Lineage Group III: Philip Ballard of Spotsylvania County, Virginia (c.1706-c.1778).

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Some researchers name a Philip Ballard who married Ann Johnson, as a likely son of the Progenitor of Bland, Thomas, John, William and Richard Ballard (Lineage Group I), but individuals participating in the Ballard DNA Project who claim descent from Philip Ballard have all been placed in Lineage Group III — a different family.  it is worth noting that he and the Quaker William Ballard both named sons Moorman, suggesting a connection to that family that was prominent among the members of the Cedar Creek Monthly Meeting in Hanover and Caroline Counties.

On 4 May 1746 he witnessed a deed from George Musick, Sr & Ann, his wife to Robert Beadles in Spotsylvania county.1  He owned land in Spotsylvania, having acquired 352 acres in Spotsylvania county on 30 October 1747 from Edmund Waller.

Selected records:

Philip Ballard of Orange Co. & Ann, his wife, to John Penn of Spotsylvania Co. for £10, 200 acres in Spotsylvania Co. Witnessed by Peter Gatewood, Alexr. Spence Head, John Tureman. Later sold by Penn on 10 February 1767, recorded 2 March 1767, and described as joining lands of Holloday bought of John Sartin, & the lands of Wm. Mays, & the patent granted Edmund Waller.”  Spotsylvania Co., Va. Deed Book E. Dated 5 April 1756, recorded 3 November 1760.

On 2 March 1758 Philip Ballard and his wife Ann sold an additional 434 acres in Spotsylvania Co. to John Hubbard of Culpeper Co. For £43, witnessed by Ann Head, Peggy Bruce, Robert Sharman, Joseph Hawkins, Robert Beagles, Dilly Beagles, and Thos. Wiatt.  Spotsylvania Co. Va. Deed Book G.

He sold another 100 acres in Spotsylvania on 5 April 1760 to William May; the witnesses were John Penn, Alexr. Spence Head and Peter Gatewood. Spotsylvania Co. Va. Deed Book E, recorded 6 May 1760 (Crozier, p. 216).  Spotsylvania Co. Va. Deed Book E (Crozier, p. 206).

He removed to Orange County, and many of his descendants removed to what is now West Virginia and Kentucky.

Their children were:

William, married Elizabeth Steppe; left issue.

Ankey, married James Keaton c. 1767, left issue.

Thomas, married Elizabeth Smith.

Ann, married William Vawter.

Moorman, married Minerva Bullock, left issue. Note: Quaker records show Moorman Ballard, son of William Ballard, married Minerva __________, probably Bullock.  This requires additional research.

Philip, born 12 March 1757, served in the Revolutionary War, married Mary Dingess, died 13 April 1833 without issue.  His pension application follows: 

State of Virginia, County of Logan

On this 21st day of August 1832 Personally appeared before the Court of the County of Logan, Philip Ballard, Sr., a Citizen of this County and in the State of Virginia Aged 75 years on the 12th day of March last, who being duly Sworn according to Law; Doth on his Oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the provisions made by the Act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832. That he enlisted in the Minute Service under Captain Spencer, the Regiment to which he was attached was commanded by Col. Taliaferro [George Taliaferro] & Lieut. Col. Stevens [Edward Stevens] & Major Thomas Marshall; was engaged against the British at the Skirmish at the Great bridge [December 9, 1775] and also at Portsmouth; and about the time of the besieging of Norfolk; deponent was taken sick, & was sent home by Capt. Spencer in his own Wagon. After his recovery he Volunteered his Services to his Country; and Joined a Company Commanded by Captain Scott [probably John Scott] of Orange County: and marched to the town of little York, where he continued with the Army under Genl. Nelson [Thomas Nelson] till the British marched off to Carolina: when he was furloughed to return home. His Country still needing his Services, he enlisted with Capt. Burnley [Garland Burnley or Zachariah Burnley] in the Regt. of Col. Francis Taylor who were guarding the Barracks in Albemarle County where he continued for some time at the breaking up of the barracks he accompanied the prisoners to Fredericktown in Maryland; at which place often guarding the prisoners all the winter; he agreed to serve in Crockett’s Regiment in the Company of Capt. Chapman or Chaplin but was again taken sick and did not accompany the Regiment to the West–.

He again recovered at home in Orange County & Joined the Militia under Col. Thomas Barbour as a Volunteer with four brothers and was marched to Richmond: & subsequently to Williamsburg and was discharged at Page’s Mill in Orange County in June 1781.

He never received any pay for his Services except for the time he served in the minute service; nor has he received any pension, except a Warrant from the Executive of Virginia for 100 acres of land, which is now deposited in the General Land office of the U. S. to be exchanged for Scrip; agreeable to Law.

Sworn to & Subscribed the day & year aforesaid S/ Philip Ballard

No pension was received from my Services whatsoever, so none to relinquish. At Logan County Court August Term 1832

Philip Ballard Sen. this day made his declaration in order to obtain the benefit of a provision of the last Session of Congress providing for pensions of the soldiers the revolution and which was duly executed and Sworn to.  And the said court do hereby declare their opinion that the above named applicant, was a revolutionary soldier and served as he states, which is ordered to be certified, agreeably to the Act of Congress.

Test: S/ Edwin Robertson, Clk. of said County Court
[Richard Brooks, a clergyman, gave the standard supporting affidavit.]

Logan County to wit
This day Philip Ballard Jr. a Citizen of said County appeared before me the Subscriber, a Justice of the peace for the County aforesaid and after being duly Sworn according to Law, States, that he was well acquainted with Philip Ballard the Subscriber to the declaration hereunto annexed for 25 years, has heard his great Uncle mention on many occasions, his services in the War of our revolution; and it has never been doubted in the neighborhood that said Ballard who was over 75 years of age was a revolutionary Soldier in which opinion I freely concur for I have frequently heard him detail his services in the War, when he could have no hope of reward, I have also heard my uncles Thomas & Elijah Ballard, Speak of the Services of Philip, who died on the 13th day of April last, & whose administrator is now applying for his pension do you did by Law in order to settle said Ballard’s debts – Given under my hand & seal this 15th day of August 1833.

S/ Joseph Straton, JP

[p 7]
Logan Courthouse Virginia November the fifth 1833

The humble petition of Mary Ballard to the Honorable Lewis Cass Secretary of War respectfully Showeth that your petitioner is the widow of Philip Ballard late of this County deceased and who departed this life on the 13th day of April 1833 and who served as a Soldier during the War of our revolution and whose declaration and proof of Service was Some time ago forwarded by Anthony Lawson under an arrangement with me in his Character of Administrator of my late husband, Phillip Ballard, to the War office of the United States, your petitioner humbly prays that you will be pleased to pay over to William McComas Esq. the Member of Congress from our district, all such allowance or pension that my late Husband would have been entitled to under an Act of Congress passed on the 7th day of June 1832 for my use; and to be transmitted by him to me: no pension from the United States, or any of the States separately was ever received by my late husband who served during the whole war of our revolution; and who died very poor and considerably in debt, trusting with full confidence that his Country’s bounty would be received by me to enable me to preserve from Sale our little Household property which I am very desirous to do: in which I trust will be done by your Justice & kindness to the poor Soldier’s widow & your petitioner will ever [illegible word] &c &c.

S/ Mary Ballard

[p 11]
Logan County to wit

This day William Wall Senior, a respectable citizen of this County, appeared before me, Anthony Lawson, a Justice of the peace for the County aforesaid, and made oath that he served in the Army of Am. Revolution, and was acquainted with Philip Ballard; in the Army; was stationed at Albemarle Barracks some time, when said Ballard was also stationed in Colonel Taylor’s Regiment; has been acquainted with said Ballard ever since, having both, been citizens of Logan County, or the Counties from which it was taken, for the last 25 years.

Given under my hand this 10th day of July in the year 1830. S/ Anthony Lawson

[The file also contains a power of attorney whereby Philip Ballard appointed Anthony Lawson as his attorney to pursue his (Ballard’s) claim for a pension under the Act of June 7 1832.]

[Veteran was pensioned at the rate of $80 per annum commencing March 4th, 1831, for service as a private for two years in the Virginia service.]

Curtis, married 23 April 1781 Esther Gaines, left issue.

Larkin, married 19 January 1786 Elizabeth Gaines, left issue.

Lucy, married Joseph Harvey.

Johnson, married 22 December 1791 Betty Eastham2

Milly, married (1) Jesse Watson and (2) John Boling

Delphia, married a Mr Cummins.

Elijah, married Milly Dohaney.3

At the bottom of the page is transcribed a fascinating letter originally written in 1911 that describes the descent of this family.  It was posted by Lynne D. Miller to the Ballard Genealogy Forum on 18 February 2009.



1. Spotsylvania Co., Va. Deed Book D (William Armstrong Crozier, Virginia County, Records, Spotsylvania County, 1721-1800 (1905), p. 176).

2. John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr, Culpeper County, Virginia Marriages, 1780-1853 (Athens, Ga.: Iberian Publishing Co., 1986) p. 19.

3. Ibid.


Family History by Florence Ballard (1911).

A note from Lynne Miller, who published this letter online.

Hello cousins. This is the material that I started with. It was in my grandmother’s papers when she died. I found some minor errors in it, but was able to prove almost all of it.

Dated September 12, 1911, this letter was written by Florence Ballard, daughter of Henry Howard Ballard and Sarah Stephenson. Henry was born 1822 in Fayette Co. KY and married 1847 in Mt. Vernon IL. The letter has been passed around my family for several generations. I don’t know who the letter was written to. I have a typed version. The original may have been hand written. My Great-Grand Mother was her cousin but I have no evidence that this letter was written to her. This letter could have been written to any of the cousins of my branch. Although it contains errors, most of it has now been proven.

Dear Cousin:

Your letter just received and read and I am so anxious to answer it that I will begin as I work, which is turning washing machine, so I can use ink. My father was Henry Howard Ballard, born in 1822, in Fayette Co., KY. Married Sarah Stephenson 1847. They moved to Owen Co., KY., in 1847. Moved to Bloomington, McLean Co. IL in Oct 1862. Returned to Owen Co., KY in 1888. Went to Ocala, Florida in Nov 1891 and died there in Oct 1892. He was a Baptist Preacher as was his brother Johnson.

Now to go back as far as I know.

One Philip Ballard lived in Greenbriar Co., VA in 1796. That part of VA at that time was called New Virginia. Since 1863, has been called West Virginia. Philip Ballard had children: Millie Ballard, who married John Bowling. Larkin Ballard, my Great Grand Father. Curtis, your great Grand Father. Philip and five other sons, whose names we don’t know. Philip Ballard II, married and remained in Virginia. Millie Ballard married John Bowling and moved to Madison Co. KY about 1796. Larkin Ballard married Elizabeth Gaines and moved to Madison Co., KY about 1796. Curtis Ballard also moved there about the same time as Millie and John Bowling, 1796, then later moved to Ohio, then back to KY. He died in Harrison Co. KY and was buried in the Old Raven creek Church Cemetery. My Father said he stood by his grave once. This is your Great Grand Father. We know nothing of the other children of Philip. Millie Ballard Bowling had a son, whom we called Joel Bowling the first. I don’t know if she had other children. We think she died young. Joel Bowling 1st married [Ann] Miss Gaines, sister of Elizabeth Gaines, who married Larkin Ballard, but we don’t know her given name. Joel Bowling and she, his first wife, had 16 children but, I have not been able to get all of their names. It is likely that several were never named, as she, Miss Gaines Bowling, was bitten by a mad dog and was only partially cured and nearly all of her children born afterwards, died at the age of nine days and were probably never named. The children’s names I do have are: Winifred, who married Richard Marrs. Biven Gaines Ballard, who married Catherine Ballard, his first cousin. She was called, “Aunt Kitty Bowling”. Catherine Bowling, who married Hiram Ballard, her first cousin, these are my Grand parents. Willis Bowling had a son, Robert James Bowling. Hester, who married Lewis Seymour, left one daughter, who married a Perkins, last hears of in Cincinnati, Ohio. After the birth of their 16th child, Miss Gaines Bowling, died and Joel Bowling 1st married a Margaret Clovendale, by whom he had six children. Elizabeth Bowling married Charles Lewis and lived in Verona, Boone Co. KY. She was burned to death in her home in Verona only a few years ago. She has a daughter, Margaret Lewis Robinson at Gower, Clinton Co MO. She and one of her sons attended the Ballard Reunion in 1910. Jane Bowling and Robert died young. Ann, who married a Mr. Wallace. Daniel, who married Nancy A. Matthus, had a daughter, Winnie, who married a Crawford in Grant Co., KY. They had children: Joel Johnson Bowling, born 1830, died in 1911, married John Marrs, son of Winifred Bowling Marrs, her half cousin had children: Carrie Marrs, who married a Payne, Kate Marrs, who married a Keith, Margaret Bowling, who married Oliver Wilhoit, had one child, Dollie, who married Eugene Cummings, of Danville, Indiana.

George Dallas Ballard married America Baxter, his distant cousin… Children: Ruth Kinney Bowling, who married Grover Shepherd of Owen Co., KY, Clarence Nash Bowling; Owen Co. Kentucky. James Bowling, who married Fannie Hern., children: Elsa and Charles Bowling, Owen Co. Kentucky. Robert Lewis Bowling, Ball’s Landing, Kentucky., Lithe Bowling, Danville, Indiana. Benjamin Lee Bowling died young.

Winifred Bowling Marrs had the following children… John Marrs who first married Amanda Ballard, his distant cousin. Children..Richard, Rena and Bertha. John Marrs second wife was also his distant cousin, Emerald Bowling. Children.. Kate and Carrie. William Marrs married a Miss Thompson. Child.. Ida. Stephen Marrs married Malinda Ayers, of White Sulfer, Scott Co., KY. Samuel W. Marrs married Lou Drake. He is a fine man. City mail carrier since 1891 in Lexington, KY. Lou Scott Marrs, commercial traveler, Kate Marrs married and dead. Left one girl in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Going back to Larkin Ballard, born in Virginia, 1756, died in 1840 in Fayette Co. KY, married Elizabeth Gaines, came to Madison Co., KY about 1796. Children: Hiram Ballard, who married Catherine Bowling. Henry Ballard, who married Lucy Beck. Howard Ballard, who married Sarah Cross. Humphrey Ballard died young. Catherine Ballard, who married Biven Bowling (08/22/1816). Rebecca Ballard who married John Wood. Sarah Ballard married John K. Pettit. Nancy Ballard never married.

Hiram Ballard, my Grandfather, born in VA in 1781, died 1846 in Boone Co. KY. He married Catherine Ballard, his first cousin in 1809.

Children: Joel Bowling Ballard, who married Matilda Rings. Had no children but, raised America Baxter, (who married George Dallas Ballard), Owenton, KY, born 1811, died 1897. Johnson Larkin Ballard, born 1813, died 1885, first married his first cousin, Emerald Ballard, daughter of Lucy Ann Ballard, who wed Jesse Baxter. two children: America Baxter, who married George Dallas Bowling, her distant cousin, and Sallie Baxter, who married a Sorrell. Johnson’s first wife, Emerald, died and he married in Oct 31, 1850, Celia Jane Baxter. Children: Obera Catherine, Amanda, Twins.. Mollie and Anna, Martha, James Hiram, William, Johnson, & Belle. Hiram died in infancy. William Willis, born in 1819, died 1880. Married three times, left on daughter, Kit Ballard, who married Daniel Jones in Owen Co., KY. Henry Howard Ballard, my father, born in Fayette Co. KY 1822 and died 1892, married Sarah Stephenson in 1847. Children: Lewis, born and died 1840, Florence, born 1861 in Owen Co., KY. Leander, born 1864 in McLean Co., IL. Cyrus, born 1865 McLean Co., IL. Camden, born and died 1867, Sylvester and Ella, twins, born 1869. Ella died 1889 in Bloomington, IL. Ida, born 1870. Almedi, born 1871 both in McLean Co., IL, 17 miles east of Bloomington, IL. Mary Jane, born and died 1825 at Owenton, KY. Elizabeth, born 1826 died 1895. Married James Garrison. Hulda Ballard married Hugh Vest, Owenton, KY. She was born 1827, died 1866.

Henry Ballard, son of Larkin Ballard, died 1872 near Bloomington, IL and is buried there. He had children. Emerald, who married her first cousin, Johnson Larkin Ballard. Left one child, Lucy Ann Ballard, who married Jesse Baxter. Lucy Ann died in July 1962 in Owen Co. KY of dropsy. William Larkin Ballard married Mary Kemper in KY moved to McLean Co., IL, near Bloomington, IL about 1858. Had children… James Harvy (Bud). Lucy, who married George Rucker in Bloomington, 1871. And Alice, who died of consumption in 1865. William and his wife both died of Pneumonia in 1870. They and Alice are buried in Bloomington, IL. Lucy and bud live at Baxter Springs, KS. Jerome Ballard married Elizabeth Slaughter, had children… John and Mildred Ballard. Mildred married a Freud and they live in Kansas. Jerome and wife are dead. Asa Howard died a young man.

Benjamin Franklin, named for his dead brother, married Sarah Hardesty, moved to McLean Co., IL about 1855. Living near Bloomington until 1883, then moved to Jasper, MO, near Kansas City, where he died in 1906. His wife and William and daughter lived in Kansas City, now and it was at their home that the 1911 Reunion was held. He had children… Dr. Henry Francis Ballard, Chenoa, IL., 25 miles from Bloomington IL. David William, carpenter, Kansas City. Asa Howard Ballard, Minister, Ft. Morgan, Colorado, graduated at Wesleyan College, Bloomington, IL., and Morgan Park Theological College, Chicago. He has a daughter, Ethal Ballard, a milliner, and a son Howard Ballard, in College. Charles Ballard, a farmer near Kansas city. Herman Eddy Ballard, a rural mail carrier, Jasper MO, who was named for Preacher Eddy of Bloomington, IL, 1861. Ida Ballard Nichols lives near Peori, IL. Alice Ballard, stenographer for Carr Mfg., Co., Kansas City, now on trip to Europe. Frank, a farmer near Kansas City, and Lucy Ballard Noel, Excelsior Springs, MO. Dr. Henry Francis Ballard lives at Cheno, IL. I lived there for 7 years and knew him well. He is a strong Baptist, as well as all the other Ballards. He has fine daughters, all graduated from Cheno High School. Myrtle Ballard Ketchem also graduated from Mount Carroll Baptist School and attended a School in Florida and the Chicago University. Minnie Ballard Randal married Herman Randall, who is Pastor of a large Church in New York City.

Edith married Arthur Jorden of Cheno, IL. Lullian married David Haggard, a hardware merchant, Cheno, IL, died 1881, buried in Bloomington. Had children: William Howard Haggard, Columbus, IN. Dr. Dee Haggard, Phillipsburg Kansas, graduated at Theological College and preached a few years but, his voice gave out and he graduated at a Medical School and is a Medical Doctor. Edward Haggard married my sister, Ella, second cousins. He is a real estate agent. Lucy Haggard married Edward Stone, son of A Baptist Minister in Kansas City. James Harvey Ballard, youngest child of Henry, was born in 1834, in Jessamine Co, KY. Moved to McLean Co. IL about 1859 and died there April 24, 1911. He was at the Reunion, which was held in Fairmount Park, Kansas City. I loved him as a father. He left two daughters, Alice Ballard Pickering of Mackinaw, IL. Northwest of Bloomington, and Pearl Ballard Frise of Odell, IL. Pearl graduated at the Illinois State Normal at Normal, IL. Alice has a daughter, Clarice Pickering Adams, Excelsior Springs, MO., and twins, Russell and Randall, who are still at home. Pearl has a son, George Preston Frise. Going back to Howard Ballard, son of Larkin Ballard, he left KY long before the War, going to Tenn., There he married Sarah Cross at Jasper, Marion Co Tenn. The he moved to Center Cherokee Co., AL., where he died in 1871, at the age of 81 years. His children, Susanna Ballard Bean, last heard of in Texas., Elizabeth Ballard, William Ballard, born 1820, died about 1895. His children: Sarah Ballard Underwood, born 1849 at Chavies, DeKalb Co. AL Susanna Ballard Woodall, born 1852, at Chavies, DeKalb Co., AL, Andrew Jackson Ballard, son of William, had a daughter, Sarah Ballard Steele. Robert Marion Ballard, son of William Henry, Howard Owen Ballard, born 1847 at Hagerman, Grayson Co., TX. Mary Ann Ballard Deerman, Martha Ballard Bronson, Nancy Ballard Kellett, Obediah Gaines Ballard, Elijah Gaines Ballard, born 1824 killed in LA., had two sons, Marion and Jack. Mary Ann Ballard, born in 1827. Anna J. Ballard Wynn, born in 1837, went to MO. Howard Ballard married second time to Althea Rutledge. No children by her. The descendants of Howard Ballard are many but I won’t take the time to look them all up and don’t know them from memory. They lived in AL., TX., and OK, as far as I know.

Catherine Ballard, daughter of Larkin Ballard, married Biven bowling, her first cousin about 1850. The family went to Bowie Co TX. As they tried to cross the Red River, on the TX Border, Uncle Biven was drowned. The family and Aunt Kitty got across and they lived there for a few years. One son, John Bowling, died there. A year or so later, John J. Pettit, Aunt Kittys brother-in-law, went to TX and took them back to KY. She had children: James, John Daniel, Jane, Elizabeth and Andrew Jackson Bowling. All of these children except Elizabeth died before Aunt Kitty. John left three children in Bowie, TX. Jack left a son, David, who went to Indiana and was lost tract of. Jane, James and Daniel left no children. Elizabeth had children: George, Wesley, Joseph, and Fannie. I believe Fannie married a Perkins. George is dead. His wife and family lived in Pleasant Plains, OH. Charles F. Perkins is cashier in a Bank there. Wesley is dead. Joseph lives in Owenton, KY. Thus runs Catherine “Aunt Kitty” Ballard’s family. Now, back to Rebecca Ballard, daughter of Larkin Ballard. She married John Wood. Children: Francis, who married James Crawley. Martha, who married Herbert Crawley. Pauline, who married James Kersy, then Andrew Thompson. Elizabeth, who married Henry Evans. Lucy, who married Oliver Wilhoit. Rebecca Wood married George Boothe. William, Green and Sidney died. Of these children, Martha Wood Crawley, born Aug 3, 1829, is still living, as far as I know. Also her husband. She is the oldest living relative that we know of. Francis Wood Crawley and family moved from Owen Co., KY. to Bloomington, IL about 1865 but, I think they returned to KY soon after. While they lived in IL, her husband and daughter died. They are buried in old part of Bloomington Cemetery. I visited KY in 1892 and visited her and her two sons, John and Alphonso. Both have families. John died before she did so she was like Aunt Kitty Bowling, in that she buried all but one of her children. Alphonso Crawley now lives in Glenmary, Henry Co. KY. If you attend the Ballard reunion next year, you may see a fine, large picture of him and a post card picture of Martha Wood Crawley, her daughter, grand daughter and great grand daughter, four generations. They live in Lexington, KY.

Now, Sarah Ballard, daughter of Larkin Ballard, she married John K. Pettitt. Their children: Mary Jane, who married Alfred Metz. Left no children. Andrew J. Pettit, dead had seven sons, living at Sadeeville, KY. Charles A Petitt is third oldest relative we have. He was born Sept 1838. He has 13 children living in KY, IN and Colorado. William Wallace Pettit, born Oct 24, 1836, has 12 or 13 children, living in KY and IN. He lives in Bennington, Switzerland Co., IN. Charles lives at Stamping Ground, KY, Scott Co., KY. William is the second oldest living relative we have. All of these boys went thru the Civil War and came home un-hurt. William says the Prayers of his Mother had a good deal to do with it. They were in the Union Army.

Now, I will tell you about our own family. My father was born North of Lexington in 1822. His father moved to Boone Co., KY near Verona. My father lived there until 1847. My Grandfather died in 1846 and they sold Grandfather Hiram’s farm there for enough money to buy each of the six living children 100 acres in Owen Co. KY. The children were Joel Bowling Ballard, Johnson Larkin Ballard, William Willis Ballard, Henry Howard Ballard, Elizabeth Ballard, Garrison and Hulda Vest. My Father, Henry Howard Ballard, lived in Owen Co., KY until Oct 1862. When he came to IL and settled 17 miles east of Bloomington, IL on a small farm and was Pastor of a Baptist Church until 1879. I was born in Owen Co., KY but my brothers and sisters were born in IL. My father had little chance to get an education but he got it of his own will. He could read Latin, Greek and Hebrew and was perfect master of the English language, a perfect speller and a great student of ancient and Bible History. He has a wonderful memory. He taught school several years in KY. I don’t know just how long. He taught 4 years in IL and was Justice of the Peace for 2 years and Clerk for 1 year. In 1886, he went to Wichita, KS and to KY in 1888, and to my oldest brothers in Ocala, FL in 1891 and died there in 1892 of Paralysis. My mother died in Aug 1878, of Heart failure. I was in Bloomington when she died. She died very suddenly. I kept house for my father for 4 years then went to High School for 2 years. Taught School for 2 years then went to State Normal at Bloomington for 2 years. Taught 10 years in McLain Co and one year in IN. I was married in White Co., IN, Sep 30, 1897, to Walter Wooden. Moved to Jefferson Co., IL in Dec 1900, have two sons: Leander Thorpe Wooden born 1898, and Roy F. Wooden, born 1904. I am a member of the First Baptist Church at Mt. Vernon, IL. My oldest brother, Leander, came here from Florida in 1904 and he and I and my children went to the Worlds Fair at St. Louis, Oct 28, 1904. I was at the Chicago World’s Fair for a week. We live handy to both fairs. In 1893, we lived 100 miles south west of Chicago, at Cenoa, IL and in 1904, we lived a little less distance from St. Louis. My brother, Leander F. Ballard, went to Ocala, FL in 1890. For many years, he followed paining and carpentry but, now has a fruit and news stand. He never got to school much but has a wonderful memory, is a great reader and a fine man. He is a Deacon in the First Baptist Church at Ocala, FL. He was a volunteer in the Cuban War but was never out of the U.S. He was unmarried. My next brother, Cyrus Ballard, is a farmer in McLean Co., IL. I seldom hear from him and know little about him since 1895. He seldom writes to any one and I got tired doing all the writing. My next brother, Sylvester Ballard, twin to Ella, is a school teacher. He has taught school for more then 12 years in McLean Co., IL. He is a modern Woodman and a very good man. He is well educated, is a member of the Baptist Church in Chenoa, IL. My brother Leander, belongs to the Odd Fellows Lodge. My sister, Ella was a member of the Baptist Church in Bloomington. My sister, Ida married Alfred Wooden, brother of my husband, in 1892. She had a son, Russell Ballard Wooden, who is in 3rd year High School and a son, Theron Jewel Wooden, who is 11 years old. She lives at Walcott, White Co. IN. My youngest sister graduated at the Valsparasoo Indiana College in 1897 and married a Law School mate in 1898. Has lived for several years in Cincinnati, OH. She is a member of a Baptist Church there. My sister, Ida and son belong to a Methodist Church.

Now, I suspect that you are tired of hearing of the Ballards but, I never tire of it.

*Tradition has it that three Ballard brothers, Granville F., James and William, came from England some time about 1638. One brother, William, settled in MA., his descendents have well traced and a large Genealogy of them was published this year. James F. Ballard, son of St. Louis who manufactured Ballard Snow Linament, is I think one of his descendants.

(* Please note that the tradition has been proven incorrect, as is common in family tradition. It is typical for families to have a tradition about three ancestral brothers coming to America.)

Another brother, James, settled in New York or Missouri. The other brother, Granville F., settled in Virginia, and you and I are descendants of this brother, but, we can’t trace back to him by a few generations. Larkin Ballard was born about 1756. His father, Philip Ballard, may have been 20 or 40 years older. Capt. Bland Ballard, the noted Indian Fighter of Kentucky was distinctly related to us. Also, a descendent of the Ballard brother who settled in VA. Do you know just how he was related to your father?

My father left some notes about the Ballards for me and I am going to copy what he said concerning your line. He wrote this at Owenton, KY in 1891. In 1847, Barkley Ballard of Clermont Co, OH was putting up tombstones near Napoleon, Gallatin Co., KY. He was a descendant from the Ballard brother who settled in New York, and very interested in tracing Ballard history and he called on me one day and we talked for about 2 hours. He told me about the three Ballard brothers. I directed him to my mother’s home in Boone Co. near Verona, KY. He went and stayed there the next night and then went down on Mud Creek among the family of John Ballard, my father’s cousins, who had eight children.

George Ballard’s Grandfather, Bartlet Ballard, married a Miss Hughes, and they had a large family, all girls but one. In old age, Bartlet moved to Edgar Co., IL. George Ballard, who followed boating for several years, died in New Orleans of Yellow fever, about 1835. He was unmarried.

Granville Ballard married Mary Powers. He ran a steam mill on Brush Creek, Owen Co., KY. In old age, he moved to Missouri but, returned to KY and now lives in Scott Co., KY. Benjamin Kinley Ballard, who married Miss Black, yet lives near Dowingville, Grant Co. KY. His son went to school with me and lives in Carroll Co. I saw him there a year ago, last summer. Berry Ballard, who married a Noel. He was named for his mother, moved to Indiana but returned to KY and worked in the steam mill on Brush Creek. I don’t know what became of him. John Seaberry Ballard, who moved to IN then later to TX. I don’t know who he married.

Elizabeth Ballard, who married Edward Yarnell before they left VA. They came to KY and lived there for many years. Later, she went to IN and died there. She had a daughter who married a Glacking. He died and she married a Cooley. She bought the John Morton Farm near Verona, KY and I took dinner with her about a year ago. Rebecca Ballard, who married Weeden Sleet, raised quite a family and is still living (1891) but Sleet has been dead many years.

Old Cousin John Ballard, died here in Owen Co., KY age 73 years. Henry Howard Ballard, Owenton, KY 1891. Now, I have this from my father’s cousin, Charles A. Pettit, born 1893, of Stamping Ground, KY. Granville Ballard lived here, (Stamping Ground, KY), about 2 1/2 miles from me for about 18 months. He ran a saw mill and a grist mill. I went there to the mills and saw him quite often. He looked to be about 65 or 70 years old. I am confident he is dead long before this. He had a son with him, George Ballard. They moved the Mills to Margodore Creek, Owen Co. about 30 years ago. I haven’t heard from them since. Charles A. Pettit, Stamping Ground, KY 3/23/1911.

Elijah Granville Ballard, born in VA, Sept 1813, died 3/18/1892, died in Wellsville, MO Oct 20, 1900. There were 11 children. George Herdman Ballard, born in Boone Co., KY 1837. John Robert Ballard, Boone Co. William Bartlet Ballard, Samuel, Hezekiah, Elizabeth (Betty), Elijah Granville, Lena, Mary and Alice. Edward Granville. Three of the boys, John Robert, Hezekiah and Samuel, died in their 16th year. George Herdman Ballard married Anna M. Douglas in Cincinnati, OH. 1866. They had 10 children: Robert Lee, born 1867, Benjamin Franklin, born 1868, Anna Lena, born 1870, Hezekiah, born 1872, Luther born 1875, Pearl Violet, born 1877, George Herdman, born 1879, Dueward, born 1880, Alice Prior, born 1882, Stella M. born 1885. Robert Lee married Tillie Jones Dec 1, 1892. They had four children: Nable, Elizabeth, Willena and Robert. Benjamin Franklin married Penale Seiffy Jan 18, 1899. They have four children: Charles Ray, Dorothy Corrine, Myrtle Alice and Marjorie Claire. Anna Lena Married Thomas J. Luckett, March 19, 1890. They have four children: Jesse Pearl, Corrine, Ruth, and Franklin. Hezekiah married Iva Barker 5/5/1897. They have four children: Percy, James, McEllery and Virginia May.

Luther married Nettie April, 1900. Have 1 child, Grace Elizabeth. Pearl Violet married G. W. Ervin 11/25/1896. No children. George Herdman married Jennie Hudson in 1902 in grand Rapids, MI. Have 2 children, Corrine and Robert Granville. Dueward married Dora Cooley Sep 7, 1910. One Child, Dueward Cooley. Alice Pryor married Forrest Earl Britt, Sep 24, 1900. Three children, Maurinne Violet, Ann Mary and Kenneth Ballard Britt.

George Herdman Ballard 1st was baptized and joined Church in 1855, in his 15th year, in Gallitan Co., KY. He was baptized by Rev. Pack Todd and Rev. John Lee in Big Eagle Creek. He followed farming and milling for 20 years. When Civil War broke out, he volunteered and was sworn in at Gallitan Co Kentucky. He enlisted sometime in June 1861, with Captain Albert Corbin at Abbington, Virginia. Was commissioned 1st Lieut, served with Col. John C. Breckenridge, on his staff until close of the War. Was discharged at Mt Sterling, KY.

After serving as a private for about a year, he was promoted because of his cool bravery and fearless daring, to 2nd Lieut., on Gen. B. Cosby’s staff who was Commander of the Brigade in Col. Breckenridge’s Division. The first Battle engaged in was at Mt. sterling, KY, where he was taken Prisoner and put in Camp Morton. About 1700 prisoners were imprisoned there. They dug a hole with a blade hog in an attempt to escape but, were discovered and transferred to Johnson Islands, Sandusky, OH., Lake Erie. He stayed there almost 6 months then was taken from prison to Vicksburg MS and exchanged from there to Abington, VA and connected to his old Command and served to the end of the War. The 2nd Battle, he was engaged in was at Morristown, Tenn., Bull’s Gap, TN, Saltville, VA, Strawberry Plains, TN, Knoxville, TN., The Battle of Chickamauga, a three day battle. After the Chickamauga battle, he went with Gen. Joe Wheeler, of Col. Roseneranz’s Army, on a Raid that lasted 30 days and nights, full of adventure and danger. After re-joining Gen. Wheeler, he again, engaged in a battle at Knoxville, TN. From there, by a circuitous route to McMinville, TN., where they captured 1800 Union soldiers, arms and ammunitions and federal clothing. At one time, he helped to capture the wagon train which was carried provisions, ammunitions, etc…to the Union Army. Also their money. The next main Battle was fought at Murphysborro, TN. A great many on both sides were killed. He led the charge on the stockade to the bridge, destroying both. The next Battle was at Jonesburg, TN, with small losses to the Confederacy. He was first wounded at Greenville, TN., and light flesh wound, after serving almost two years. The next wound was received in his second battle at Morristown, TN.


9 thoughts on “Lineage Group III: Philip Ballard of Spotsylvania County, Virginia (c.1706-c.1778).

    Ballard – Henderson
    October 18, 1832 – *Married on the 23rd of August last Philip Ballard Senr, aged 75 years {b 1757} and a soldier of the Revolution, to Miss Polly Henderson aged 28 {b 1804}. The old veteran through whitened by age retains the vigor of youth which animated him on the battlefield.
    [The Kanawha Banner, abstracted by Gerald Ratliff and reprinted in the KVGS Journal, Summer 1997]

    Thought this might be of interest to you …..
    Gay Edens Carrigan
    Henderson Researcher

  2. Greetings, I see many family histories connect to Thomas of Yorktown 1630. There seems to be a lot of confusion as to the line of descendant. I see my William of 1715 listed in the fourth generation but never see any documentation. William I can claim down to my generation through Quaker records and census and local history records but beyond William I have never found any definite proof if this line is even related to the other Ballards. ??.

    • Greetings All: I am searching for any information on Susanna (b. Ballard) HarveyAcording to the information posted on several family tree sites Susanna was bornApril 11, 1751 an died September 6, 1845. her parents are identified in many of thes family trees as, Phillip and Ann Nancy Ballard (born Johnson); however; this is not documented in any source I have found to date. If anyone has discovered any documrnted information for Susanna would you please share the document source with me.
      Thank you for your consideration.

      With Respect,
      Robert M. Wylie

  3. Stephen, I have a problem reconciling your statement above about William Ballard the Quaker and Philip Ballard being congenial or even accepting of William and his family. Philip by all indications was Anglican which became Protestant Episcopalian in the Colonies.

    The Episcopal church was founded shortly after the American Revolution because it was being forced to separate from the Church of England. The Church of England clergy had to swear allegiance to the British monarch. The court orders filed in the York County courthouse reflect the venom of the Anglican Church against Quakers in Colonial Virginia. Quakers who defied the law and held meetings were subjected to whippings and jail terms. Some were subjected to the loss of their farmland, stock and crops.

    St. George’s Parish was established at the same time Spotsylvania County was established on 2 Nov 1720 from Essex, King & Queen and King William counties. The Parish encompassed the whole of Spotsylvania. This is the Parish that I suspect that Philip was a part of at that time.

    You are 100% correct about William and Philip having son’s named Moorman/Moreman but I don’t believe that the naming of the two were necessarily connected.

    I’m just trying to get this right in my mind and am wondering what you thought about my theory concerning this.

    Steve Ballard

  4. I am searching for the father of Ankey Ballard. She died in West Virginia. I believe her father to be Phillip Ballard of Orange County, Virginia. I didn’t see any mention of her in the above. Can you help.

    • Are you referring to the Ankey Ballard who married James Keaton? She is on this page. You’ll note the disclaimer at the top of the page that I haven’t done much research on this line. All that I have on this line is what appears here.

  5. Stephen, it’s been some time since I last wrote to you about Mildred Ballard, dau of Philip Ballard and Ann Johnson. Below is an update, which corrects some information:

    Milly married 1) Jesse Watson 1789 in Orange Co., VA. Jesse was already residing in Madison KY (1787 Tax List), and his brothers Evan and Joseph followed in 1789 (from Albemarle VA). Jesse apparently returned to the area and married Milly, and was joined in 1790 back in Madison KY by his parents John & Margaret Watson (from Albemarle VA). Jesse was accidentally shot and killed in a hunting accident that year, 1790. Milley apparently returned to Orange/Albemarle VA and married 2) David Craig in 1794. She was not the wife of John Boling/Bowling.

    When Milley married Jesse Watson in 1789, Philip Ballard gave consent, suggesting Milley was born about 1769. More confusing is the statement in the above research that Philip Sr. died in 1778, but he and wife appear on tax list and deeds through at least 1795, so the Philip that apparently died 1778 was a different individual.

    It may have been that other Philip that had an older dau Milly or Mary marry John Boling/Bowling in 1773. I’ll work to untangle that one.

    Milly and David Craig remained in Albemarle, and they had twin sons Jesse Watson Craig and David Ballard Craig, among others.

    • netgroover if your talking about the 1789 marriage registry of Milly Ballard and Jesse Watson. It shows Philip Ballard as parent. This doesn’t mean he gave consent. The registry also shows Milly as a spinster. Which meant that she married at a older age than was expected at the time. Milly was probably born about 1756, this would have made her 33 years old when she married Jesse.

      In my opinion the other Philip you mentioned on tax list and deeds is probably Philip’s son Philip Ballard jr.

      I am also researching this Lineage group.

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