III is one of the most challenging. Maybe there are clues residing in your ancestors records that can help sort out this family. Your participation is a valuable contribution, and I thank you for it.

    • Hi Daniel, My Great Grandfather(George Washington Ballard)was born somewhere in Virginia in 1830 according to a census taken shortly before his death in 1900. Does the name appear anywhere in your family tree? I’ve had the y111 test done at FTDNA. Please reply to if you come up with any information. Ken Ballard

  55. I am looking for my Grandmother’s linage. Her name was Irene Ballard who married my Grandfather, Adrian V. Fairchild and lived in Binghamton, NY and Cadillac, MI. I think her mother’s name was Phoebe and her father’s name was John Wesley Ballard. She had a brother named Charles that was a manager of a charcoal plant in Goodman, WI during the 1920s and 30s for the Goodman Lumber Company. He died in Milwaukee, WI. in the 50s. He had a son and daughter. The son’s name is Charles Lean Ballard graduating from Goodman, WI high school. Any help is appreciated.

  56. Hi Stephen,
    I wanted to thank you for this website and all your work. I had given-up hope of tracing my Ballard line from Missouri back to Virginia, but your write-up on David C. Ballard may contain the lead I’ve been searching for. My grandfather, Kenna Maxwell Ballard, was born in 1890-1891 in Missouri to Willis D. Ballard. His grandfather was Willis H. Ballard, a name listed as a son of David C. Ballard. Both families appear in the 1850 Ray Co., MO, census. How can I verify that this is the same Willis H. Ballard? I’m in California, so it’s internet or phone calls that I can utilize. Thank you for any suggestions.

    • I’m always glad to hear when this is of help to someone.

      When you get beyond the 1850s, unless you have access to land records in addition to what you might find on Ancestry and FamilySearch, its very difficult to flesh out these people’s stories. I’m in Virginia, so needless to say don’t have access to Missouri records.

      I’m looking at Willis H. Ballard’s census records, which show he came from Virginia, born c. 1822. His son Willie D. Ballard appears first in the 1870 census, when he is six years old. That’s easy enough. We have Willis H. named in David’s will, which is as good a connection as one can hope for. Given he was born c. 1822, when we look at the 1840 census we see that David had one son aged between 15 and 19, who is probably Willis H.

      What other clues point to this particular line of Ballards? It might be a stretch, but Willie D. had a brother William Bell Ballard in the 1870 census; Bell was a family name in this branch of the Ballard family. I haven’t looked, but did Willis H. leave a will?

  57. What if any information do you have regarding Malinda H. Ballard born 1817 in either Virginia or clark county, Kentucky. And died Sept 18. 1861 Powell County Kentucky. I have her father being listed as John William Ballard and mother Ann Johnson. As for her Husband there seems to be some confusion if it was Richard or William Hedger. Your help is much appreciated

      • It was worth a shot. Thanks. What if anything on her father John William Ballard b 1790 in Albemarle County, Virginia, USA, d 1875 Clark co, Ky

      • Anthony, there is one line I haven’t studied too closely — thanks for reminding me. The Albemarle Ballards are difficult to trace for being so prolific and for moving around so much (as you know). But there was a John Ballard (1765-1838) who moved from Albemarle to Kershaw, South Carolina (as did a number of cousins). He of course had a son John; I have not researched his children. You may want to look into this line.

      • By the way — how do you know he was born in Albemarle? Is it on a tombstone, is it a family tradition? Bible entry? I’m curious to know.

  58. Hello, While I definitely have southern Ballard ancestry, it is on the maternal side, so I’m afraid I can be of no help on your Y-DNA project. Mainly I just want to congratulate you for your conscientious approach to genealogy. I have been pursuing all branches of my family history for over thirty years, but I also have a master’s degree in history and worked for many years as a museum curator; therefore, I have a great appreciation for precision and reliance on primary sources. I am frequently disgusted with some of the utter nonsense being perpetuated on Ancestry and other Internet sites.

    I think it probable that my Ballard line traces back to Colonel Thomas Ballard, Sr. of James City County, Virginia, but do not regard that as sufficiently proved yet. Like you, I have never seen any convincing evidence of which (if any) of the competing claims for his parentage may be true.

    I have taken’s autosomal DNA test, and will try to let you know if I come up with any shared-ancestor matches in the Ballard line that might be helpful to your project.

    • I forgot to acknowledge this – my apologies. I look forward to learning the results of your autosomal DNA test! I’ve set aside this work for a bit; I needed a break from it.

  59. Dear Stephen: I am silently screaming tears of joy to myself as to not startle the family! Your post on Thomas Ballard of Surry County, North Carolina (c. 1721-1794) lists my one ancestry line (Matthew Amyx) testifying for my other ancestry line (Joseph Ballard)! Matthew Amyx (Jr.) who recounted his father Matthew Amyx (Sr.’s) tales of Joseph had a son Preston Amyx who married Eliza Ballard Harvey. Eliza was the daughter of James Harvey and Olive Bryson. James was the son of the aforesaid mentioned Joseph Harvey! Another distant cousin of mine (through the Preston Amyx-Eliza Ballard Harvey marriage) and I both entered DAR through our Amyx line. I think she has already supplemented through the Ballard line, but we have had limited discussions about this branch of the family tree; can’t wait to further the conversation with her. Was looking for Amyx information when I tripped over your gem of a website. Can’t wait to read more. Thank you for your hard work! Oh–I have DNA done through

    • Rebecca, I’m thrilled to be of help! And thank you for reminding me that I need to add this line to the body of the blog under Thomas Horace Ballard — I forgot to update those pages. Allied families are so important for sorting out these details, however large or small. However, looking over this now I see an error — he most likely was not born c. 1721, but in the 1750s, given that he fought in the Revolution, so I’m changing his likely date of birth to c. 1755.

  60. Hello, My 5th great Grandmother was Martha Patsy Ballard 1779–1860 Nash, North Carolina. Does anyone know anything about Edward Ballard 1750? and his wife Milicent Milly Dew 1764–1786. It seems to be some doubts about who is who, and I do not want to put incorrect information for a grandparent. Thank you. Shanan

  61. reseaching John Ballard was born in 1798 in Virginia. He married Diadema Collier in 1833 in Hawkinsville, Georgia. They had one child during their marriage, Thomas A. Ballard. He died in 1850 in Dooly, Georgia, at the age of 52. Have you any info on him

    • Unfortunately, no, I’m not familiar with him. I’m taken by the name “Diadema” — very striking and unusual.

  62. We are trying to obtain more information on the Ballard yDNA project and I’ve sent a note to David Boyett regarding this. My husband, his father, and our 3 sons would be 5 more males to add to this project research. My husband appears to be from Lineage group I, a descendant of Samuel Ballard and Sarah Drumgoole, and Samuel Ballard Jr. and Diana Otterlifter. I would appreciate any direction you can give us on researching past Samuel Ballard.

  63. Hi Stephen,

    An update from my 2015 post. I have recently had some luck on sorting out my line, via DNA and research. My known ancestor was Robert Ballard in Marion County, South Carolina, born circa 1785. Well it’s apparent the line goes to John Ballard of Dobbs County, per my DNA matches of Hucks/Hooks, Gurley/Gourly, Bryan/Bryant, Taylor, and Baker families.

    Apparently, per these matches, the discovery of a John Ballard selling land on the Pee Dee River, in or near Marion County, in 1773, leads to him being John Ballard, Jr. from Dobbs County, and father of my Robert. These two male Ballards, so far, are the only two ever documented in the immediate Marion County area from 1730’s through 1810.

    Apparently this John moves to Orangeburg, South Carolina. There are no Ballards in Marion County on either 1790 & 1800 Census. There is a John in Orangeburg. Also, a Robert is shown on a church record in Orangeburg.

    My Robert’s mother in law, as a widow, remarried to a Samuel Roark of Orangeburg. Robert and Rachel Barrow Ballard have their first child in Marion County in 1803. They are on the 1810 census. Robert is on militia roster for War of 1812. Nothing further found for him, yet.

    Per DNA, John’s (Jr.) wife appears to be Sarah Allison, daughter of Rev. Hector Allison and Rachel Baird (widow of Rev. John Rae, who Hector replaced), from across the river in Williamsburg County.

    Hector was born in Elizabeth City County, Virginia to John Allison and Elizabeth Matthews, both born in New Kent County, Virginia.

    Sarah Baird was the daughter of William Baird U. E. and Anne Clevland (note only one “e” in surname). The U. E. is a Royal Canadian designation awarded to United Empire Loyalists who defied United States authority after the Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783. He was awarded land in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada (probably the typical 200 acres). He was elderly then and suspect Anne was already deceased. William’s brother, Archibald, was Collector of Customs for the Crown at Georgetown Port. He refused to be disloyal to Crown, as well, in 1777 when the Americans were vying for control of the port. He was banished back to England and died there the same year. Note: Jesse Ballard and Shackelford family were keepers of the lighthouse in Georgetown Port.

    Anne Clevland was the daughter of Commodore William Clevland and Ann Davie. Ann was the daughter of John Davie and Mary Luscombe. John Davie was a wealthy tobacco merchant in Bydeford, Devonshire, England.

    The Commodore William Clevland moved from Lanarkshire, Scotland to Bydeford when he admired and purchased a manor house viewable from the port. His son, John, brother of Ann, was Secretary of the Admiralty for the Royal Navy and retired to Georgetown Port in South Carolina, apparently inducing his sister to join him there.

    I, and other cousins of mine from this line, have numerous Baird/Beard, Davie/Davey, and Clevland DNA matches. And cross checked with cousins NOT of this line, there are no similar matches.

    Sarah Allison had a brother James Hugh Allison and a sister Mary Allison. Mary married a David Dudley (within his generation, a second cousin to my line) and they had a son James Allison Dudley. Lt. James Allison served in the navy in the Lake Erie campaign, War of 1812, serving aboard each flagship of the time (there was an arms race to outbuild the British with ever bigger Ships of the Line). He was killed after the war, in 1817, as part of the Mediterranean Squadron fighting pirates in Tunisia. Robert Ballard’s grandson was named James Allison Dudley in 1828.

    The David Dudley mentioned earlier witnessed a deed for Joseph Gourley in, I think, Johnston County, North Carolina. Well, coincidentally, James Hugh Allison, Sarah’s brother, married a Greaves and they names a son Joseph Gourley Allison, if I recall correctly.

    Btw, I suspect John Ballard, Sr. of Dobbs County was married to a Gurley/Gourley or a Hucks/Hooks as I have numerous matches. Also, I suspect one of the Joseph Ballard’s wives was a Bryan/Bryant, as I can trace DNA matches to the same family of Bryans on documents associated with these Josephs.

    Btw, I also have a Boyte match or two.

    Jeff Dudley

    • Jeff,

      This is really impressive — thank you for sharing. There’s no doubt that this information will be helpful to others working on this line. Where the paper trail lacks, allied families are key.

  64. Hello,
    What a wonderful site to find! So many connections, but I still fail to see any from Augusta Co., VA. My ancestor was John Ballard born abt 1768 and was married in Augusta Co., VA to Elizabeth Smith 11 Nov 1794. Since Albemarle Co. is just over the mountain to the east, I feel certain he must fit in with that group some how. Anyone know this line?
    Thanks so much for sharing this wondering work!

    • Hi Debbie, Am no expert on this subject, but my Great grandfather was born somewhere in Va. in or about 1830 and named George Washington Ballard. My grandfather, George Washington Ballard, Jr. was born in 1879. My father was born in 1910 and named John Ezra Ballard. This time span covered the civil war and the division of Va. into to two states. Does any of this information mean anything to you? Kenneth Lee Ballard

    • I take it this is not the same John Ballard who had a Revolutionary War Pension Application in Augusta County in 1820; that application recited that he was about 60 years old, putting his birthday around 1760. His wife is mentioned, but not named. It also stated that he enlisted in Loudoun County, which suggests that he came from Northern Virginia (but that’s not proven one way or the other). I don’t know anything about either John, unfortunately.

  65. I am not a male Ballard relative. My mother is the baby of her Ballard family. I believe there are only 2 males living who descend from my great grandfather. Girls predominated the family. My line follows my grandfather Earl Ballard (1892-1950), James Ballard (1845-1931), Isaac (1817-1891), Simeon (1783-1850(, Moorman (1747-1821).and William (1715-1794). I had found “internet” sources that show to Thomas but I find that many are just wishful thinking and not documented. I have found census, marriage and Quaker records for my lines definitely to Moorman. My father is a first generation from Germany and researchers were able to go back to 1600. I look forward to keeping in touch on your site. You are doing an excellent job. I have been in touch with Paul Ballard in England for many years. Colorful character indeed.

  66. Dear Sir,
    I’m very interested in your project and wondered if I could help. Many years ago I discovered a Ballard family tree on that I believe is my family. I think that two of the names you have listed are my ancestors. I am unsure of the accuracy of the family tree because I was unable to contact the researcher. He was named Lazarus Long and he was researching his and his wife’s families. The email listed was no longer active. His research seams to come from public record and he possibly may have traveled to cemeteries. The reason I say that is because he mentions, specifically, some names buried in certain cemeteries. In at least one statement about a grave he gives a detailed description of the grave site. He also mentions the census and birth and death records. I don’t know if Lazarus Long is his real name and have no way to contact him. I can’t even access the family tree anymore because I’m not a member (I used to be able to look at that part for free). But, in all, the information seemed to be pretty accurate.
    The names I’m speaking of are “Thomas Ballard” (died 1781 Albemarle County, VA) and his son “John Ballard”. It was mentioned that you were unsure on the details of John’s death. You suspect he “predeceased” his father. If Long’s research is correct then you are right about that. According Long’s research John served in the Revolution. He has a detailed article that Long himself wrote that said that John was murdered by another soldier, possibly in his own regiment. I wish I could recall more details but I’m unsure if the murder was even solved or not. Long also lists children of John and a branch descended from them. This branch stayed in Virginia and eventually ventured into West Virginia. This is the branch I think I’m descended from. I can not remember many of the names but I do remember that one of these ancestors served in the Civil War and was a part of the Union army. Which I felt was unusual because his state (WV) was considered to be in the South and had many Confederate sympathizers. I know that another ancestor had married two women from the Goodall family and I think one of the ladies was named Sarah Goodall. My great-grandfather was named Forest Ballard and he lived in Kanawha County, WV. He was married to Monnie Lewis. She is part of the reason I was researching my family. Supposedly she was full blooded Cherokee Native American. I was trying to find out if that was true or not. My grandfather was there youngest son. His name was Donald Hue Ballard. I never met him because he died very young. He was still in his twenties, I believe. My dad, Donald Lee Ballard Sr., was only four at the time and has little memories of him. However, my dad was very close to that side of the family and is still in contact with many of them. My grandfather was in the army in Would War II. During America’s occupation of Japan my grandfather was stationed there and met a Japanese woman, my grandmother, Sumi. She remarried later in life to the man that I call Grandpa. The other reason I was researching my family is because I have a love of history and wanted to find out more about my own history. My mother’s family were immigrants that came here in the 19th and 20th century. I knew my paternal grandmother was Japanese but had little knowledge of my paternal grandfather’s family until I found this family tree. I am still unsure if my great-grandmother was full Cherokee but I’m glad I found this other information. I wanted to find out when exactly my branch of the Ballards came to the USA. Long’s family tree’s earliest entry is a Thomas Ballard that died in Albemarle County, VA and had a son, John, who was murdered while serving in the army during the Revolution. He didn’t have a birth date for Thomas and I can’t recall his death date. I hope that this information can help you. Please, let me know any information you might have on my family. If we are descended from the line your researching, we would certainly make an interesting study for you. As we are mix of three different races. I don’t much about genetics but I know that our story would be a compelling addition to the other stores you have. Please, let me know what you find out.

    LeeAnn Ballard

    • LeeAnn,

      For whatever reason, my ancestors passed through what is now West Virginia and settled in Kentucky. Consequently, I haven’t studied West Virginia records, or the Ballard families that settled there. I do have a little information about families that settled there (Logan County, for example), but I refer to the name used at the time — so for records in counties now part of West Virginia and prior to 1863, I refer simply to “Virginia,” since West Virginia did not exist. I suppose for clarity’s sake I should mention somewhere that those places are now in West Virginia.

      Perhaps its high time to devote a little energy to getting acquainted with West Virginia’s records. I am not familiar with the Forest Ballard you mention and have not encountered him in my research.

      A yDNA test taken by one of your male Ballard relations would be an excellent starting point for your research. I suggest testing with Family Tree DNA, and if you need additional information on the DNA project, contact David Boyett

  67. In addition there is several male Ballards in my family. My dad (Don L. Ballard Sr.), my brother (Don L. Ballard Jr.), and my brother’s three sons (they are all miners though). My dad is in contact with some of his male Ballard cousins as well.

  68. I forgot to mention my grandfather and some of his sisters moved to Ohio from Kanawha County, WV. A couple of his sisters moved to Michigan.

  69. Im a direct male descendant of Proctor Ballard of bardstown and currently reside in Owensboro, Kentucky. Had no idea about this website about our family line until now. This is awesome.

  70. Hello I recently came across this site and reading through was hoping you might connect some dots. I have a William B. Ballard b. 1798 in Virginia d. Mar 1854 in Illinois. Married a Catherine Bartlett and had six children. This is some of the information I have:
    1830: March: marriage in Bond County, IL to Catherine Bartlett, but probably living in Montgomery County.

    1830 census: Montgomery County: Wm. B. Ballard, 20-30; female, 20-30; no children

    1830: March, peiti juror list for next term, Montgomery County

    1831: Montgomery County Grantors index, Book 1: William B. Ballard, granted land (Lots 55 and 58, Hillsboro).

    Dec. 7, 1831. Deed Book A, P. 154. 1832. Sept. 24, bought land in Montgomery County, IL

    1832. Dec. appt. justice of the peace, also Nov 10 1832 [card FHL, LDS]

    1838: Land Patent, William Bland Ballard, Montgomery County, IL 1840 Census: Montgomery County, page 383, William “S.” Ballard, b. 1800-1810, wife b. 1800-1810, 1 male, b. 1835-1840, 1 males, b. 1830-1835, one female, b. 1830-1835, living near S. Brockman, Henry Petticoe, Robert H. Powell, Mary Condiff, S. Bartlett, Sarah Grewer, William Morris, John Beck. 1846: Aug. 28, commissioned Co., 43rd Reg. (Exec. Rec.) 1847: Cand. for justice of peace

    1850: Oct. 9, 1850, Montgomery County; living next to Nathaniel Whitmore, Eliza and Mary, full brother of Sarah Jane Whitmore. Wm. B. Ballard, 52, farmer, 4000, VA, Catharine, 38, KY Lewis, 19, IL, farmer Elizabeth, 17, IL William F., 10, IL Catharine, 9, IL Nancy, 7, IL Riley, 4, IL Daniel Davis, 38, unknown Benton Beck, 30, unknown William Verden, 19, KY Marion Davis, 22, IL

    I believe his father was William B. Ballard b. 1766 in Albemarle County, Virginia; married an Agnes Shephard. Would you happen to have any information on this line?

    • Dawn,

      Unfortunately, no — I don’t have any information on this line. But I am very intrigued, given William’s middle name of “Bland,” which I’m sure you have noticed is legion among descendants of a couple of branches of the Ballards of Albemarle and Spotsylvania counties, Virginia. There are a lot of loose ends in those lines, and this might help fill a gap. I’m going to have to study this line — thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      • Thanks Stephen for responding. Yes, he is a bit of a mystery but I would love to fill in these gaps. I live in Spotsylvania County and was hoping I could pick up some clues. Please let me know if we could collaborate and see what we can find.

      • Dawn, one person did come to mind, and might be a fit for this William. John Ballard of Albemarle County (1765-1829) had a son William about whom I haven’t found anything; his brother Nicholas was born c. 1795 (based on his entry in the 1850 census), so William would “fit” the right age to be Nicholas’ brother. All of the children in this family (there were seven brothers, one sister) moved to Kentucky, and they all lived in Madison county, Kentucky. But I don’t know about their brother William, who is a complete mystery. Your records note that William’s wife Catherine Bartlett was born in Kentucky, suggesting he spent time there before removing to Illinois (or perhaps not, and her family moved to Illinois from Kentucky and they met in Illinois). Here’s a link to John’s page:

        I have not come across Agnes anywhere. Also I think it interesting that William married in 1830. John of Albemarle (his possible father) died in 1829; if this is the right William, could it be that he was prepared to wed after receiving his inheritance?

        What is your source about for the suggestion that his parents are William Ballard and Agnes Shephard?

      • Hi Stephen .. Interesting. I will investigate that John Ballard of Albemarle County (1765-1829). Your guess on William “fitting” would or could make sense. I will have to go back and look at my records to see where I got the information that William and Agnes (Shephard) are his parents. I will let you know.

      • So going back in my records. I have an 1850 census which confirms Rev. Lewis M. Ballard (b. 1831) the son of William B. (b. abt. 1798) and Catherine Ballard. And a Illinois marriage record which confirms the marriage of William B. Ballard to C/Katherine Bartlett in 1830. But prior to 1830, I don’t seem to have any records which confirms the identity of William B. parents.

      • Dawn, I’ve been keeping a tree in Ancestry for Lineage Group I Ballards, which I’ve been plugging away on the last couple of years. I’ve added this William B. Ballard to it (as a placeholder) and pulled in a few of his descendants. Needless to say, I have lots to do with at, as I do my other 3,000+ hints (which admittedly is a bit tiresome). I found someone else’s tree that listed this Agnes Shephard; perhaps that was the source; that compiler did not list one. I have a tree in Ancestry for Lineage Group I families. That tree lists only descendants in the male line, since it is confined to yDNA descent. Incidentally, I have a second more comprehensive tree (male and female lines) for my own immediate family. Here’s a link to my Lineage Group I tree.

      • Hi Stephen .. it appears the link is not working. I am descended from William B to Rev. Lewis to Lewis Jr. to Clifford to Loretta Ballard. I can help fill in that information if you like. But it appears the parents of William B. are the missing link.

      • Hmm – first time I tried that technology. I just sent a link through Ancestry.

        I’m inclined to think that searching for William B.’s wife’s family (and tracing their origin) could help show where William came from before he appeared in Illinois.

  71. Hello Stephen … I also could not use the link for an invitation. I’m descended from Jethro Ballard of Gates County, NC (Jethro Ballard to –> son Richard H. –> son Stephen D. –> dau Annie Mary –> dau Emily Caroline –> dau Betty … to me), and would enjoy seeing your Ballard tree as it applies to my family, and may be able to add some information as far a Annie and Emily are concerned. Thank you very much for the website and sharing. I’ve learned so much more about Jethro from your write-up, and am delighted you have pointed me toward Jethro Ballard’s Record Book. Best Regards, Teressa

    • Teressa, I have two trees — (1) my immediate family so far as is provable; and (2) a tree dedicated to descendants in Lineage Group I of the Ballard DNA Project. Neither tree is relevant to you because the descendants of the Ballards who settled in Gates County belong to Lineage Group II — genetically, a different family. I have nothing on Jethro or his relatives in either tree. But that said, I am not aware of any direct male descendants of Jethro having tested — so the possibility remains that they are related, but it isn’t likely. Do you have or know of any direct male descendants (with the Ballard name) who might be persuaded to take a yDNA test?

  72. Hi Stephen, thank you for your reply. Sadly, I don’t know any existing direct male Ballards. I understand my own is useless to your project, and currently there is no Jethro Ballard DNA Circle on Ancestry that I know of (I match to the Rountree side, of course). However, I will be pleased to spread the word about your project on my tree and to let you know if I do find any Jethro or Kedar DNA links or circle.

    With your write-up’s direction, I was able to find Jethro Ballard’s Record Book a the NC State Archives, and must once again thank you for transcribing it on your site because I have a lot of difficulty making out his handwriting!

    Best regards,

    • If you read enough of these things it becomes second nature, but I must point out that the North Carolina Archives transcribed it. At the top of the entry when you retrieve the record, there are two tabs: one marked “Image”, the other “Text.” Text is the transcription.

      Do spread the word — the more the merrier!

  73. Hi Stephen – My father has quite a family tree and is part of Lineage Group 1. He has connected it to Thomas Ballard. I have his raw DNA info and just not sure where to go with it from here. Can you help? His father was Bland Ballard. We have the original document signed by Abraham Lincoln appointing my Great Great Grandfather as the district court judge of Kentucky. And my Great Grandmother has written extensively about her lineage as well.

    • Hi Lynn,

      I’m happy to help. I need a few minutes to pull together a comprehensive response — expect that later today. I’m really pleased you reached out.

  74. Hello all,
    I am researching my great, great grandmother Ida A. Ballard’s line but I have little info. I am hoping someone out there may have info on this line. Her father was Josephus Ballard born 1834 in Ohio. Mother Phoebe Jane Leigh. They lived in Iowa. Father of Josephus is William Ballard born 1807 in New York married Louisa Yeomans they are both buried in Iowa. Ida moved to Colorado which is where I reside.She also had a brother Guy Ballard who started the “I AM” a religious group I Think. If anyone has any info It would be super appreciated.

  75. Dear Stephen,

    Thank you for your hard work compiling this web site. My parents were lifelong genealogists and I have inherited a full room, floor to ceiling, of records and research. It’s all organized thank goodness and my lifetime will be spent digitizing it for the future. My 9th great grandfather on my father’s side was Thomas Ballard (1630-1689). We have visited William and Mary, the Bruton Church, etc… It is an interesting history and I am pleased to say the devotion to service to country continued to the present generation. We are the line that ends up in South Carolina and I am happy to help anyone trying to link in to the later relatives in our state. Again, thank you for your hard work and open sharing of this family history. I hope to meet some more Ballards one day!

    Kind regards,
    Elizabeth Gay
    Charleston, SC

    • Greetings Eliabeth. I can accurately trace my Ballard line down to William Ballard of 1715. And this is through Quaker records. His parents are a little sketchy. His line extended down to my mother as a Ballard and I am the descendant of the first white settler to die in Story County, Iowa after Iowa statehood. Simeon Ballard born in NC in the late 1700’s and buried in a little grove near Huxley, Iowa in 1848. I am a sixth generation Iowegan. Can you give some insight or have a list of your Thomas’s children?

    • Good day Elizabeth,

      Any clue in your parents records where Thomas Ballard was from in England?

      As an Englishman and a Ballard residing in Virginia I’m longing to find out where he came from?

      My understanding he had connections to Kent/Sussex (UK)


      Jamie Ballard

  76. Stephen,

    I am curious about your listing of a Bill Ballard born 1925 within group 1. My grandfather Bill Ray Ballard was born in Arcadia, KS on that date in April. Can you provide any insight into this? I’ve been aware of Thomas for approximately 10 years but with my studies and professional obligations have not had time to pursue this. Ironically, William (Bill) was evidently an avid amateur genealogist. Please feel free to respond at your convenience. I think my dad and little brother would be interested to better understand this connection as they are care-takers of his work.


    Jay Patrick Ballard

  77. Very cool, just connected the dots via and a genealogist building a tree for his granddaughter. So I am also a 10th great grandson via: Thomas Jr (1654); William (1684); Philip ((1704); Thomas (1741); John C (1772); Medley (1805); Strawder (1831); Laten (1860); Thomas Henry (1885); Mervin D (1908); and my father Dennis (1941). Love it, never knew any of this! How would I participate in the Ballard DNA study?

    • I replied via email but will repeat here: contact David Boyett, the administrator of the Ballard DNA Project, for information on joining. You will want to test with Family Tree DNA, preferably at the 37-marker level or higher.

      I would like to point out, however, that I disagree with the lineage you outline. I don’t believe that William, the son of Thomas Jr, had any children. You can see my notes on that family here:, but I’ve copied that paragraph here for your convenience:

      “William, a minor on 26 September 1706; Cabell simply notes that “he seems to have died unmarried.”14 William Ballard died in York county before 21 September 1719, for on that date “Robert Ballard came into Court and made oath that William Ballard departed this life without making any will so far as he knows or believes. Said Robert Ballard gave bond with Philip Lightfoot & John Gibbon his security and was appointed administrator of the Estate of the said William Ballard decd.”15 We know this William Ballard died without issue when his estate is presented in court by Thomas Vines, Edwd Baptist, Walter Butler and Robert Ballard, and consists solely of “a Negroe girle of about 19 years old which we value to 30 pd.”16 No provision was made for a wife or orphans.”

  78. Dear Stephen,

    Thank you for this website, your research, and also your commitment to solid documentation.

    It seems that the Ballard family is connected to the Maupin and Mullins families, both of which are descended from the Huguenots of Manakin. I am seeking documentation around these points of connection, namely:
    1) Primary interest: Marriage between Rachel Ballard (1764-1829) and Gabriel Mullins (1758-1841)
    2) Secondary interest: Marriage between Anna Ballard ( -1794) and Gabriel Maupin (1720-1794)

    I descend from #1 (Rachel Ballard and Gabriel Mullins), and I am presently pursuing documentation of this line back to Manakintown and the Huguenots who settled there. Would you please contact me so that we may discuss this further?

    Thank you! Jeffrey

  79. Hi,

    Great site but would like to point out that the way you have it listed looks like Burley Ballard is the son of Joseph Ballard and Sallie Arwood until I looked at the date and saw it was not possible.

    “Joseph Ballard 9 Nov 1794 – Nov 1884. Is buried in Buncombe County near Weaverville.
    m1. Sallie Arwood
    m2. Elizabeth Penland.
    David Ballard 1822 – 1905
    Joseph Newton Ballard
    William Dennis Ballard
    Burley Ballard 1907-1957”

    Would be easier to read if listed like this:

    Joseph Ballard 9 Nov 1794 – Nov 1884. Is buried in Buncombe County near Weaverville.
    m1. Sallie Arwood
    m2. Elizabeth Penland.
    David Ballard 1822 – 1905
    m. Nancy Vianna Harwood 1825-1909
    Joseph Newton Ballard 1853–1935​​
    m. Eliza Ann Swann 1854 – 1927
    William Dennis Ballard 1875 – 1956
    m. Minnie Josephine Smith 1882 – 1967
    Burley Ballard 1906 – 1957 (per his headstone he was born 3 Dec. 1906)
    m. Julia Emma Tatham 1910-1998

    (Other children of Joseph Ballard and Sallie Arwood:
    Susannah Ballard 1816–1903
    George H. Ballard 1817–1914
    David Alexander Ballard 1822–1905
    James Ballard 1826–1870
    George H Ballard 1827–1914)

    (Other children of David Ballard and Nancy Harwood:
    John Henry Ballard 1844–1934
    James Robert Ballard 1846–1886
    Sarah Louisa Ballard 1849–1922
    Squire Washington Ballard 1851–1910
    Elizabeth Ballard 1856–1857
    Emory Loucinda Ballard 1858–?
    David Alexander Ballard 1861–1943
    William Woodard Ballard 1864–1953)

    (Other children of Joseph Newton Ballard and Eliza Swann:
    Aroline Eudora Ballard 1873–1910
    David Lucious Ballard 1877–1965 ​​
    Lattie Washington Ballard 1879–1936​​
    John Alexander Ballard 1880–1958​​
    Norman Woodard Ballard 1883–1964​​
    Ollie Mae Ballard 1887–1985 ​​
    Dessie M Ballard 1889–1976 ​​
    James Walter Ballard 1891–1966)

    I use the Family Search site as well as my own ancestry software on my PC and am in the process of straightening out the Ballards on the Family Search site, using your info as well as Find A Grave and Buncombe Register of Deeds as well as sources found on the Family Search site.

  80. Do you have any useful information the illegitimate children from John Ballard (1727-1763), Jacob and Joseph? All that I know is that they chose to take their mothers last name, Boyett, because their father was already married with children. Their half brother was named Elias Ballard. Should my ancestors have kept their fathers last name, that makes my father a direct male descendant.

  81. My line is through Rachel Ann Ballard, illegitimate daughter of Frances Ballard, daughter of Thomas Ballard. In his will Frances is mentioned along with ‘lawfully begotten’ . . . and natural daughter of Frances named Rachel now wife of Gabriel Mullins. It gets confusing going beyond that because of the Thomas’s with parents of John and Elizabeth OR William and Philadelphia. I am not sure which was to go.

  82. Hello family (mostly); My name is Michael A Ballard, grandson of William Allen Ballard Jr. and I believe a direct paternal decedent from Thomas Ballard, I did my 23 and me, however I have little understanding of my results. I am a professional MMA fighter and Honors Student at Western Kentucky University currently in Professional Legal Studies. I would love to meet any of you and am asking for help confirming my lineage, for instance, do I need to take a different kind of DNA test to confirm lineage? I have done immense work with also, I am almost certain through family stories and bible notes of this lineage, however I am anxious to absolutely confirm. Thank you all and I am excited to hear from you!

    Contact E-mail:

    • The only useful test for paternal ancestry is a yDNA test from They have occasional sales, which you can be on the lookout for. I’ve tested with 23 and me and like you, haven’t been able to figure out what to do with it. David Boyett is the administrator of the Ballard DNA Project and is the best person to pose these questions to. Reach him at Can you share access to your tree on Ancestry? I’d love to have a look.

  83. Hi Stephen,

    It is a pleasure to read your scholarly & thoroughly analysed work. Reading your introduction I cannot believe how long ago we first corresponded, is it really over 25 years? Much has happened in that time frame & a good deal of the progress made in straightening out some f the early Pioneer lines is down to you so congratulations & thank you.

    Best wishes,


    The British Bulldog protecting early English lineages 😉

    • Paul! Always a pleasure to hear from you. It has been a long time, hasn’t it? And to think that there is still so much to discover. Lately I’ve been focusing on the lines that settled in South Carolina, and it is no easy feat. It seems wherever these families moved, the courthouse burned — makes me wonder if these families were arsonists.


      • Stephen, many S.C. Courthouses records were burned by one arsonist, William Tecumseh Sherman. I’m one directly affected by his burning spree. Many believed he was headed towards Charleston after leaving Savannah, so many coastal counties literally shipped their records north,to the end of the railroad line in Chesterfield County, S.C., for protection. However, Sherman headed towards Columbia, leaving a path of charred brick chimneys in his wake (85% of Columbia was burned). With his enemy to the north, he headed east towards eastern N.C. and went directly through Chesterfield County, burning that courthouse and records of multiple counties in one fire. For the most part, records lost were from 1785 (formation of counties from districts) to the 1865 burning. Pre 1785 records exist for many of the burned counties as parts of bigger districts. For example, Chesterfield was part Cheraw District. Those records are in Darlington County. Chesterfield, Darlington, and Marlborough counties formed from it. Prior to districts were parishes, split from, in this example, Craven County (an original split within the province). Hope this helps with your South Carolina research.

        Jeff Dudley
        President, Pee Dee Genealogical Society

  84. If you wish to know the exact origin of the name Ballard, I have the supporting evidence on my ancestral lineage. The name was changed from between 1630 – 1650 or so within one generation with birth records and a marriage record. This was during the reign of King Charles 1 of England and Scotland. The Ballards are of Noble descent and any Royalist sympathisers were hunted down during the period of Oliver Cromwell’s forces hence the name change. The Ballards descend from two sons Thomas Ballard and George Ballard, born 1638 and 1643 respectively (possibly more). Their father was George Balward or Balvaird of the place Balward, upon which stands Balvaird Castle in Perthshire, Scotland, your ancestral home. Balvaird is your armorial arms.
    Balvaird is a transliteration of Scottish Gaelic. Your original name was from the Norman family of de Berchelai which is in the Doomsday Book of 1086 who accompanied William the Conqueror, my 29th great-grandfather. The name de Berchelai was changed by King Malcolm 111 of Scotland to Barclay of that Ilk meaning of that place, the first migration of Barclay’s becoming extinct and through marriage became Balvaird, ( Baille a Baird in Gaelic of that place). So Balvaird is a Cadet branch of the original name. If you look up the Barclay website, this migration is explained in detail. Your coat of arms display the Royal House of Capet and Valois with two sprigs of oak possibly signifying the Cotswolds oaks of Gloucestershire….. cheers Alan (Australia)

    • Very interesting! My Ancestry DNA (currently – it seems to keep shifting as the science improves), among other things, shows 14% Scotland, 14% England and 14% France (though there is a lot of French on my mother’s side). I’m looking forward to studying this more.

    • Fascinated by your post Alan & unsure whether you are referring to just the US lineages and their origins or the wider Ballard lineages? You say that the name was changed between 1630 & 1650 from Balward or Balvaird in which case I’m just wondering where all the Ballards in the English State Papers, College of Arms records etc etc dating back to at least 1096 have come from?

      (1) In England there are at least 6 mediaeval patriarchs spread from Cornwall to Lancashire arising from the nickname for bald head.
      (2) There are also French patriarchs dating back to the 1200’s where the name may be a contraction of abeillard – a bee keeper.
      (3) As for Italy then the Patent Rolls of Edward II tell us that on 15 April 1300 there was a grant to John Vanne, Coluchius Ballard and their fellows of the society of Ballards of Lucca, king’s merchants, that until Midsummer they may receive from their creditors in England in settlement of their debts, pollards, crockards and other such counterfeit money lately current in the realm on condition that they bring it to the Exchange to be exchanged. By k., on the information of W. bishop of Coventry and Lichfield.
      (4) Whilst there is also a Gaelic version Baile Ard meaning high town or high place there does not appear to be an independant Gaelic lineage from that root but rather transplantations from the English mediaeval lineages already mentioned.

      As for Ballard Heraldry you can find an account of it here

      Best wishes,


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