Thomas Ballard of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1711-1782).

On 20 July 1738, “Thomas Ballard of Caroline Co.” patented 320 acres between Piney Mountain and Brown’s Cove in Hanover county, “on South side of Piney Mountain,”1  where he was living in Fredericksville Parish as late as 28 April 1761.2

There are curious records concerning another, different Thomas Ballard in Essex County; this Thomas first appears in the records of Essex County on 20 February 1722, when a Thomas Ballord is named a defendant in an action for debt brought by one Andrew Scrimshaw, on 20 February 1722. In action of debt brot. by Andrew Scrimshaw agt. Thomas Ballord ye Deft. filed his plea wch Plt has time till next court to consider. Essex Co. Va. Order Book 1716-1723, p. 750.  As part of that action, we learn that Thomas Ballord had a wife, Sarah, and Thomas is placed in the custody of the sheriff until he enters bond in the sum of 20 pounds sterling.  16 June 1722. Thomas Ballord & Sarah his wife being before this Court on a Mittimus from Capt. Salavatore Muscoe on ye Complaint & Oath of Andrew Scrimshaw on hearing the sd. Andrews complaint, It’s ordered ye sd. Ballord remain in custody of the sheriff till he enters into bond with good security in the sum of twenty pounds sterling for his & his wifes good behaviour & then discharged paying costs. Essex Co. Va. Order Book 1716-1723, p. 654.  The suit is not dismissed until September 1724.  16 September 1724. The suit brought by Andrew Scrimshaw agt. Thomas Ballard being agreed is dismist. Essex Co. Va. Order Book 1716-1723, p. 203.

Caroline County was created out of Essex, King and Queen and King William Counties in 1727.  Thereafter Thomas appears in a handful of records in Caroline.  9 November 1739. The court proceeds to lay the County levy: … To Thomas Ballard, for erecting posts with inscriptions on the road — 60. Caroline Co. Va. Order Book 1732-1740, p. 565.  In that same court we find record of a connection between Thomas Ballard and Richard Ballard, when Richard and his wife Mary acknowledge a deed conveying land to Thomas Ballard.  9 November 1739. Richard Ballard acknowledged his deeds of lease and release of land indented to Thomas Ballard. Mary wife of Richard relinquished all her right to the land. Caroline Co. Va. Order Book 1732-1740, p. 568.

Thomas may have sold this land three years later, when a deed is endorsed from Thomas Ballard to John Mays.  9 July 1742. A deed of feoffment with livery of seizin endorsed thereon from Thomas Ballard to John Mays was proved by Owen Sullivent, Thomas Hewlet and John Williamson, witnesses thereto. Caroline Co. Va. Order Book 1740-1746, p. 122.  Note that no wife joins in this conveyance.

In 1743, Thomas Ballard and Sarah his wife acknowledge two deeds, conveying land to Ben Allen and Henry Mills.  October 1743 Thomas Ballard & Sarah, his wife, she being first privily examined acknowledged their deed of lease & release indented to Ben Allen which on his motion is admitted to record October 1743. Caroline Co. Va. Order Book 1741-1746, p. 230.  14 October 1743. Thomas Ballard and Sarah his wife acknowledge lease and release of lands indented to Henry Mills. Caroline Co. Va. Order Book 1740-1743, p. 230.  We do not know if this is the same couple that resided in Essex in the 1720s.   This is the last mention of Sarah, who likely died after October 1743.  In 1758, a Thomas Ballard is joined in a conveyance by his wife Susannah.  Given the gap between the death of Sarah and this mention of Susannah, perhaps these are indeed two different Thomas Ballards.  However, several of his children were born prior to 1743, so he likely had a first wife, who was either this Sarah, or someone whose name is not now known.

We learn of another family conveyance in Louisa County, when on 22 October 1750 he purchased 400 acres in Fredericksville Parish from William Ballard, who was likely his brother.3  He was active in his church, for the Parish Vestry Book shows him on several occasions processioning land, which was intended to keep the peace by reminding landowners of their property boundaries; the first appears 23 September 1751 and again on 23 July 1755.4

On 26 March 1753, Thomas witnessed a deed between William Coursey, Jr and his wife Mary to Thomas Harding for 100 acres in Fredericksville Parish, Louisa county.5  On 24 September 1754, he acquired 100 acres in Fredericksville Parish from John Pulliam, described as on the “N. Side of the South River … to Price’s corner … sd. John Pulliam’s line … part of a tract whereon sd. Pulliam now dwelleth.”6

Joined by his wife Susanah, Thomas Ballard sold his original patent on 25 March 1758 to Richard Allen of Louisa county.7  The land acquired from John Pulliam in 1754 was sold on 28 April 1761 to Daniel Ross of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa county.8  He was still present in Louisa on 11 January 1763 when he witnessed a deed between John Wheeler and Alexander Galesby of Louisa county.9

Thomas Ballard’s name appears in a deed dated 8 June 1765 between Abraham Allen and his son Micajah Allen that was recorded in Albemarle county.10  In a deed dated 10 October 1773, Thomas Ballard is described as “of Albemarle Co.”, when he purchased a small parcel of 33 acres in Louisa county from William Pettit & Susanna, his wife.11  He paid £6,000 for 350 acres in Albemarle on 9 November 1780 by deed from David Mills.12

He must have sensed the end of life approaching, for he began providing personal property for his children.  On 5 January 1780 he conveyed two negro slaves to his daughter Susanna Pettet.13  On 8 March 1781, he conveyed two slaves each to his children Thomas, Bland, and Anna, and three to his daughter Frances.14

Thomas Ballard was dead by 9 May 1782, the date his will was recorded in Albemarle. He married Susannah _________, who probably died before 30 June 1779, for he fails to name her in his will bearing that date.15

The will of Thomas Ballard, dated 30 June 1779 is recorded in Albemarle County, Virginia, Will Book 2, p. 396.

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Ballard of Albemarle Co. do here make my Last will and Testament hereby Revoking all former wills….. I Resign my Soul to God in all humble hopes of future happiness…. Jesus Christ and Lord.

Item I give and bequeath to my daughter Mary five pounds sterling,

Item I give and Devide to my sons Thomas Ballard & Bland Ballard and their heirs for ever all this my land they suffering my daughter- in-law, Mourning Ballard to live on, use and occupy that part of it whereon she now lives during her natural Life and I will and …. the land to be equally divided between them so that Bland enjoy that part whereon he now lives.

Item I give and bequeath the use of a negro Delphia unto my daughter Frances Ballard, and after her decease I give and bequeath the negro Delphia unto her heirs Lawfully Begotten, but if she die without Heirs then and in that case I give the said girl unto the natural Daughter of my Daughter Frances names Rachel now wife of Gabriel Mullins,

Item I give unto my Daughter Susanna Pettit during her life all my land in Louisa County, and after her death I give and devise the said land unto her, the said Susanna Pettit’s eldest son then surviving and his heirs for ever,

Item I give and bequeath and Devise all the Rest Residue and remainder of my estate to be Equally divided among my five children, Thomas, Bland, Anna Maupin, Frances Ballard, and Susanna Pettit to them or to their Representatives Respectively and I appoint my sons Thomas & Bland Executors.

This is my Last will and Testament Signed with my hand and Sealed with my Seal dated this thirtieth day of June One Thousand Seven hundred and Seventy Nine. Witnesses– Wm. Michie, Zachariah Mills, Joseph Mills.

The children of Thomas Ballard and his first wife Sarah _________ were:

JOHN, married Mourning __________.

BLAND, married Frances Shiflett.  Born c. 1735, on 14 July 1797, was living in Albemarle county; lived all his life in Albemarle and died there in 1809.  He married (1) __________, and (2) Frances Shiflett, who was living 5 June 1797, the daughter of John Shiflett and Joice Powell.16

THOMAS HORACE, married Mary Elizabeth Ballard.

Anna, was living 30 June 1779, having previously married c. 1747 Gabriel Maupin, who was born in 1720 in Williamsburg; died in 1794 in Albemarle county, Virginia, and was a son of Daniel Maupin (who was born 1700 in England, lived in Green county, Kentucky, and died in 1788) and Margaret Via (1700-1789).  They had thirteen children.17

Susanna, was living 10 October 1773 in Trinity Parish, Louisa county; was living 30 June 1779; married William Pettit of Louisa county, who was born c.1736, a schoolmaster and official surveyor, who died in 1805 (the son of William Pettit (born c.1697 in Ireland, emigrated c. 1720 to America, buried in Louisa county) and Ann Baker of Spotsylvania and Louisa counties).they had eight children.18

Frances, born in 1745; her child was: Rachel, born c.1764, died 15 August 1829 in Pendleton county, Kentucky; married before 30 June 1779 Gabriel Mullins who was born c.1751, served in Continental Army, removed c.1790 to Madison county, Kentucky (later Pendleton county, Kentucky), died 18 May 1841, and was son of Matthew Mullins and Mary Maupin of Goochland county, Virginia.  Frances married (2) after 8 March 1781 Waddy Thompson Slaughter, who was living 1823 in New York, New York, where he was postmaster and owned a tanyard, and was son of John Slaughter (died 1797) and Ann Thompson, who married (2) Philip Grafton.

The child of Thomas Ballard and Susannah ________ was:



1. Patent Book 18, p. 43.

2. This land fell into Lousia county when it was created out of Hanover county on 1 December 1742.

3. Deed dated 8 August 1743 from John Red of Lousia Co. to William Ballard of Caroline Co., for £25, 400 acres on both sides of Naked Creek … to John Rogers’ corner … on Maj. Henry’s line. Wife Mary relinquished dower. Recorded 8 August 1743, Louisa Co. Va. Deed Book A, pp. 97-98. William Ballard sold this same land to Thomas Ballard on 22 October 1750, for £50, 400 acres in Fredericksville Parish, Lousia Co., on both sides of Fishing Creek whereon sd. Ballard is now living, granted by patent to John Red 30 June 1743 … on John Rogers’ corner in Major Henry’s line. Witnesses: David Watts, Edward Lankford, Benj. Henslee. Recorded 23 October 1750, Louisa Co. Va. Deed Book A, p. 403.

4. “Andrew Ray & Thomas Ballard do procession all the lands between Albemarle line & Buckmountain Road from Buckmountain Creek to Powels Creek.” Fredericksville Parish Vestry Book, p. 35; p. 47.

5. This transaction is of some interest because the second witness was Henry Franklyn, who may have been a relation of the Edward Franklyn who was associated with the Ballards in Spotsylvania Co. Recorded 27 March 1753, Louisa Co. Va. Deed Book A, p. 503.  William Coursey, Junr. acquired 350 acres in Louisa County near the foot of Piney Mountain, adjacent Thomas Ballard, Samuel Dalton and John Poindexter, by patent dated 12 January 1746/7.  Recorded Patent Book No. 28, p. 17 (C&P p. 304).

6. This land must have been inherited by John Pulliam, for the deed was also acknowledged by William Harlow and Elizabeth, his wife, and by John Mooney and Mary, his wife, with Elizabeth and Mary declaring their consent. Recorded 24 September 1754, Louisa Co. Va. Deed Book B, p. 30.

7. Dated 25 March 1758, Thomas Ballard & Susanah, his wife of Louisa Co., to Richard Allen of same, for £45, “320 acres in Fredericksville Par., granted sd. Ballard by Patent 20 July 1738 … at head of a valley running thence north … stake in the head of a bottom … at the foot of a mountain.” Witnesses: David Mills, Abra. Allen, James Eperson. Recorded Louisa Co. Va. Deed Book B, pp. 247-48.

8. Deed from Thomas Ballard of Fredericksville Parish, Louisa Co., Planter, to Daniel Ross of same, for £20, 100 acres in Fredericksville Par., N. Side of the So. River … to Price’s corner … John Pulliam’s line; land purchased by sd. Ballard of John Pulliam by indenture 24 September 1754 in Louisa Co. Witnesses: George Bell, William Rennalds, Thomas Clark. Recorded 28 July 1761, Louisa Co. Va. Deed Book C, pp. 90-91. Note that he was not joined in this transaction by his wife, who was probably dead by 1761.

9. Louisa Co. Va. Deed Book C, pp. 196-98.

10. Dated 8 June 1765, Abraham Allen of Albemarle, to son Micajah Allen, 300 acres. “Beginning at two pines & a red oak sapline pointers, corner of Isaac Allen’s in Abraham Allen’s old line, thence S.W. along the said line to a corner stake of sd. Allens, thence along an old line formerly Thomas Ballard’s, S.E. to a pine corner of said Ballard’s, thence S.E. to a large pine on the E. Side of the road, thence N.E. to a pine white oak & hickory sapling on the side of the Schoolhouse Spring Branch, thence N.W. to the beginning.” Albemarle Co. Va. Deed Book 4, 1764-68, pp. 82-83.

11. Deed dated 10 October 1773, between Wm. Pettit & Susanna, his wife, to Thomas Ballard of Albemarle Co., for £50, 33 acres land purchased by sd. Pettit of John Woolians, Jr on branches of Long Creek … John Woolians … John Stewarts corner … John Taits corner … a branch at the fork of a road … up the road. Recorded 9 May 1774, Louisa Co. Va. Deed Book D, pp. 184-86.

12. Deed dated 9 November 1780, between David Mills and Thomas Ballard, 350 acres in Albemarle Co. conveyed to said Mills by Mosias Jones, by deed dated 30 September 1779. No witnesses. Recorded November 1780, Albemarle Co. Va. Deed Book 1, p. 498.

13. Deed dated 5 January 1781, Deed of Gift from Thomas Ballard of Albemarle Co. To daughter Susanna Pettet, 2 negro slaves. Witnesses: Wm. Michie, Anna Michie. Recorded March 1781, Albemarle Co. Va. Deed Book 7, p. 508.

14. Deed of Gift dated 8 March 1781, between Thomas Ballard of Albemarle Co. & “my children Thomas Ballard, Bland Ballard, Anna Maupin & Frances Ballard.” Recorded March 1781, Albemarle Co. Va. Deed Book 7, p. 507.

15. Albemarle Co. Va. Will Book 2, Pg 396.

16. The Shiflett family most likely arrived in Albemarle county as the same time as the Ballards, and were allied families in Caroline county, for the Shifletts used the forename “Bland” with similar frequency. See notes on the Shiflett family appearing in Allied Families.

17. Miller, Thomas Ballard Family, Vol. 1, p. 71.

18. Miller, Thomas Ballard Family, Vol. 1, p. 74.


11 thoughts on “Thomas Ballard of Albemarle County, Virginia (c.1711-1782).

  1. I believe that the Ballard/Maupin HUGE family tree on the website has incorrect information. I feel like a lot of people would like to be related to the Thomas Ballard who was Speaker of the House of Burgess. As such, a lot of people who want that to be true are finding common names (like Thomas Ballard) then sticking them (or connecting them) to their family tree. I just ordered a Y37 DNA test kit for my father and can not wait to get the results. I guess I’ll know what’s true and what’s not then. BTW – I have been told that I am related to the Thomas Ballard who was Speaker, owner of Middle Plantation, and connected to Bacon’s Rebellion. I do not believe that I am related to that line.

    • A lot of the bad information that circulates on the Internet comes from poorly sourced printed genealogies. I’ve spent many years using them as an outline, then checking the sources. Some have correct information; others rely on family records not available anyplace else, but for the most part you can’t trust them. I urge readers of these pages to check what they find, because I make mistakes, too. But I never, ever rely on someone else’s family tree in Ancestry, Geni, FamilySearch or any of the other online genealogies.

      Sometimes I can tell you the source of the bad information. One example — John Bennett Boddie’s “Southside Virginia Families”(Vol. I) (1955) names Thomas Ballard of Albemarle county as a son of John Ballard of Yorktown and Elizabeth Bland; but in 2009 John Ballard’s family bible came to light, and recorded in it was this statement: “Thomas Ballard Son of John & Elizabeth Ballard – Went from York for the Eastern Shore, the September 1747 and was never after heard after.” Also, the York county records clearly show that this Thomas Ballard married Elizabeth Gibbons, not Elizabeth Bland.

      Personally I believe the male line died out, with the possible exception of descendants of William Ballard, the first Thomas Ballard’s son who some researchers believe settled in the Northern Neck (I believe he settled in Charles City county); there are two male descendants I have not traced who ended up in Louisiana — (1) Benjamin Thorn, born c. 1814, died 1894. Married 7 July 1835 Martha Harriett Williams in Franklin County, North Carolina, and had issue; and (2) William Henry, born c. 1824, died 1892. Married 5 February 1856 Mary Witmell Pugh at Madewell Plantation, Bayou Lafourche, Louisiana, and had issue. I’ve been taking a break from research but itching to return to it, and this might be interesting to dive into.

      Is your father a Ballard, or a Maupin? If a Maupin, a YDNA test won’t tell you anything about his Ballard ancestors. He would have to do an autosomal test for that. Family tree offers one also, and they can use the sample already in their possession.

      • Hi Stephen, Thanks for the info and feedback. I get what you’re saying about the test that I ordered. Admittedly, it was confusing. I will have them use the sample we send to run additional tests. I have not received the test kit as it’s in the mail on the way here. I did sign him up for the Ballard Family DNA Project so hopefully you’ll be able to review the results. I suspect we are related to the North Carolina and/or Tennessee and Kentucky clans. We are likely associated with the Maupin clan who resided in (or near) Green County, Kentucky. My father is neither a Maupin nor Ballard. Maybe we are not related to the Maupin Family at all. Wouldn’t that be fun!

        I agree with you that the line may have died out. So Capt. John Ballard married Elizabeth Gibbons, and from what I can tell, they had 4 sons and 3(or 4) daughters. One of John’s sons was named Thomas, and he supposedly had a daughter named Ann/Anne/Annie Ballard — according to my family, Thomas’ daughter, Ann/Anne/Annie married Gabriel Maupin, and they had a son named Austin Maupin. The problem with this scenario is that you are correct….Thomas never had a daughter, “Ann,” because he disappeared. If he didn’t have a daughter, how could this daughter marry Gabriel Maupin?

        There are so many variations of Thomas, John, and Ann that it can make your head spin.

        Another scenario I found is Gabriel Maupin marrying Ann Ballard. They had a child John Maupin who married Elizabeth Mills, and they had a son named Austin, who married Annie McNeel(McNiel). Austin and Annie had a daughter named Paralle Margaret (or Margaret Paralle) Maupin, who married George Taylor Irvine–this is where the Irvine line comes in, who I am related to. Charles Friend (or Friend Charles) Irvine’s father was George Taylor Irvine, who married Paralle Margaret Maupin. The Irvine’s are near Mayfield, KY.

        Since the Irvine family is situated on the Kentucky/Tennessee border near Mayfield, Kentucky, this may be another lead to follow. A guy named Daniel Maupin came to the USA from England. He lived in Kentucky and had a son named Gabriel. This Gabriel Maupin supposedly married an Ann Ballard.

        In closing, yeah! It can be a lot to take in, and when you don’t know what you’re doing (as in my case), it becomes a cluster however, I find it quite fascinating. I love your website. I especially enjoy reading old wills and other documents. Thank you for all you have contributed and your close attention to detail. This is a great website!

        Thanks again for the clarification on the DNA test(s).

        Ps: According to my 2nd cousin our line goes like this (but it’s not correct). Paralee Margaret Irvine (Maupin)–her father Austin Maupin, John Maupin, Gabriel Maupin who married Anne Ballard. Ann Ballard’s father was Thomas Ballard (1700 ish), Captain John Ballard, Thomas Ballard (1655 ish), Thomas Ballard (from England around 1620-1630).
        Oh, how I wish another family bible would appear 🙂

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